Reuters: Fresh air strikes in Uqaylah

Reuters Gaddafi’s forces have launched an air strike near the town of Uqaylah, east of the where rebels have been fighting for control of the oil town of Ras Lanuf:

A rebel spokesman said there had been an air strike even further east on another oil town, Brega, today. A civilian Hamza Mohammed Saleh, told the agency that the Uqaylah strike had hit just outside the town. “I heard the engine and saw the plane,” he said. A Reuters correspondent in Uqaylah also saw a plume of smoke from the strike rise in a desert area close to the town.

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3 Responses to Reuters: Fresh air strikes in Uqaylah

  1. Lotar says:

    Lack of clear and accurate information is always interfere to make informed and correct decisions. Today, information received from Libya, contradictory and largely false.

    Despite the ambiguity of what is happening out there, some of the cou…ntry to unilaterally take the side of the rebels, accusing al-Gaddafi, yesterday the legitimate leader of Libya, in the monstrous crimes. On the territory of a sovereign country planted foreign troops around Libya pumped atmosphere. Talk about the possibility of military operations and even the capture of military infrastructure. Against Libya imposed sanctions.

    And all this on the basis of television reports and notes on Twitter. In the western news agencies reported links to unknown witnesses, the complete absence of evidence of crimes.

    • Petra says:

      @ Lotar: Truth, in the end, will always surface. Those who need to cover up, have more then enough to hide, don’t they? There is never “a complete absence of evidence of crimes”.

  2. Keesha says:

    Wow! That’s a rlealy neat answer!

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