April 5th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli:

Reuters11:26 Reuters The Libyan regime has appointed deputy foreign minister Abdelati Obeidi as its new foreign minister to replace Moussa Koussa, a senior government official said on Tuesday.

Almanara Media22:00 Almanara Media source has reported that no less than 50 fuel tankers gathered in the area of As Sakheera in Tunisia preparing to enter Libya.

21:19 Al Jazeera Arabic Major General AbdulFattah Younis, leader of the Libyan Liberation Army has given a press conference, amongst the points he mentioned were:

  • The UN allowed NATO to fly over our heads but it isn’t doing its job properly
  • NATO requested the revolutionaries not to use their fighter jets and gunships
  • Troops are fighting in an organised fashion and we are sending more to Brega
  • The oil fields are being protected by soldiers on a continuous basis
  • Damages to oil fields caused by Gaddafi’s forces can be fixed in a matter of days

NATO19:00 NATO Coalition aircraft launched 14 strikes in Misrata on Monday, a number of them targetting air defence systems, tanks and armoured vehicles in the area around the city.

Reuters18:58 Reuters A US envoy has arrived in Benghazi to get to know the opposition and establish better ties with them. They will also discuss how the US might help meet its financial needs. Read more here.

Al Jazeera18:32 Al Jazeera Jordanian fighter jets are operating out of a European airbase to protect Jordanian transport aircraft that are delivering humanitarian assistance to the opposition in eastern parts of Libya.

18:36 Al Jazeera Arabic The people of Benghazi are demonstrating against allowing a Turkish ship carrying humanitarian aid from entering the city’s port. They are protesting against Turkey’s position on arming the revolutionaries.

UN18:25 United Nations The UN has nearly doubled it’s appeal for Libya to $310 million, a spokesperson for the UN office for the Coordination of Human Affairs (OCHA) said. The money will be used to provide relief to over 1.5 million people affected by the conflict. OCHA has received 70% of the $160 million it first appealed for. The International Organisation for Migration also asked for more funding, since it has no more money for humanitarian evacuations from Egypt and Tunisia.

18:24 Al Jazeera Arabic The revolutionaries are performing a full scale counter attack on Gaddafi’s forces stationed in the area of Alarbabeen in Brega

16:47 Al Jazeera Arabic correspondent has reported that the defected 36th “AsSaiqa” battalion is attacking from the south of Brega in the desert. They are currently launching a heavy attack against Gaddafi’s forces using Grad missiles. They have managed to push west once more towards the area of Arbaeen which has caused Gaddafi’s forces to retreat.

It is difficult to verify casualties right now, but four shells landed directly in an area where revolutionaries were congregated earlier. Ambulances were seen rushing to that area and they have not come back since

NATO15:00 NATO NATO’s Chief of Allied Operations Brigadier General Van Uhm says that Misrata is the new priority for NATO operations. They have confirmation that tanks are being dispersed and hidden and that human shields are being used. Gaddafi’s forces have changed their tactics in response to the air strikes.

Al Jazeera15:59 Al Jazeera English Denmark and Norway have expressed their support for an open-ended military campaign against Gaddafi, while all five Nordic nations have called for him to immediately step down. Lene Espersen, the Danish foreign minister, said her country would will “stay there for as long as it takes to protect civilians”, and that Denmark would be willing to send ships to enforce an arms embargo.

Reuters15:15 Reuters Revolutionaries fled up to 20km eastwards under heavy rocket fire from Gaddafi’s troops. This is the largest retreat they have made in several days. They say the air strikes have become less effective since NATO took over. Read more here.

NATO15:00 NATO Senior NATO staff officer Brigadier General Van Uhm told a news briefing that air strikes have destroyed nearly a third of Gaddafi’s military power. He also said the most recent targets had been armoured vehicles and tanks in Misrata, a firing rocket launcher in Brega and ammo storage facilities elsewhere. Several different nations were involved in these strikes.

14:06 Al Jazeera Arabic correspondent near Brega has reported that Gaddafi’s forces have pushed the volunteers from the revolutionaries 30km east back towards Ajdabiya. They seem to have received reinforcements as they have started to heavily bombard the revolutionaries with rockets once more. Their artillery fire is reaching big distances, and even as the media team was retreating, rockets were still falling nearby.

Earlier today, 2 Gaddafi scout cars came near where the revolutionaries were stationed, and both cars were destroyed completely. In another incident, revolutionary pickup trucks received direct hits from Gaddafi rockets.

The battle is still ongoing and though the volunteers have retreated, the trained soldiers headed by AbdulFattah Younis are still in the front lines and have been bombarding Gaddafi’s forces for 3 hours straight with Grad missiles and rockets. Gaddafi’s forces suffered large losses near the University of AnNajm as Sati in Brega yesterday but they have changed their fighting tactics and seem more equipped today

Reuters12:03 Reuters A Libyan-owned ship carrying imported petrol has docked at the regime-controlled port of Zawiyah to relieve fuel shortage, a government official has said. They did not say where the ship had come from, or how the vessel had been able to get through a cordon of NATO warships which is patrolling Libya’s coast to help enforce international sanctions.

