Video: revolutionaries try to take Brega

The GuardianThe Guardian have put up this video of revolutionaries as they try to take Brega. They say Gaddafi’s forces are inside the city and its outskirts, but are afraid to move for fear of airstrikes.

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2 Responses to Video: revolutionaries try to take Brega

  1. Adam says:

    These guys have to be disciplined properly and learn to obey orders. Everyone of them thinks he is a leader or wants to be one. That was one of the reason why we had Gaddafi all this time.

    I am aware of the Libyan character as I am one. This character must change and be reformed if they want to succeed and go forward. Please if you can get this message across, do not hesitate to take it to them.

  2. Vito says:

    Discipline, tactics(organization), communications, somebody – Lybians abroad -help them to get radios – you can get them cheap, + solar chargers/car chargers.

    And most important pray for bloodshed to finish, for wisdom, and have mercy on those you capture- your enemies. God sees everything, don’t be lake those of Kadafi.

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