Video: Tornado fighter jets bombs Gaddafi tank

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14 Responses to Video: Tornado fighter jets bombs Gaddafi tank

  1. Daniela_ says:

    Each destroyed tank represents to save hundreds of human lives and retake new meters. The following aim will be Ras Lanuf that was lost by the continuous bombardments of Gadafi’s fascist regime.

    Greetings from a sunny Barcelona to Libyan.

    P.D. I have read in the net ( that a woman was protesting for Gadafi’s crimes in a hotel of Tripoli where had international journalists. This woman has been detained and reduced by the Gadafi hitmen .

  2. jan says:

    the second one is a miss,please correct your aim british weapons officer

    • CanadaPhil says:

      Their aim was bang on!
      The RAF Tornados together with a French patrol took out a total of 7 dug in tanks on the outskirts of Ajdabiya which had been keeping the free opposition forces at bay.
      A report by Arwa Damon on CNN who was now onseen in Ajdabiya has confirmed that she could see a total of 17 tanks destroyed. She advised that a couple appeared to be not as heavily damaged but that their pro-Gaddafi crews had fled.

  3. stacey bashford says:

    @ Jan Burning tank = hit in my book .

  4. stacey bashford says:

    @Daniela_ The woman you talk about has been reported widely by the worlds press. Hope The press and the worlds governments keep asking Gaddafi about her whereabouts . Those who stay silent on her fate are as guilty as those who carry out gaddafi’s orders .

  5. jan says:

    @stacey bashford
    the tank is not burning. missile hits some meters to the left and twds the rear. (from the camera perspective) what you see is not smoke from the tank but dirt and sand blowing away from the warhead explosion.the first one instead is a direct hit, and that is what you see when a tank is destroyed by missile fire. maybe “your book” is not clear enough or maybe you didn’t really read it… also, these tanks have their hatches open and seem abandoned.
    please help the people of misrata, they need some force on the ground to seek and neutralize the snipers who shoot on the civilians, on medics and wounded. i suggest, capture some of them then give them to the people of the city. and please, eliminate the lybian artillery..

  6. stacey bashford says:

    @ jan don’t be fooled by the cross hairs they were both direct hits . Proof if needed is that is smoke rising upwards from both tanks . Not dirt or sand .

  7. stacey bashford says:

    More info on the Tornado Aircraft used in this film .

  8. Keydren says:

    Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tnaikg the time.

  9. Elly says:

    Your article peefrctly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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