Beautiful photography from Benghazi

Al Jazeera’s Evan Hill shows life in Benghazi

Via Al Jazeera’s live blog.

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5 Responses to Beautiful photography from Benghazi

  1. MishMash says:

    Obama and Jacob Zuma of South Africa are working frantically on getting the murderer to go to South Africa with his family where justice will never catch up with them. Meanwhile, the tyrant is collecting as many dead Libyan bodies as he can. We desperately need some answers about whats going on.

  2. Christine says:

    Amidst of all the war that is still going on, it’s uplifting to see the Libyan’s in Benghazi are trying to get on with their everyday lives…the colours of the flag looks very vibrant!

  3. Fredy Benghanza says:


    It’s beautiful to see those smiling faces in the wake of war.

    It brings HOPE

  4. Fredy Benghanza says:

    I use to admire Donald Trump as I am a New Yorker.

    He has become a whore for money. New York can be indifferent.

    Listen to the song by Simon and Garfunkel The Heart of New York.

    New York only listens to the sound of money. Many behave like slaves.

    They’re cheap and cold.

    Thank you Christine for your You Tube posting . People like Donald bring war. He was not that way but now he is.

    I will not vote for him. His arrogance makes him inferior.

    Alfredo A Calderon

  5. Fredy Benghanza says:

    It is very interesting to note that Donald is also a Bo Shaf Shufa.

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