Translated: A Comprehensive report of all the events in the city of Misratah April 8th


In the name of God, most Gracious Most Merciful,

A report on the latest events in the city of Misratah for today, Friday 8th April 2011. Since the morning at around 8.30am, we heard the sounds of loud explosions which some thought were NATO forces striking Gaddafi’s forces, but we didn’t hear the sounds of fighter jets flying over the city of Misratah. After that, we came to know that these were the sound of exploding bombs made by the revolutionaries, also known as “Jelateena”. The revolutionaries detonated these bombs in Tripoli street, and in the Insurance building to be more precise. A mercenary inside the building was captured when he came down and attempted to escape.

The revolutionaries managed to capture him in An Nasr Square after which Gaddafi’s forces attempted to enter Tripoli Street and open a route for reinforcements to reach the snipers which were stationed on the roofs of building.

Gaddafi’s forces attempted to enter with 3 tanks and a huge bulldozer. They tried to remove the shipping crates filled with sand that the revolutionaries placed as a barrier to prevent reinforcement being transported. They also resumed their random bombardment, but the revolutionaries fought back and managed to destroy one tank causing the remaining tanks to withdraw and leave Tripoli Street completely.

Tripoli street is completely closed between Al Guwairi traffic light junction till the Insurance Building. The revolutionaries also managed to push forward some more in Tripoli street and managed to place more shipping crates filled with sand, and specifically near the vegetable market. Thus, they have managed to control another large portion of Tripoli Street, despite the ongoing clashes between them and the snipers in that area which is leading to heavy losses from Gaddafi’s forces.

Regarding the eastern entrance to the city of Misratah composed of the Medical Technology College, the revolutionaries are still cornering the snipers and mercenaries inside the college and preventing reinforcements and supplies from reaching them. Clashes are continuous between both sides till now. Something new that has surfaced is residents speaking about spherical containers present in abundance in the roads and streets near the medical college. These spherical containers are lying on the ground and not buried beneath it. The revolutionaries have said that these are mines which explode automatically on contact. A very large tank was also observed in the Medical college today which fired a few times from inside the building. The random shelling reached the area of Skerat as well.

Regarding the western side of the city of Misratah which is composed of the two areas “Zraig” and “Souwawah”, Gaddafi’s forces retreated this morning and withdrew completely. The revolutionaries swept through these areas until they reached the area known as “Tannarat Zreg”. We do not know if Gaddafi’s forces pushed into the city once again or retreated completely after that. The snipers stationed above the school of “Asma Bint Abi Bakr AsSiddeeq” surrendered today, and that is after they were cornered for a number of days by the residents of the area.

The situation is still the same in the area of “Gzeer”. Gaddafi’s forces are still stationed in “Al Yarmook” school and the revolutionaries are surrounding them and the clashes are continuous up to this moment.

Gaddafi’s forces are still present in the Coastal highway near the Heavy Trucks road with the aim of moving forward and reaching the port. They did not manage to push forward and enter the road as the revolutionaries conducted a heavy attack on Gaddafi’s forces. They managed to destroy 2 tanks and killed a large number of them which resulted in the revolutionaries incurring one martyr and a number of injuries.

The areas of Yaddir and Abbad near Abbad Hospital were bombarded with a number of shells today. We were unable to confirm the location that these shells were fired from. Currently, the sounds of some fighter jets flying over the sky of Misratah can be heard but we have not been able to confirm whether they are from the jets of NATO or not.

Water, electricity and communication networks have been cut off from most areas of the city and the sewage system has been blocked. The city is still suffering from a lack of medicine, medical teams and equipment. Despite these difficult times that the city of Misratah is going through, the morale of the citizens is increasing day after day, especially after the revolutionaries managed to block all the attempts of Gaddafi’s forces to move forward and causing them heavy losses.

And from a victory to another victory. And long live Libya free in the face of tyrants and praise be to God and God is Greater

May Peace, Blessings and Mercy of God be upon you

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40 Responses to Translated: A Comprehensive report of all the events in the city of Misratah April 8th

  1. Chris Floyd says:

    Impressive …, throughout history superior forces have been overcome by the ability to ‘innovate’.

  2. Stan says:

    The revolutionarys’ struggle in Misuratah will go down in military history. The fighter who survives it and writes a book about it will find he has an instant best seller.

