Sarkozy and Cameron issue a joint statement about Tuesday’s conference

BBCUK Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have issued a joint statement about Tuesday’s conference.

“Tomorrow in London, the international community will come together to support a new beginning for Libya. A new beginning in which the people of Libya are free from violence and oppression, free to choose their own future.

Our countries are resolved to continue to enforce United Nations Security Council resolution 1973 to protect the people of Libya. More countries from Europe and the Arab world are joining us. It is only when the civilian population are safe and secure from the threat of attack and the objectives of UNSCR 1973 are met that military operations will come to an end. We emphasise that we do not envisage any military occupation of Libya, which would be contrary to the terms of the resolution. We reaffirm our strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of Libya.”

Military action is not an objective as such. A lasting solution can only be a political one that belongs to the Libyan people. That is why the political process that will begin tomorrow in London is so important. The London conference will bring the international community together to support Libya’s transition from violent dictatorship and to help create the conditions where the people of Libya can choose their own future. In the words of the Arab League resolution, the current regime has completely lost its legitimacy. Gaddafi must therefore go immediately. We call on all his followers to leave him before it is too late. We call on all Libyans who believe that Gaddafi is leading Libya into a disaster to take the initiative now to organise a transition process.”

In our view, this could include the Interim National Transitional Council, the pioneering role of which we recognise, the civil society leaders, as well as all those prepared to join the process of transition to democracy. We encourage them to begin a national political dialogue, leading to a representative process of transition, constitutional reform and preparation for free and fair elections. To help Libya make this transition, we are today also calling on all the participants at the London conference to give their strong support.”

In the last few weeks, the Libyan people have demonstrated their courage and their determination. Like all other peoples, they have the right freely to choose their leaders. We must unite to help them make a new beginning.”

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2 Responses to Sarkozy and Cameron issue a joint statement about Tuesday’s conference

  1. AbuFaris says:

    Shame on OIC and Arab League if they did not support this move

  2. stacey bashford says:

    Be interesting where this leads . Hope Gadaffi and sons realize their numbers up and Leave. I hear Holland has some nice prisons and Courts . I think the revolutionaries should also be careful what their next step should be , We don’t want them to look like the aggressors . China & Russia would have a field day if that was the case . I also Hope our Intelligence agencies monitor the pro Gaddaffi lobby on the net and keep an eye for future trouble those elements maybe brewing up .

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