Sky News: Saif Al Gaddafi says bombs were dropped to scare protesters

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5 Responses to Sky News: Saif Al Gaddafi says bombs were dropped to scare protesters

  1. Hamza Malek says:

    even if those bombs were dropped to kill the fighters, we have to remember they were armed, and this is a point that gaddafi’s family can defend. those people were armed expecting a battle, so we should not get mad over this. if he was bombing unarmed people, that would be a different story. we should focus more on questioning the gaddafi regime on their attacks on unarmed civilians, not the armed ones

  2. Tony says:

    They didnt bomb the protesters because there where cameras. Thats why they hate al jazeera. The funny thing is that the more they say Al Jazeera is lying, the more people will watch Al Jazeera to see whats happening there. He didnt study economics very well otherwise he would know that.

  3. Al·Mukhtar·Speculum·Barcino says:

    If you love Libya you should take a look to and articles from last weeks to know the truth about Libyan “re-evolution”.

  4. Mohammed says:

    did any media report tat Tajoura was being bombed from the air? or did they report fire from helicopter?

    In any case Brega bombs was dropped very close to AlJazeera and CNN reporters who were not in the oil fields of Brega at the time.

    Whether the Libyan pilots are incompetent or they delibertly missed the protesters we don’t know.

  5. stacey bashford says:

    Bomb’s cannot destroy Heart’s and minds . The Freedom Fighters Have Courage far beyond that .

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