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Images: Frederik Pleitgen – Road to Tripoli

Frederik Pleitgen, a CNN journalist who has just entered Libya and has been on the road to Tripoli has uploaded some pictures of his trip. Entering Libya, he is greeted by a large Gaddafi billboard and wonders “did I take … Continue reading

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Translated: A Comprehensive report of all the events in the city of Misratah April 8th

Translation: In the name of God, most Gracious Most Merciful, A report on the latest events in the city of Misratah for today, Friday 8th April 2011. Since the morning at around 8.30am, we heard the sounds of loud explosions … Continue reading

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Moussa Koussa expresses desire to join revolutionaries. Interim Council not ready to deal with him

Moussa Koussa, the Libyan defector currently in Britain, has told intermediaries he wants to join the revolutionaries but they have rejected his overtures, the Daily Telegraph has learned. Mr Koussa, who is currently being debriefed by MI6, is keen to … Continue reading

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Report: Foreign Journalists taken on government controlled tour to Misratah April 8th

Gaddafi’s government officials have been taking foreign journalists on various tours in past weeks to reinforce their position that they are in control of the situation in the country. But a government-controlled trip to Misurata today instead suggested that the … Continue reading

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April 9th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli: 23:55 Al Jazeera English has obtained exclusive, undated footage showing Gaddafi’s forces in Libya, and being seen for the first time inside Ajdabiya, a hotly-contested battleground. The men are seen going from house to house questioning … Continue reading

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