Reuters10:56 Reuters An air strike destroyed two government military vehicles on Tuesday in the east Libyan oil town of Brega, according to a revolutionary army officer.

DIRECT from Misratah Wefaq Media confirms that the city witnessed the death of 5 martyrs and 24 injuries today

01:42 Al Jazeera English Maltese Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi told Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Abdelati Obeidi that Gaddafi and his family must relinquish power. Obeidi was in Malta following talks with government officials in Greece and Turkey on ways to end the Libyan conflict.

“The Prime Minister reiterated the Maltese government’s position that the resolutions of the United Nations must be respected, that the Gaddafi government must step down, that Colonel Gaddafi and his family should leave and there should be an immediate ceasefire and a process to enable the Libyan people to make its democratic choices,” the government said in a statement.

Reuters01:38 Reuters Britain misjudged the risk that arms it authorised for export to some countries in the Middle East and North Africa including Libya might be used against protesters, a parliamentary panel said on Tuesday.

In a report, the Committees on Arms Export Controls recommended the government extend its review of arms export licences to all authoritarian governments worldwide.

“Both the present government and its predecessor misjudged the risk that arms approved for export to certain authoritarian countries in North Africa and the Middle East might be used for internal repression,” the report said.

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33 Responses to April 5th Updates

  1. Libya says:

    It does not make much difference. Russia will sell those weapons to these dictators. Israel also. They have been doing so since the beginning of the peaceful uprising in Libya, before the civilians exercised their right of self defense.

  2. UK Resident says:

    Congratulations and thank you to the Maltese Prime Minister for holding the line and making it clear ‘Daffy and Son’s must depart. Clearly, pressure is now telling on regime, keep it up, till ‘Daffies are finally toast. And, please step up operations to relieve those poor people struggling in Misurata – Tanks, Rockets, Artillery and snipers currently being used to bombard the civilian inhabitants in this city is a crime against humanity, attempted genicide and, for this act alone, ‘Daffy, sons of ‘Daffy and senior military commanders involved should face the gallows!

  3. Manoel Messias dos Santos Oliveira says:

    Lybians: please excuse us Brazilians for our government’s vote at the UN. Brazil’s abstention reflects President Dilma Roussef’s view, but not the view of most Brazilians. We Brazilian people support Libya’s struggle for freedom and we do not support Gadaffi’s oppressive rule and genocide against its own people. We support your struggle for freedom all the time. Long live a free and democratic Libya!

  4. h says:

    Destroying Gaddafi’s forces that are attacking Misrata does nothing to increase the flow of oil, therefore the only thing motivating intervention in Misrata is a real humanitarian motive. That is why the western action in Misrata is so half-assed.

    The people of Benghazi have protested about this, but I doubt that that will change the behavior of the western governments. I advise the people of the U.K. and France to protest for greater intervention in western Libya, particularly in Misrata, Zintan, and now also Nalut. Only large protests within these western countries- protests that are carried out mostly by europeans, not just libyans living in these countries, are likely to influence those governments.

    • UK Resident says:

      Sorry mate, but to suggest oil is the reason for lack of intervention in libyan cities is just silly – the reasons are much more straight forward: Poor identification of targets, ‘colateral’ damage, inadvertent injury to civilians, and danger of handing a propaganda coup to ‘Daffy regime by enabling them to claim the damage caused in, for example, Misurata was due to allied bombing as opposed regime rocket barrages, tank and artillery shelling!

      I hope we find a solution soon to eliminate tanks, artillery, rocket launchers and snipers from towns and cities in western Libya – Laser guided concrete bombs (without explosives) seemed to have worked well in the past?

  5. Stig-Åke P says:

    I live in Sweden far away from the uprisings. But every day I hope that Libya will be free. I also hope that nobody never ever lets the Gaddafi family stay in power. There are some official rumours that says his sons will take over power and let daddy step at side. The whole Gaddafi regime and its family must step down and let the revoulution take over power. They shall also face trial at the ICC in Hauge. But my biggest hope is a perfect hit over the Gaddafi Compound in Tripoli. There will be a lot of casualties and deads. But it would be the best way of stopping the Gaddafi regim.

  6. run lolarun says:

    question… arent you bored of running? 😀

  7. John says:

    Saif is obviously in control of the tyrant regime. Baby G has eaten Papa G but he will not swallow until Papa G is no longer useful for threatening defenceless citizens and intimadating his toadie supporters.

    At the first opportunity Baby G will eat his brothers and sister. Are you listening Khamis, Saadi? You know it’s true. Think about it.

