April 7th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli:

00:19 Misratah News Group on Facebook have reported that NATO fighter jets are flying over the city right now

00:12 Al Arabiya NATO fighter jets have just bombed Gaddafi’s forces between Brega and Ras Lanouf

WFP19:48 World Food Programme A WFP humanitarian vessel reached the port of Misrata today, providing some relief to the citizens. The ship carried food, medical supplies, doctors and other relief items. Read more here.

BBC18:56 BBC Revolutionaries in Benghazi say that the air strike that killed a number of them earlier today may not have come from a NATO air plane after all. They say it might have been a Gaddafi plane small enough to be picked up on radar.

Reuters17:35 Reuters US General Carter Ham told the US senate that he believed there was a stalemate emerging between Gaddafi forces and the opposition. He also added that he considers it unlikely that revolutionaries will be able to fight their way to Tripoli to replace Gaddafi.

RSF17:22 Reporters Without Borders also reports 26 journalists were today expelled by the Libyan government ‘on the grounds that their visas had expired’.

Reuters16:56 Reuters People in Misrata are crammed five families to a house in the few safe districts to try and escape mortars raining down from government forces, an opposition spokesman said. They are attacking houses and civilian areas, even a cemetery. Residents say they and thousands of migrant workers stranded there face shortages of basic foodstuffs, a lack of medical supplies and have only sporadic water and electricity. Read more.

RSF16:55 Reporters Without Borders say that two US journalists, one Spanish and one South African journalist have gone missing in Libya.
Telegraph15:41 The Telegraph Aid from Norway for humanitarian relief will be boosted to 10.2million euros, according to the country’s Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg.

Reuters15:38 Reuters David Cohen, the US Treasury’s acting undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said a substantial additional amount of Gaddafi regime assets have been frozen in Europe, although it’s probably less than the $34 billion under US jurisdiction.

Read more: http://www.thehotjoints.com/2011/03/01/us-treasury-blocks-record-30bn-of-libya-assets/#ixzz1IqigZ2gT

CNN13:19 CNN At least five people were killed in an airstrike on an opposition convoy near the Libyan town of al-Brega on Thursday, hospital officials in Ajdabiya told CNN’s Ben Wedeman. It is unclear whether the aircraft was from NATO or forces fighting on behalf of Moammar Gadhafi.

Reuters12:13 Reuters Gaddafi forces bombarded Misrata’s opposition-held port, forcing it to close temporarily.

Reuters 12:05 Reuters & Al Arabiya Tripoli residents say that blasts can be heard in the city as warplanes fly over. “There was a plane flying around in the sky, then there were two explosions … the second one was strong,” said the resident, who was watching from the roof of his building. He said the explosions happened at about 11:30 am local time.

AP11:49 The Telegraph An oil industry source in Dubai told the Associated Press that a Liberian-flagged tanker has left the eastern port of Tobruk. It is headed either for China or Singapore.

Telegraph11:41 The Telegraph According to comments editor Adrian Hamilton of the Independent, the CIA is increasing its operations on the ground while reducing its air defence role: “The CIA is coming back into its own, as is the State Department. What else is General Khalefa Heftar, brought over from US exile to put some discipline into the rebel fighters, but Washington’s man? Who is wielding the greatest influence (to the fury of the French) over the Tunisian and Egyptian armies currently in charge of their countries but the Pentagon and the US intelligence? Even more so in the Yemen, where Washington is trying to effect an acceptable takeover from President Ali Abdullah Saleh. We’re back to the old days of the Cold War. Whether the inhabitants of the countries will be quite so pleased is another question.”

Reuters11:39 Reuters An oil official in east Libya said on Thursday that it was forces loyal to Gaddafi that attacked the Sarir oil field. He denied that it was hit by a British air strike. A spokesman for the opposition based in Benghazi, Mustafa Gheriani, said: “I think it’s silly to think the British would do that. It has Mr. Gaddafi’s signature all over it.”

10:44 Reuters Former Libyan energy minister Omar Fathi bin Shatwan has escaped to Malta from the besieged Libyan town of Misrata, the Maltese Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. He arrived in Malta on a small trawler on Friday, but his presence was kept secret, the ministry said.

