Video: Saif Al Gaddafi…..???

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4 Responses to Video: Saif Al Gaddafi…..???

  1. stacey bashford says:

    Stupid breed’s stupid …

  2. Mudathir Siyam says:

    I am expecting a dreadful ending for the Gaddafi’s family. They will soon realize that there best and only option for them was to immediately leave power in Libya. “The hard headed got to feel it to believe it”

  3. Tore says:

    This is a laugh of fear. He knows the end is coming.

  4. NOOR says:

    He is sounding a tad mad himself. I do not know what the brood of Gadaffi children were fed but every single one of them is mad although I did hear one had joined the revolution….

    The sister is a real piece of work too….

    This one here, he is just plain dishonest …

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