Tanks closing in on Az-Zawiyah

ReutersA witness reports that tanks are closing in on the city center of Az-Zawiyah. He said that Gaddafi’s forces were 1500m away. According to him, half the city was destroyed by air attacks.

Earlier this week a high-ranking cousin of Gaddafi had been killed in the fighting, and “that’s why he bombed the city. They wanted to retrieve the body and they did,” Ibrahim said.

He also said about 60 fighters had gone to attack an army base about 20 kms (12 miles) from Zawiyah earlier on Tuesday. “None of them has returned and we don’t know if they’re dead or alive. We haven’t heard from them,” he said.

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5 Responses to Tanks closing in on Az-Zawiyah

  1. Louiza Maghreb says:

    Could you pls timestamp the entries as you used to?

  2. seseme says:

    yes please can you timestamps entries?

  3. Richard Crowe says:

    What is needed urgently in Misrata obviously is medical supplies. Why is this so difficult for the West to provide? Or one of the NGO’s even. The place the UK Chinook bringing the abortive mission to Benghazi could rather have come is right there with vital medical supplies. They have a port as one of their representatives have said. Small boats could come in with such supplies. This does not need the kind of careful diplomatic manoeuvering of a No fly Zone it is a matter of simple humanity . Does the West want to see what is happening to Az Zawiya happen next to Misrata?

  4. stacey bashford says:

    Russia & China and other nations seem to be sitting on their hands and not allowing intervention of any kind . While not directly supporting gaddafi the result is the same .

  5. Matty says:

    Holy cnocsie data batman. Lol!

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