02:08 The Telegraph A mercenary from Belarus has spoken of getting paid £1,900 a month to help Col Muammar Gaddafi’s forces fight against the rebels and said there were “several hundred” of his compatriots doing the same thing.

01:39 CBS News Former congressman Curt Weldon is expected to meet with Muammar Qaddafi in Libya sometime this week, and says he plans to ask the embattled leader to step aside.

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37 Responses to April 7th Updates

  1. ggallozz says:

    The ex USSR mercenaries fighting beside Gaddafi it’s a big bad news…..
    Hire killers to shoot on his own people!….Bloody tyrant, GFO!

    Get up Free Libya, keep the pace, that dumbass must be erased !

    • FromRussiaWithLove says:

      Hahahaha…Lots of countries are killing Libyans this minute – so they are bloody tyrants! They should be put to trial. And why are they doing this, answer? Why is Britain and the US and others spending millions on a tiny Aftican country when there are protests among their own people? Why?

  2. FromRussiaWithLove says:

    Thank you Libyans for your endurance and not giving up to NATO’s criminal intervention despite the bombings and information pressure.The rebels do not fight but only tell NATO where to hit so this can not be called a revolutionary movement. The “pro-democracy” rebels are a shame of the nation but I am sure they will find the right path in the end. There is no democracy in the countries who are bombing Libya now and Libya was closer to democracy than all of them taken together. We in Russia hope there will be a cease fire but no one can tell a free people of any country what to do or whom to choose as the nation’s leader – even if some oil-crazy countries do not like the choice. There probably should be a referendum but only after there is peace and all the foreign occupants (= British and other military advisors and so on) are driven out of the country with their planes and let the Libyans decide for themselves.

    On April 14 Russia, Brazil, India, SA and China will let the world know their opinion. Im sure this time governmments won’t make a crucial mistake of remaining indifferent to crimes of the so-called “civilized” countried who create international laws and then break them whenever it seems profitable to them.

    Do not give up! Fight the foreign occupants as hard as you can because your lifes and the very existance of Libya are at stake. Russians are with Gaddafi!

    • Libya says:

      Fuck the Russians and fuck everyone who is stand up for Gaddafi.

      We as Libyan do not want Gaddafi. People like you and other people he bought for money should keep out of a country that does not belong to them. Gaddafi is history and your reputation is also history for supporting an evil man. Is it evil to support evil? I will leave it for you to answer that.

      • FromRussiaWithLove says:

        It is evil to support evil. But evil in this case is NATO internvention – and THIS evil supports the so-called reoolution. Everyone who is not brainwashed sees that.

        Gaddafi is on the right side here and we support him because he is right. The bloody criminals of the coaltion forces’ government will be put to trial!

        Now share your opinion on my little questions please – why is Britain and the US and others spending millions on a tiny Aftican country when there are protests among their own people? Why?

    • Bengazi says:

      I think those Russian made a mistake by supporting Gaddafi. You have an experience in Afghanistan. You should have learnt to never mess about with Muslims. We are good to those who are good to us. But we never turn the other cheek to those who harm us.

      • FromRussiaWithLove says:

        The ones messing are the coalition forces. You call yourselves revolutionaries? Hah! Even your commander is a traitor. By the way, my Bengazi friend, tell me what you think please – do the coaltion forces bomb yout country for free? What do they expect as payment?

        • Bengazi says:

          When Libyans decided that Gaddafi should leave the country, he should have stepped down peaceful. If he left the country peacefully then we would not have to seek UN;s help. But he wanted to manufacture a new reality and he thought that he will manage to make people to believe this manufactured reality.

          Gaddafi decided to kill civilians using all sorts of weapons. The Libyans are defending themselves against a man, they do not like and do not want him to rule them.

          Non-Libyans do not have the right to decide that Gaddafi should stay. Since you are Russian, it is not your business to take part in that decision.

          The UN’s help was sought by the Libyans. We asked for their assistance. And yes it is not for free. There is nothing free in life. We are happy with that.

          You sound like a online Commentary-mercenary. How much are you getting paid by Gaddafi’s regime to comment online?

          • FromRussiaWithLove says:


            Bengazi is a city and Bengazi is NOT all Libyan people.

            Non-Libyans do not have the right to decide that Gaddafi should stay. – BRAVO!!! THis is right what I am saying! I can see you can think clearly sometimes. SO conclusion is – NATO should get out of Libya!

