Statement regarding kidnapping of Dr. AbdulRahman Sowaihili

AlmanaraArRaqeeb Foundation for Human Rights has followed with grave concern the news of the raid on the house of researcher and academic Dr. AbdulRahman Sowaihili who was arrested early Monday in his home situated in Ain Zarah southeast Tripoli. He was arrested with his son Ishtewi who is 25 years old. Previously, his two other sons were also arrested: Khaleel Sowaihili, 31 years old and Mohammed, 19 years old. The house of Dr Sowaihili was raided in a barbaric manner and they did not even grant him the opportunity to arrange his personal belongings. They also wreaked havoc in the house and destroyed it.

ArRaqeeb Foundation strongly condemns this act which is contrary to the most basic human rights and considers it a confiscation of freedoms and civil rights. All this while knowing that Dr Sowaihili had interacted via telephone with several satellite channels, condemning the conduct of the regime and its reaction against the peaceful demonstrations which were calling for legitimate rights guaranteed by all laws and all international constitutions. ArRaqeeb Foundation calls the Libyan regime, its security forces and the mercenaries to the following:

1. The immediate release of Dr. AbdulRahman Sowaihili and his three children unconditionally, and to identify the places of their detention and for their return back to their family.
2. The regime bears the responsibility for any harm that may have been inflicted upon him or his children
3. To stop kidnappings and raids on the homes of civilians without justification.

ArRaqeeb Foundation also calls on Human Rights organisations and international and regional humanitarian agencies to put pressure on this regime which is indifferent to anything related to humanity. The regime which has committed massacres and transgressed against unarmed citizens who are demanding their most basic rights.

Executive committee of the ArRaqeeb Foundation for Human Rights

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  1. Isabel Rodríguez Sotres says:

    I am from Mexico and I wish to join the voices of many people around the world who condemn the violation of human rights in Libya. It’s not about East or West, right or left, rich or poor, Muslim or Christian or Jewish… It is about people’s rights to speak their minds and lead their lives with dignity and independence.

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