Petrol tanker explodes in Tripoli

The GuardianA petrol tanker exploded this morning in Tripoli. The cause of the explosion hasn’t been confirmed. Some reports say that it was just a traffic accident.

The Guardian’s Peter Beaumont says the following:

Tanker on fire“The people there said there had been an accident, it wasn’t clear what kind of accident it was. There seemed to be another plume of smoke which we went off and chased. We couldn’t find it but the people we spoke to said there has been a gasoline accident or nothing at all…
If you want to take the more dramatic explanation, rather than the official explanation that it was an accident, what’s happening today about 1km from where the tanker was on fire is the general people’s congress, and there’s some expectation that Muammar Gaddafi may appear at that today.
It may just be that the tanker was set on fire to say ‘Look, life isn’t as normal as the regime is trying to tell people.'”

Read it on the Guardian’s live blog here

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One Response to Petrol tanker explodes in Tripoli

  1. AbuKJ says:

    I pray the press stays until Friday, the 4Th of March, because that is usually the day clashes occur the most and I’d like to see them try to cover that up. We are praying that this upcoming Friday be your last, you cold blooded monster- you and your vicious clan. Normal? Who are they trying to fool? Does anyone at all out there actually buy this bull? “My beebol love me. They will die for me, my beebol.” The only thing they would die for your “beebol” is freedom; which means you GO!!!!!!!! Leave! Degage! They hate you! The entire world is waiting for you to either kill yourself, or be killed.. Either way they would be very happy and ecstatic to have you vanish- you and your criminal bunch! It brings a slight comfort that you will never know heaven and eternally rot in hell. We are all praying.

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