Report: Foreign Journalists taken on government controlled tour to Misratah April 8th

Gaddafi’s government officials have been taking foreign journalists on various tours in past weeks to reinforce their position that they are in control of the situation in the country.

But a government-controlled trip to Misurata today instead suggested that the situation of Gaddafi’s troops had grown more dire after weeks of laying siege to the enemy’s stronghold, says the Associated Press news agency.

Reporters were taken to the same road junction, more than a mile from the centre of town, where government officials took them about 10 days ago. Back then, it was to show the effects of a NATO airstrike. This time, it
was simply as far as the tour could go before the sounds of gunfire and shelling forced officials to turn around.

At one point, the journalists took cover amid gunfire. A Libyan soldier, Walid Mohammed Walid, received a head wound in the shooting and was taken to a hospital.

And while Gadhafi’s forces at the intersection were seen on open ground on the earlier visit, this time the few soldiers there were hiding out in buildings or on rooftops.

The scene along the road from Tripoli, dotted with burned-out tanks, anti-aircraft guns hidden by vegetation and checkpoints made of tires and sand banks, underscored the devastating struggle over Misrata. It is the most sustained conflict in the Libyan uprising and the focus of a growing international efforts to bring aid by sea to besieged residents caught in the crossfire.

Just 160km southeast of capital Tripoli, Misurata is symbolic and strategic asset for both sides, each of which holds key parts of Libya’s third-largest city.

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3 Responses to Report: Foreign Journalists taken on government controlled tour to Misratah April 8th

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  2. RichardC says:

    The Libyan Revolution staying in control in Misrata is proof that the assertion often being made that the West is all Pro Gaddafi is a huge lie. We know that not just Misrata but Zintan and the towns in the Western mountains are also holding out. Little by little the Gaddafi mercenaries are going to lose their nerve and with Nato strikes degrading them and their heavy weaponry the face of protest will be able to rise again even in Tripoli.

  3. Taher Welfalli says:

    Why on earth foreign Journalists agree to join Ghaddafi’s militias controlled tours to Misurata! Why they don’t insist to go on their own or joint the NATO forces and rescue ships landing on Misurata’s safe harbor to report the truth on the ground, why Al Jazera reporters who are targeted by Ghaddafi troops go to Misurata and Zintan while western reporters who are well protected don’t wish to do so! We don’t want to see more biased reports coming-out from what the Ghaddafi’s speaker says inside a Tripoli hotel. We want to hear from the victims not from the killer’s side!

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