  8. Adnalya says:

    ,, 12:03 Reuters A Libyan-owned ship carrying imported ……….or how the vessel had been able to get through a cordon of NATO warships which is patrolling Libya’s coast to help enforce international sanctions.”
    Nice work !!!! What is NATO doing? Ore maybe is again the bad weather that don’t let them to act well? In this case other ships can dock free, without to have any problem. I am asking myself: who should provide the Coast Guard and don’t do it, what is happening in this case ?

  9. Frank says:

    I think what the revolutionaries need is Kevlar Body Armor and adequate battle helmets. If equipped in that way, they would be less fearful to be hit by shrapnel when pounded by Gaddafi artillery. They could better stand their ground instead of retreating quickly.

    This equippment is nonlethal and could be easily imported depite the arms embargo.

  10. elpasolibre says:

    L’OTAN vous devez faire votre travail !, où êtes vous ? il est de votre devoir (l’OTAN) d’aider le peuple Libyens dans sa lutte pour la liberté, vous devez stopper par la force tous les renforts de Kadhafi. A Brega , Misrata, Zintan vivent des gens remarquables dans leur lutte, je suis citoyens français et je suis de tout mon âme avec eux et je souhaites que mon pays fassent le nécessaire pour leur combat et leur victoire, j’attends de mon pays (la France) qu’il soutiennent sans retenue les forces libres Libyennes

  11. mercay says:

    lybians have not understood that the mission of NATO is not to support rebels troops mais to enforce a non fly zone and to prevent bombing of civilians. Shootings at tanks in the desert is already ouside the UN mission

  12. КАДДАФИ says:

    Британцы тупизни.А жители туманного альбионна самые настоящие зомбосмотрители зомбоящика и правители ваши марионетки за деньги готовы себя продать.

  13. СУПЕР БАЛАРУС! says:

    Пендосские идиоты! Да вас самих вешать нужно! какой бред о мирном восстании вы несете? Какого “мужского полового органа” (ХУЯ) вы пиздите о том как войска Каддафи обстреляли мирных граждан которые проникли на территории военной базы? какие они, сука, мирные если на территорию военной базы проникли?

  14. montfort says:


  15. fgbvbbfbnfnfgnffhhfg says:

    Гандоны ебаные

  16. SUPER BELARUS says:

    Pendosskie idiots! Yes you need to hang themselves! What nonsense about the peace you are rising? What the “penis” (dick) you fucking talk about how the troops fired on civilians Gaddafi who infiltrated the military base? what they are, bitch, peace if the military base infiltrated?
    For Lukashenko, FOR Gadhafi FOR RUSSIA WHITE, Libya FOR GREEN!

  17. ПУТИН says:


  18. КАДДАФИ2 says:

    one question too all of you!!

    why my comments not found ? scary??)))))

  19. КАДДАФИ2 says:

    трут коменты DANGER!!!

  20. ПУТИН says:


  21. Anvar says:

    Libya will stand! FOR Gadhafi !!! USA(yankees) if you want to fight go and charge China for example!

  22. SUPER BELARUS says:

    Эти гандоны кометы трут. Вот она их демократия

  23. Anvar says:

    Where is your democracy? Why you are deleting messages?? FREE LIBYA! There is no rebels in Libya! Only traitors!!!

  24. Anvar says:

    Супер Беларусь, согласен. У них демократия, только тогда, когда им выгодно!

  25. КАДДАФИ says:

    Слова адресованы вам:
    Что Суки не ожидали что здесь вам пропиздону натыкают русские украинцы белорусы?
    Знайте что еще такая срань как этот сайт появится у вас вам от комментов жопПППААААААА!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. КАДДАФИ says:

    Блять не дописал кому то слова адресованы создателям сайта да и всем блять англичанам….

  27. КАДДАФИ2 says:

    Viva Qaddafi!
    Viva Revolution!

  28. Russian Legioneer says:

    My gods! Those british and us zombies are insane! They stare in their zombieboxes and believe all what it says… poor nations, who forget WWII, and now trying to fire WWIII. There no “rebels” and “freedom” fighters in Libia, there only terrorists and murderers. Keep NATO forces away from inner Libia buisness!

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  30. trohr says:

    In your country there is still no democracy?? Then we fly to you!

  31. Putin says:

    Russia+Libia – FOREVER!!!! Kaddafi – FOREVER!!!

  32. Helen says:

    People, you still don’t know?
    There was NO war in libya – until “peacemakers” come!
    There was NO war!!!!!!
    They are very very bad people who rule NATO. They just began to throw bombs on a small defenceless country. They throw bombs both at “rebels” and Kaddafi , at houses and in hospitals and they killed NEWBORN BABIES!!!
    If you don”t beleive ME, then use twitter and facebook and ask real people from Libya and they will TELL you!

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