Witnesses: Air strike in Ras Lanuf

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17:49 Witnesses have told AFP that Gaddafi forces have carried out an air strike targeting a civilian car in Ras Lanuf. Al Jazeera reports that three people have died.

17: 24 @Feb17voices: A caller from Zintan said that people scouting the area said that Gaddafi’s forces are currently 80km away from the city. Many residents fear an attack within 12 hours. Residents in Zintan have also seen airplanes flying overhead, but they did not attack.

16:57 Reuters Young African men who fled Libya to Tunisia have said that Gaddafi’s regime is rounding up African immigrants to force them to fight. Several different people in refugee camps confirmed that their houses were raided by soldiers and they were beaten and robbed of their possessions and identity papers. After being detained, he said they were offered money to fight. If they refused, they were told they would never leave. Many migrants expressed their fears of going out, worried that they would either be mistaken for mercenaries, or they would be attacked and captured by the soldiers and forced to fight. Read more here

16:25 BBC Attacks on the city of Az-Zawiyah have resumed. Tanks and artillery were used on monday morning according to an exiled Libyan opposition group. They also say that the revolutionaries had been able to capture government troops who “admitted that they had been instructed of the need to recapture the city before Wednesday”. A reporter in Az-Zawiyah confirms hearing artillery and seeing smoke over the city

BREAKING: Footage of mercenaries at a Libyan airport

All these updates occurred between 14:15 and 14:45

AJA live call from Misratah: Gaddafi is rounding up the peaceful African labour force in Libya and sending them to a coastal area called Naeemah. He plans to send them via boat to Spain and Italy to demonstrate that without him, illegal immigration will increase.

AJA live call from Misratah: Shops are open and life is semi-normal in Misratah. There is a deep sense of apprehension from further attacks though.

AJA live call from Misratah: Huge demonstration in Misratah right now

AJA from Ras Lanuf: An air strike in Ras Lanuf right now. Smoke can be seen live on TV

AJA from Ras Lanuf: We saw two rockets in the ground that did not explode this morning

AJA from Ras Lanuf: Revolutionaries firing at fighter jet over Ras Lanuf RIGHT NOW

AJA from Ras Lanuf: Revolutionaries change the locations of their anti-aircraft machine guns from time to time

AJA from Ras Lanuf: – Revolutionaries retreated from Ben Jwad fearing they would put residents in danger

AJA from Ras Lanuf: Battle happening in eastern outskirts of Ben Jwad right now

AJA from Ras Lanuf: Majority of revolutionaries in Ras Lanuf today were fighting in Ben Jwad but have retreated to regroup

AJA from Ras Lanuf: Revolutionary cars headed towards Ras Lanuf in the tens

AJA from Ras Lanuf: Less than 5 minutes ago, a scouting plane flew past revolutionaries in Ras Lanuf

AJA from Zawiya: Revolutionaries still in control of Misratah

AJA from Zawiya: No airstrikes on Zawiya today. Only shelling from tanks

AJA from Zawiya: Revolutionaries have home made bombs and light machine guns to fend off Gaddafi troops

AJA from Zawiya: Revolutionaries still in control of Zawiya

AJA from Zawiya: We killed 26 from Gaddafi’s troops today

AJA from Zawiya: We captured 3 mercenaries in Zawiya. Two from Niger and one from Chad

AJA from Zawiya: 3 tanks destroyed and 1 tank was captured in good condition

AJA from Zawiya: Fighting in Zawiya from 10am local time till now

AJA from Zawiya Gaddafi tanks entered with force into Zawiya today and shelled high buildings, mosques and graves of martyrs

13:31 NBC‘s Richard Engel tweets he’s been told that Gaddafi is worried about attacking rebels in cities, that he doesn’t want to kill many and upset tribes. He’s been told that Gaddafi wants to fight in the desert and that the government is waiting for the opposition to stretch their supply lines before they launch a definitive attack

13:25 BBC Ahmed Seweli, a Libyan psychiatrist who left his job in England to help in Libya says that hospitals in Misrata are desperately lacking in equipment and medication. He also adds that getting supplies and personnel in through the border is proving very difficult. Gaddafi’s men are not letting medical supplies through, he says.

13:25 BBC According to a spokesperson in Misrata, the battle there had lasted for 8 hours. “Seven tanks entered the city supported by about 25 vehicle-mounted machine guns. Three of the tanks made their way all the way to the town centre, where they were trapped in one of the squares and there was really heavy fighting. There was carnage and destruction.”

13:14 The BBC reports that, according to an AFP reporter there has been a second air strike by a government fighter jet in the eastern rebel-held town of Ras Lanuf. Like the first air strike the opposition responded with a barrage of anti-aircraft gun fire.

12:40 The Guardian: The Transitional National Council have said that any and all talks with Gaddafi’s government must be on the basis that he quits. Jadallah Azous Al-Talhi, Libyan prime minister in the 80s, appeared on state television to address the elders of Benghazi and called for national dialogue. Opposition official Ahmed Jabreel told Reuters: “Talhi is a close acquaintance of mine and he is widely respected in Libya as a man who stood up to Gaddafi. But we have made it clear all along that any negotiations must be on the basis that Gaddafi will step down. There can be no other compromise.”

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6 Responses to Witnesses: Air strike in Ras Lanuf

  1. Armchair General says:

    The Libyan Freedom Fighters should have moved all the ammunition and weapons. Gaddafi and his son mentioned several times that they want to destroy the weapons an ammunition. The military who have joined the Freedom Fighters should have advised this. The weapons and ammunition need to be guarded. There are pro Gaddafi agents in Benghazi and every other liberated towns and cities.

    The supply lines, ammunition, fuel and food for the freedom fighters need to be maintained if they are to head west.

    In Benghazi and other key towns they should think about building bunkers and tunnels. Have multiple tunnels. Keep the journalists away from their plans.

    I know I am a keyboard warrior and the sacrifices made by the brave Libyan brothers and sisters can never be matched by mere words. But they need to open up for help from the Arab and Muslim world. Purchase the latest Surface to Air missiles to keep Gaddafi’s planes at bay. Purchase multiple rocket launchers.

  2. zevan4 says:

    I agree that foreign troops should not go in Libya – however a no fly zone is required asap!

    UN / Libya opposition must realize and co ordinate ASAP

  3. Armchair General says:

    The Free Libya Government should use the promise of Oil to certain countries that will provide the weapons and training that is required.
    The latest surface to air missiles will knoc all the helicopters and fighter jets out of the sky.

    Kill or be killed is now the situation facing the Freedom Fighters.

    It is a sad situation. I understand tribal loyalty but everything has limits!
    Gaddafi crossed those lines long time ago. Do the Gaddafi tribe want to remembered in the history having stood by and supported this murderer and have blood on their hands?

  4. Adnalya says:

    LibyanTNC LibyanTNC
    Zawia under heavy attack, Qadfi wants to destroy the city completely #libya
    14 minutes ago

  5. Armchair General says:

    I think the freedon fighters have to start targetting the checkpoints if they can and carry out hit and run! Don’t take prisoners! Gaddafi kills those soldiers who are captured in order to set an example to other soldiers that either they kill or they will be killed!

    Please don’t take any prisoners!

  6. Mark V says:

    For what it’s worth, this footage of mercenaries at a Libyan airport was taken at Ubari Airport (QUB) in Libya. The “Welcome to Ubari Airport” sign showing in 3 frames at 1’09” is pretty clear.

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