  3. Pedro Alfonso says:

    You the people of Misratah have shown the world your desire for Freedom. Do not dismay and fight with your hearts, your souls, and minds, for Victory is yours to be had!
    God will never abandon you and neither all of God’s Warriors who keep you in their prayers!
    The Lord God has fought the battles for you, and will fight for you in your future battles and take you to Victory!
    May his Holy Spirit move with you!

  4. Stan says:

    From Almanara Media: “Sources close to the Commission Dr. Muhammad Rashid, Secretary General of people’s health and the environment.. Kadhafi hit suffered a stroke more than a week ago … Till this moment still bedridden. And is unable to move and speak. The medical group also emphasizes the very critical situation. Ratio improvement potential is very low … The same source said. Each battle is currently managed in Libya and political initiatives led by his son … This was the reason behind the escape of Cossa, after refusing to be under the command of Saif”

    I guess it’s impossible to tell if this is true or not. We can always hope.

    • Alr3aee says:

      Would explain why he refused to see the ex-senator. Gaddafi is not one to refuse something like that.

    • SickNTired says:

      No truth to that at all.

      Gaddafi appeared on State TV today visiting a school and the date April 9th, 2011 was actually written on the board.

      Gaddafi pointed right to it smiling as if to say, Ha Ha, I am alive and well.

  5. nilly willy says:

    (From Canada)
    Many hearts and minds are hoping &
    waiting for your victory !
    all over the world..
    Freedom !!
    Liberty !! from tyranny.

  6. epic says:

    People around the world are behind you, and hoping the women and children and brave people of Misrata can end this nightmare soon. I’m constantly amazed at your ingenuity and courage.

  7. chavez says:

    Misratah fighters are awesome, Benghazi fighters on the other hand are a bit… umm.. hipsters..

  8. says:

    NATO should help more and more the Misratah heroes.
    Did you see the tank destroyed yesterday:

    I do not understand why the NATO plane does not eliminate also those running dogs of Gadafi? WHY?

    • Benedict White says:

      Because it is quite hard to do with out killing the people you are trying to protect.

  9. says:

    In the previous video you can all see first the TANK was firing to the city. They can not say that they were actually pin pointing a rebel 3.567 km away hidden behind a wall at an angle of 35.678 from North. This is a prove that they do not care at all of their own people.

  10. thomas egloff says:

    David versus Goliath …version 2.0…
    Democracyfighters versus Gadaffi …

    you show the world what it is all about as humans: SOLIDARITY,IMAGINATION,BRAVERY….

    you all in misrata and zintan and anywhere in libya are heroes2.0 …
    the web allows us all to become a weaving…
    a flying carpet of freedom

    god IS with you
    best luck

  11. Benedict White says:

    Again I am impressed with the people of Misurata, and it is also good that they are getting more food and other supplies.

    The “large tank” is not a tank, it is a 155mm Howitzer self propelled gun, which is more vulnerable to RPG fire than the tanks he is using. They also tend to operate it with the side doors open which makes them double vulnerable.

  12. Gaddafidumdum says:

    May I suggest that we not use “revolutionaries” to describe the freedom fighters? Revolution is a dirty word in Libya because it identifies the regime and 42 years of living hell. May I suggest they be called the Democrats or the Democracy Seekers. Revolutionary Committees and anything to do with revolutionaries should be in the dark pages of Libyan history

    • watchingthis says:

      As I see it, Gaddafis revolution was fake, the “shabab” one obviously is real. There is nothing wrong with revolutions, apart from the violence that often occurs, as long as they really improve things. Think of the french one 1789. In fact, europes values were partly build on it. The fundamental idea of “power to the people”. Gaddafis revolution obviously was a farce, but the imagery and vocabulary he used still has other, original meanings. Maybe that is what he hates most, that the Libyans give back a meaning to a word that had become a lie under his regime. Like with Tahrir square in Egypt, where the protesters gave back a meaning/truth to the word “tahrir”/freedom, which before also was a lie. But Democrats also sounds good – it just reminds me a bit of the political party in the US.

      • Stan says:

        Yes, the French revolution was a very violent change for the better. But perhaps a better model for many Moslem countries in the area would be the bloodless English revolution, which gave the power to the people, but kept the monarchy as a symbolic head of state. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia would benefit from this.

