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Audio: Revolutionaries push Gaddafi forces out of al-Mjabra

In a Live Phone Call from Jadou, a man explains how the Gaddafi forces that were besieging the town of al-Mjabra were pushed out by the revolutionaries. 2 revolutionaries and 50 of Gaddafi’s forces were killed while 16 were captured … Continue reading

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Gaddafi’s grip on the west may be slipping

Gaddafi has suffered several setbacks in recent days in western Libya, and this may be a sign that he’s losing grip on the region. Opposition fighters drove his forces out of the centre of Misrata, a NATO air strike severely … Continue reading

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Reporting Libya’s war from inside the Rixos Hotel

Channel 4 correspondent Jonathan Miller reports the challenges of broadcasting stories from the parts of Libya still under Gaddafi’s control. They have been facing severe restrictions imposed by Gaddafi’s regime. Armed men and intelligence guard the hotel gates around the … Continue reading

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Video: Statement of the youth of Tripoli (April 19th)

The youth of Tripoli make a statement for the camera. Translation, courtesy of feb17.info: In the name of god almighty: We are the youth of Feb 17th Revolution in the city of Tripoli, the date is April 19th. We would … Continue reading

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Video: Misrata Update April 25th

This is yesterday’s Misrata update, thanks to Wefaq Libya and Freedom Group TV and ChangeInLibya for the translation. “Gaddafi forces bombarded Qasr Ahmed today (civilian area) as well as Misrata’s port, which led to th death of some civilians. As … Continue reading

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Video: Opposition gaining ground in Nafusa mountains

Al Jazeera’s Anita McNaught has travelled to the Nafusa mountains and met with a community that says NATO’s first air strikes in the region have helped them gain ground. The area has been largely inaccessible for journalists as well as … Continue reading

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April 26th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli: 23:53 NATO reportedly attacked the Sidi Bilal naval base today. 23:20 Al Jazeera Arabic reports that revolutionaries have taken control of Al Mjabra, western Libya. Meanwhile attacks continue on the city of Misrata, and they are … Continue reading

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