Translated: Statement from the tribes of Zintan


Statement from the tribes of Zintan to all the Libyan people from all tribes and backgrounds. To all the Libyan cities, that they should not bow down to the moves of the crumbing regime of Gaddafi which is trying to sow discourse amongst the tribes. We are one nation and we will remain with the help of God one nation. We sacrifice ourselves with the vim and bravery of the Libyan youth. We also salute all the politicians, ambassadors and all army officers and all those who joined the revolution of 17th February for their noble stance with their people and families in order to liberate Libya from the oppressive regime of Gaddafi and his children. We also hope from the loyalists to this rotten regime, and they are few, that will join this revolution so that they may not miss the opportunity to be pardoned and forgiven.

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