            You think you are paying with oil but you will pay with your lives, poor sobs. And there is still chance that the government will send you to jail for some time if it all ends well, but if NATO does not stop their intervention u will pay with your lives in the end, and your NATO allies will kill you (which they are already doing!) They dont care who they bomb and what for, all they want to is anarchy, chaos in Africa and free oil

            and yes, my reward is reading comments from other people who are still not brainwashed and knowing they still exist and truth will win in the end

          • Bengazi says:

            I am from Tripoli. I use Bengazi as username. Cause I share their aspiration. We came out to protest against Gaddafi, he killed 3000 in Tripoli, kidnapped 20000 and the unrest still on. Not to mention Misrata, Zawia, Zawara, and all the towns and cities in the western mountains.

            I agree that NATO do not care about Libyans. That is not the issue. There are benefits we exchange from each other though. We have something they need and vice versa. The same with Russia and Gaddafi. Russia does not care about Libyans either, otherwise, they would not have supported Gaddafi to kill his people, when they know that he is corrupt and the Libyans do not want him.

            We were forced to seek international help. if countries like yours and others did not offer support to Gaddafi to kill his people then we would have been able to do it by ourselves. Gaddafi used political mercenaries, media mercenaries, soldiers mercenaries, etc, therefore, we had to use the same kind of mercenaries.

            We already sell our oil to the west, mostly Europe, we already do business with various countries. We are not against that. We are against the fact that, the income and benefit coming from all of these, going only to Gaddafi and his family and close elites.The country has suffered because of his actions abroad. He destroyed the education system, health service, the infrastructure etc.

            Have you lived in Libya? did you get sick in Libya? did you go to university in Libya? did you drive in Libya? did you take a shower in Libya?

    • Fuck Russia says:

      Fuck Russia and any country that opposes free Libyans

      “no one can tell a free people of any country what to do or whom to choose as the nation’s leader ”

      Yea you have a good point, which is why we to get rid of fucking Gaddafi, no one has wanted him for 42 years. Russia should take its own advice and keep the fuck out of our business.

    • FromSpainWithLove says:

      “Russians are with Gaddafi!”
      Yeah, stupid people are everywhere, but i’m sure there are a lot of Russian people smarter than you…

    • Your Daddy says:

      You are not even a Russian. You got Libyan blood all over you. you are one of his dogs or should i say bitches?

      • FromRussiaWithLove says:

        Ты когда это прочитаешь, скажи, поговорим, кто здесь русский, а кто нет) Мля сколько ж уродов развелось на просторах интернета

        • Bengazi says:

          THAT does not mean you are not one of his bitches. He sends his people to study in various countries. He also has bitches mercenaries.

  3. FromRussiaWithLove says:

    “Yea you have a good point, which is why we to get rid of fucking Gaddafi, no one has wanted him for 42 years”

    I am pretty sure no one in British and other criminal governments wanted him for so long, since he did not give away oil for free and used it for the good of the Libyans)) Which is why all those countries are acting like jackals now. Why don’t they do their crusade saying openly to the world – “If there is somebody who takes care of people of the country instead of sucking up to us and doing everything we want to – and we want oil oh soooooooo badly – we will throw bombs at them!” Why all this pretence about democracy, we seen too much of that shit in so many countries already, no one in their right mind believes this fake! So who exactly do you mean by “we” dear? And stop using swear words or I’ll have to tell you mom;)

  4. leviathan says:

    Is Russia more democratic than US or UK? Is Russias response to the events in Libya not driven by economic interests?

    Ah, thats right, you prefer oligarchy…. never mind countinue as before…


    • FromRussiaWithLove says:

      Did I say i support our government’s views and actions? Tell you what – any country that has enough oil automatically becomes non-democratic in the eyes of those who need that fking oil desperately;)

  5. Canada says:

    La repression, vous autres les russes, ca vous connaissez tres bien. dans l’ancienne U.R.S.S. Tous les pays qui voulaient la liberté ont eu droit a la repression. Vous ne pouvez donc pas approuver maintenant ceux qui la veulent, ca parraitrait un peu en contradiction a ce que vous avez toujours fait a ceux qui ne pensait pas comme vous.

