Video: President Barack Obama’s address on Libya

In case you missed it, the complete speech of Barack Obama

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7 Responses to Video: President Barack Obama’s address on Libya

  1. Christine says:

    Thank you for posting the video of this speech 🙂 I repeat from previous comment:

    Great speech Mr. President Obama! I knew he would come through – I applaud his statement as following;

    “Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. The United States of America is different. And as President, I refused to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action.”

    Bravo, how I wish I was able to be there in person to hear him make this speech – I would have cried 🙁

  2. ankhwashitaw says:

    He softened the country up with airstrikes, he then gave Turkey, our so-called ally the right to come in and rape the country as proxy………..Nato attacked arms stores, and this all as subservients to Israel. I wouldn’t want to be him right now. When the US played around while Gaddafi took Al zawiyah, the rest of the protesting country lost faith in the rebellion. Turkey comes to take 450 of your citizens to Ankara to debrief, to imprison, to make dissapear. Our government put the CIA on your land without your prior approval. This is what becomes of trusting the so-called educated elite…..They are the insecure that serve a truly diabolical master. Just as I do, you have your matyrs. Turkey is not an open society. They come to kill the best of you. Close your airport and your harbors to them….You have a resource that can be sold in many places. You are in the drivers seat if you don’t trust and depend on that facetuious council. If they are in fact your council, you might want to protest the neglect they have shown in not demanding more of the coalition and it’s allies in protecting civilians in Misirata. If you now have a government, that government should demand immediate accountability at the UN for the failure to acheive the mandate. You would like to know why missions to protect were outweighed by missions to disarm. This man has been shown extreme tolerance, but he has a total lack of awareness of just how tenuous his position is. Much is loss, but nothing is over………Do not let Turkey have your citizens.
    Demand in the immediate your monies from Gaddafi’s account to rebuild……And demand that any accounts that they failed to close, which they most assuredly did, be made available to you along with the record of payouts since the time that he was supposed to have been sanctioned. Gaddafi got one thing right when he made his coup, he denied the oil altogether until the world met his terms……..If you don’t get it, noone gets it…….Turkey has declared war on you. Do not doubt that. And this would be to cleanse Libya, but noone impure can cleanse anything. I know that your people in the field will continue against all odds……My hope goes with them………..That al jezeera reporter is writing every article with a negative slant. He is inducing a sense of hopelessness. Make no mistake, and heed my warning. Turkey is a second front against the east…These people are fighting forn their lives, and stupidly they are trying to cleanse their past…..Our president said he was putting a noose on the neck of gaddafi, what do the Libyan and Middle Eastern people say about him now. I say, with all the contempt I can muster, he will be the last in a long line of stooges.

  3. Stan says:

    Here is some very big news for the revolutionaries. In the Tues. New York Times it says that some new US Air Force weapons were sent over on the weekend, including “two AC-130 gunships, lumbering aircraft that orbit over targets at roughly 15,000 feet, bristling with 40-millimeter and 105-millimeter cannons. The gunships’ weapons are so precise that they could operate against Libyan forces in cities, which so far have been off limits for fear of civilian casualties”. These powerful cannons on these slow, propeller planes are powerful enough and accurate enough to take out tanks INSIDE Misurata and Tripoli!! This will beging the new phase of the war.

    • ankhwashitaw says:

      Stan, in he propaganda war, this could have been useful in gettng Gaddafi’s people to lay down their arms, but Our transarent president loves a secret……….I believe that you are telling this to reolutionaries because these planes will be used to patrol the oilfields and stop them from setting anymore fires. You got something inthe arsenal that can give the civilians in Misirata back their lives. I think we’ll dod wht we al;was do, collectively agree it’s not in good taste to discuss it. Frickin sheep.

  4. ankhwashitaw says:

    As the rebels pressed forward in the east, Gaddafi’s troops were patrolling an area near the center of Misrata after shelling the previously rebel-controlled western city for days and Arab news networks reported Western air strikes in the west of Tripoli.
    The government in Tripoli said it had “liberated” Misrata from rebels and declared a ceasefire there.
    Say it aint so……….Seems he was ferried by Turkey…………………..I believe that would be just cause for a united kurdistan……………..Turkey is a despot. Do not let them have your citizens………They say that you have a ceasefire in Misiratah, can the people protest. Do they have freedom of speech. People ask why I don’t fight. The monster that entraps me is ignorance, I fight that here. Others around me haev physical demons, and I offer what solace I can, but it usually comes from ignorance close at hand, ad I can only offer advice to that sort of internal strife. Freely broadcast the policies that your Council has enacted with the world, and freely protest where they have fallen short. If you do not do this right away, they will make you dissapear…….That’s wh the Al Jezeera repoter dissapeared, that’s why Mo was killed. Their is a fifth estate, and it is working against you as you read this. The best way to stay ahead of it is to confront all untoward policies publicly and protest. Wile you may feel you control your half of the country, Gaddafi still controls the resouces of the whole country, and he will still profit. What does he care about the actual nominal control of Benghazi. PROTEST DEALS DONE UNDER DURESS BY YOUR COUNCIL, AND DEMAND NO TURK BOOTS ON YOUR GROUND. If you do this, I have no doubt that gaddafi will show his hand. He’s an absolutely disgusting and abhorrent control freak. Pretty much like our president. These type of people must be. But you see the difference is that I still have my freedom of speech and right to protest. I never saw where your council once asked for that……. This is untenable, the truth cannot be made to dissapear as they seem to think, and the noose that they are placing is upon their own necks.
    Stay vigilant, people so deeply wrong get paranoid when things g right. Provide resistance, and they will make mistakes. The violence was in response to theirs, protest alone were no longer acceptable. But because they came together to attempt to squash your rebellion through trickery, it doesn’t mean that despots will now find acceptance. The distaste experienced by the average citizen will find its expression in the least expected places. Stay the course.

  5. ankhwashitaw says:

    9:32 Reuters Gaddafi’s forces fired heavy weapons overnight on the road east of Sirt, forcing the revolutionaries back to Bin Jawad. One fighter said pro-Gaddafi forces used rockets, rocket propelled grenades and medium-calibre weapons.
    The have tricked you. If you are civilians going down the highway, then Nato is charged with protecting you. If you form up as a trained army, then you get no air support (in practicality). You must, as I said, make the case in the west of Liby,a, that their are people who want to be free of gaddafi……….
    The west showed a young man on the road who told of being setup by the people of Bin Jawad…..I personally put in and saw tweet that said they were hidden in trees seventy miles away. Think about this. You were held up en masse buy how many soldiers in Ajdabiya. So how many are actually out there 70 miles away. How many could there have been that the person who scouted failed to see them. And remember, the general told you the roads were mined.
    They were not. What’s your body count, and another paper said that they were still fighting in Misiratah……..Is that true. You can take them through the desert in the evening. The press is saying diecouraing things because they don’t want you to knowhow close you are. They don’t want yu to know how little gaddafi has in the tank…. He has done a lot of fighting himself, And from what’s understood, he doesn’t have great communication between his forces……..Your army people are workng at cross purposes……..Look into it closely…………………..

  6. MekongFisher says:

    I know many people would be listening to those words half-hearted, but trust me, this is a BIG FUCKING PROGRESS in the context of American diplomacy. You can’t expect everything to be overturned overnight. Obama plucked up a lot of courage and virtue in making this decision and this speech. That’s gotta be given some credits.

    On another hand, he definitely should have gave more credits to the Libyan people themselves, however. My only objection to this speech is that he put the American forces, not the Libyan revolutionaries who are spilling fountains of blood for their freedom, in the centerpiece of his argument.

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