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Audio: Guardian’s Xan Rice about the opposition’s significant gains in Misrata

The opposition in Misrata has made some significant gains, driving back Gaddafi’s forces from several tall buildings in Misrata. The Guardian’s Xan Rice is in Misrata and has seen the badly damaged eight-storey office block that was home to a … Continue reading

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Video: Opposition forces seize Tunisian border post

Al jazeera has released footage showing opposition forces seizing Libyan-Tunisian border post. Waheed Burshan, a Tunis-based political activist, tells Al Jazeera’s Nick Clark about the scene at the Wazin border crossing.

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No safe haven for journalists in Libya

In Libya, you think about the difference between sand and pavement in a mortal way, Evan Hill writes. Sand will accept a bomb into its soft embrace, deaden its impact, and save your life. Harsh pavement will throw up a … Continue reading

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Unmanned drones are reportedly flying over Libya already

The use of armed Predator drones has been approved by the White House to help NATO fight Gaddafi’s forces. Coalition commanders have been privately urging the Americans to provide the specialist unmanned aircraft, which have become a favoured – if … Continue reading

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April 22nd Updates

New York: London: Tripoli: 23:26 The Atlantic Detained journalist Clare Gillis is alive and well. She told her parents in a 15 minute phone call that she is in good health and being kept in a women’s civilian jail in … Continue reading

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