  6. Zemunac1975 says:

    AJDABIYAH, Libya, April 7 (Reuters) – Libyan rebels said a NATO air strike hit their position near the oil town of Brega on Thursday, wounding several.

    Wounded fighter Younes Jumaa said from his stretcher at a hospital in Ajdabiyah: “It was a NATO air strike on us. We were near our vehicles near Brega.”

    He said at least five rebels were wounded.

    Reuters reporter Michael Georgy saw bloodstained stretchers being brought out of the hospital where other rebels also said they were hit by the air attack.

    (Reporting by Michael Georgy, writing by Barry Moody)

  7. SwissHatesDictators says:

    Dear Libyans. Don´t be too exited by Russians which have lost their influence in the world and still blaming the West and the Arabs. They´ve never enjoyed freedom of press and they are still not free, so they don´t care abobout others freedom. They hate the USA and the EU because they liberated eastern Europe from the Russian Dictatorship. Besides I´ve read an article by Pravda which repeated simply all lies of the Libyan State TV. So don´t be angry with them. They simply have no real Information about whats happening in the world.

  8. John says:

    FRWL speaks with a Gaddafi accent, british syntax and arabic grammar.
    Why does Baby G waste his money on such useless lies? Desperation. He thinks that if he repeats his lies often enough people will believe them. As his old friend G W Bush say, “Not gonna happen”
    It”s good to see these people wasting their time here because it takes time away from their killing innocent citizens time.
    The only defense to lies is truth. Even FRWL knows the truth but speaks the lies. It is mildly annoying but not worth any more attention.

    • FromRussiaWithLove says:

      Thank you for sharing your opinion! In fact my accent is more like Canadian but I’m flattered with that “british syntax” piece:) Well…I’m sorry if you find this resource a waste of time, some Brits who created it will be disappointed to read this! IM not making statements, just share your opinion -why do NATO support armed bandits? Oh i dont miind them and the whole world knows the legitimate Gaddafi’s government would put a stop to it really soon if NATO planes had not joined in. Sooooooooooo the question goes – what is NATO’s interest in bombing Libya? We know “protecting civilians” doesn’t work, people get killed..so..think)

  9. James says:

    Rebels please introspect why you are not succeeding. It is likely that some of the so called rebel leaders do not want them to succeed. Some of the them were on Gaddafi payroll for years and they suddenly joined the revolution and hijacked the revolution. The former Gaddafi supporters are now leading rebel leaders, I am sure at least some of those leaders are still on Gaddafi payroll (spies). They will make sure that the revolution is not successful. In fact some of the defectors from Gaddafi army are now leading the rebel army. I think it is naive on part of revolutionaries to allow these people to lead them. But they will probably not listen to my words of wisdom. They will prefer to learn the hard way.

  10. saturn55 says:

    hey folks, don’t care about FromRussiaWithLove, completely ignore him: he’s a troll, just trolling as provocateur all around the libyan concerned blogs. Let him swallow his own shit.

    • FromRussiaWithLove says:

      Ohhhh i did miss you so, my sweet little democracy-lover) hmm..was I saying any shit indeed? Just repeating my little question – why are so many countries bomb a tiny African country? I mean – what’s their interest?

  11. Adnalya says:

    I’m just asking what is really NATO doing ? Didn’t saw that ship full with fuel that docked in port Zawiya, now didn’t saw that plane that bombed the rebels fighters, their slowness allowed the gdf. tanks to enter and hide in Misurata….. But others towns? Them don’t need help being part of Libya? What’s next ???

  12. RebelYell says:

    NATO isnt 100% accurate, all the technology in the world cant prevent human error and mis-identification. to the rebels: be patient, organise, solidify your lines and attack in an organized manner. i would also recomend the use of the dessert to the south to launch flanking attacks and above all, do not panic in retreat, stay calm, and mount a fighting withdrawl. i know none of the rebels will be likely to read this or put it into practice, but i just thought id throw that out there

  13. musrata says:

