Revolutionary scouts find road to Sirt heavily land mined

Al JazeeraGeneral Hamdi Hassi, an opposition commander in the town of Bin Jawad says that while taking Sirte will “not be easy”, NATO airstrikes have evened the scales between the pro- and anti-government forces.

He says that fighting was ongoing in Nawfaliya, about 100km from Sirte, and scouting parties had found the road towards the Gaddafi stronghold to be heavily mined.

He says that the current opposition strategy is to combine military assault with attempts to win over local tribes who are still loyal to Gaddafi.

Speaking to the Associated Press, he said:

Sirte will not be easy to take. Now because of NATO strikes on [the government’s] heavy weapons, we’re almost fighting with the same weapons, only we have Grad rockets now and they don’t … There’s Gaddafi and then there’s circles around him of supporters, each circle is slowly peeling off and disappearing. If they rise up it would make our job easier.”

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8 Responses to Revolutionary scouts find road to Sirt heavily land mined

  1. Ott says:

    Hope they show restraint in using those Grads even though the Gaddafists certainly didn’t… Those weapons are unguided and undiscriminatory, and if used near urban areas are more likely to cause civilian casualties than military. Technically the coalition forces would be required to take action against BM21’s in revolutionary hands if they’re used near towns or cities.

  2. CanadaPhil says:

    Better for the opposition to simply skirt to the southern road and bypass Sirte altogether for now!!. Let whatever is left of Gaddafi’s thugs there just sit and wait!

    The opposition needs to get to and RELIEVE Misratah as quickly as is possible before the likes of Turkey and Italy begin to undermine NATO’s efforts on the Freedowm forces behalf. Time is of the essense here.

    The Turks cannot be trusted in this whole situation. They were against this action from the start. Now, they have only come along begrudingly, so that they can try to exert political influence on the outcome. In recent reports on the BBC, Turkey has admitted to being a friend of Gaddafi (like Italy). In recent years, they had negotiated an astronomical 50 BILLION $$ worth of construction and other contracts with the regime. They have over 30,000 migrant Turk workers in Libya supporting these projects.

    These recent reports of Turkey and Italy trying to negotiate behind the scenes to have a “negotiated” settlement which would keep Gaddafi in power through his son Saif are a laughable and shameful indictment of these two so-called NATO “allies”

    Fuck Turkey!! When this is all said and done, the free opposition needs to have a reckoning against those who sought to still prop up Gaddafi and his family during Libya’s true hour of need.

  3. MaltaKal says:

    I think that the rebels ought to slow down their advance. Re-group and refresh their supply lines, which seem to be getting awfully thin. i largely suspect that Ghaddafi’s move is strategic rather than anything else, and if HIS supply lines were getting stretched, imagine those of the rebels.

    They need food, medication, fuel and ammo…though fuel and ammo seem to be the most required.

  4. MaltaKal says:

    btw where’s the chatroom gone to…how come there’s no link anymore?

  5. Mehdi says:

    I am a Tunisian from Canada. I supported the Libyan uprising since the beginning, calling embassies, signing petitions for a no-fly zone and funding audiovisual technology through Avaaz. As expressed in another comment above, I wonder if it might not be wiser to avoid fights in Sirte. Civilians, whether pro- or anti-Gaddafi, might be affected. Maybe going fast to Misrata, in order to help tthe people there, is better, and coordinate with the coalition to strike at Gaddafi’s military that would try to charge on your troops from Sirte.

  6. Armchair General says:

    The freedom fighters need to slow down maintain supply lines. Reinforce the Ajdabiya and Ras Lanouf and Brega.
    Surround Sirte if the freedom fighters have the number of men and weapons and if not move in sufficient numbers to Misrata and other towns near Misrata. They will pick up more soldiers who will defect, more fuel, food and medicine from these towns.
    The freedom fighters will win by having more soldiers and officers leaving Gaddafi.
    The shere numbers on the side of freedom fighters will win this!

  7. stacey bashford says:

    I have been thinking the same for most of the day . you don’t need to go into Sirt just cut it off from the rest of Libya and do the same with tripoli. Head straight for Misrata, Once you have liberated Misrata push on to the boarder. Then call for Gadaffi’s surrender to show you have gone through all possible channels to save fighting in Tripoli & Sirt . If Gaddafi chooses to fight on then the world witnessed His actions and this would also give the people in Tripoli and Sirt The chance to overthrow him themselves if they choose .

  8. Colin says:

    Re Sirt, Rebels need to re-visit the back way, the locals are friendly! Once a base established attack the forces outside. As soon as they return fire towards Sirt they will be obliterate by air attacks!

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