    I’m from musrata and we’re not support Gaddafi and NATO not bomb army of Gaddafi in musrata almost 50 days he’s can’t enter to musrata and he ‘ll never u most ready about Libyan people maybe your try them in Chechen of Afghanistan believe me Gaddafi finish after killed more the 10000 Libyan people we’ll not let him alive in peace and I’m sorry be’cuz you not hear about Tripoli people there make his Mercenaries terrified We know that you are cowards. and we know you did not speak when I learned multiplication lesson. although they brothers Coptic. and we know that aid Gaddafi to you. against the heroes of Chechnya no future for you in Libya, even if the survival of Kadhafi. people will not receive you. free cities. Benghazi. Nalut. Tobruk. Ajdabiya . Kufra. Alzentan. Kklh. Misurata. angle. visitors. and Rafla. Albdhanan. Tripoli

  14. Canadaonside says:

    guy do not respond to this Russian moron. he is just taunting you because in Russia no one has anything else to do. I can assure you in western countries people do care about civilians and would like to see them spared. that includes people in the government. Libya is a friend to the west. They are our friend because we have a trade relationship with them. Trade and security are excellent reasons for ties between nations. So get real Russian dipshit. we beat you in the cold war, and the Muslims kicked your hole in afganistan. your country is a failed mafia state that has been ruled by the same faggot for the last decade. so leave the libyans alone and go oppress one of your neighbors instead.

    • FromRussiaWithLove says:

      Blablabla…Are your British friends underpaying you dear? Nothing new, same story for years) Think you are just making copypastes)
      The tradeship with Libya ..lol..is fine now..they are givivng you oil and your are bringing them death and chaos…what a wonderful deal indeed!

  15. reve888 says:

    Until people of countries like Cuba, Russia,etc came out in droves to protest the protecting the people of Libya & to support the “wonderful world of the dictators & the ppl that love them,” I have to admit I didn’t realize just how crazy people could be in non-free countries. I thought their govts could be major propaganda makers, but didn’t realize that the people under them (or some of them) would buy the propaganda hook line & sinker and start propogating it themselves. Or are those just the ones who are paid, or threatened, to propogate it?

    There is just nothing more bizarre to me than to see people coming out to say how much ill will they have for the people who are being murdered, and how much love they have for the one who murders. Would they feel the same way if it were there own children being killed? What is THEIR ulterior motive? My guess is they have the same motive as that of Gadaffi, to sling mud at as many moving targets as possible in order to provide cover for their own crimes and self interests. Perhaps they are just jealous of anyone who might have something that they do not.

    We people of the free world spend so much time criticizing our own government that we have little time left over to criticize other people’s government. That’s because we are allowed to criticize our goverment and we take full advantage of it. Maybe ppl of non-free countries have to criticize everyone else’s country because they are not allowed to criticize their own country, and maybe it just makes them extra angry.

    Usually I spend my time being disappointed in all the failings of my own country, but after seeing all the crazy, hateful and callous crap that gets posted by the people who live in countries with dictators and other sorts of leftist ideology, I’m left feeling very lucky indeed to live in my imperfect but more human rights oriented place on this planet. And, I hope that soon the people of Egypt & Libya will get their chance to live in an imperfect country where they can complain as much as they want about their leaders without having to fear for their lives.

    • FromRussiaWithLove says:

      What a boring standard set of cliches again! People in say Bahrein get shot at by their wonderful government while they are NOT ARMED and the US says they are bad guys…Why don’t u go save Bahrein people? Or Somali, who has been pleading for help for ages? Oh your famous double standards. You guys seems to be really picky on where to establish your “democratic standards”. Who is next? Let me look at the rate of oil-rich countries and I won’t make a mistake in my guess.

      Open your eyes, most people in the world are fed up with this “freedom” mantra, since what NATO and the totally useless and toothless UN understand by “freedom” is freedom from a normal peaceful life. THAT they can give you for sure!

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  17. From Holland says:

    In order to make the world better we should follow the leaders who are listening to the people and who are open for any comments and not scare them away by killing them
    gaddafi was only be able to stay in power because he control the money and by dividing the nation of libya
    russians are affraid that libya become a democratic country
    If a dictator in an neighbour country on the other side of the meditiranian sea are killing there own people (civilians) then it is our responsebilty to help and protect them it wasn’t just one people but more then 50% of the people
    in holland it took 80 year to get ridge of the ruller of spain who killed 50% of the people in holland I hope libya can do it faster
    that only happend because king filip just didn’t want to listen to the people

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