  13. Benedict White says:

    I prefer the term “rebels” because it puts me in mind of the good side in the Star wars films!

  14. It’s all interrelated while you’re patting yourselves on the back. Why is Sadr asking the US to leave all of a sudden when he was obviously a part of the earlier planning sessions that picked an exit date….He made his move too soon after there was a request to explore the history and hypocrisy of the clerics in Iraq. A good look at his history should gi everything but his US bank account number. Same with the Iranian clerics. They started it with the idea of forming some type of worldwide business/slavery system. They forgot the first rule, “know your enemy.” They see the world through their own avaricious eyes and assume that everyone else can be bought, sold or cowed just like them.

  15. NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen took a similar line to Ham on Friday. “There is no military solution only. We need a political solution,” he told Al Jazeera.

    Pay no attention to this nonsense….Although Gaddafi has a large number of people imprisoned, every day that he doesn’t have control of the country turns more people away from him. He went for bad, and when you do that, the onus is on you to maintain it.
    BTW—–If Gaddaffi has actually had a stroke as was stated above, then that woul mean that Saif wrote the letter to Obama. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Benedict White says:

      Doesn’t say much for those who gave him a doctorate!

      • Gaddafidumdum says:

        Does a shitface like that look like he can attain an elementary school certificate let alone a PhD from LSE? His grin makes milk turn to butter. I am sure he can find employment in Hollywood as an axe murderer

    • Gaddafidumdum says:

      The tyrant is not sick or suffering a heart attack. He knows there are hit squads after him and he is hiding like he hid for 2 weeks after the 1986 bombing. He is a true coward and he survives by getting going when the going gets tough. Then he comes back to kill and kill again. He is a lunatic.

  16. 10:57 Red Cross A ship carrying medical supplies has docked in the port of Misrata. The ship will support Misrata’s main hospital, by delivering enough supplies to treat 300 patients on the spot. Its aid workers are now on the way to Az-Zawiyah, Jean-Michel Monod, head of the Red Cross team now in Tripoli, said in a statement.


  17. Their visit comes after AU chairman Teodoro Obiang Nguema on Tuesday condemned foreign military intervention in Ivory Coast and Libya, saying that Africa must be allowed to manage its own affairs.
    He’s an idiot. What makes him think Zimbabwe has any more right to say so in Libya than does Portugal. Hush man….Gaddafi got to go.
    And while the red cross is there and in Al zawiyah especially, have them compile a list of the missing.(and dead)………

    • Benedict White says:

      What makes anyone think that Zimbabwe has any say in its own affairs any way? Like many such regimes the very few rule over the many who have no say. And I agree that Zimabwe has no more right to say what goes on in Libya than anyone else.

  18. Fabien says:

    Congratulations to the rebels of misrata!
    True heroes and brave fighters!
    All my thoughts are for you!
    Fabien from France

  19. Stan says:

    What worries me is all these countries and organizations that stand to gain if Gaddafi survives, or that owe him, like Turkey, the AU, probably the Arab League, probably Germany, Russia, China, are all pushing for a ceasefire, which means allowing Gaddafi to have half of Libya. And it sounds like the Western politicians are being swayed by this just because they’re suddenly convinced the military option is stalemated. Well, it isn’t stalemated. The revolutionaries haven’t had a chance to use their military yet — their tanks are just coming on line, and they’ve only now got their first modern weapons, the anti-tank guns. And they are just starting to feel the effects of some training. Let them put it all together and try, and only then decide if it’s stalemated. I predict that once they get going, they’ll have Libya cleaned up in no time.

  20. Stan says:

    Yesterday, Da Cruz gave the best military solution I’ve read so far. I think it bears repeating today, considering the situation at Ajdabyia: ” I think that the Freedom Fighters should stay and defend the town of Bengazi or Adjdabyia and let the Nato destroy anything that go on road toward Ajdabyia, this will prevent friendly fire, allow NATO to do more strike because attack of civil town, moreover use the naval corridor to send troops from bengazi to Misrata to avoid directly the region of Syrte loyal to Kahafhi.”

    • Stan says:

      I especially like the idea of shipping local Lybian fighters (their own legal boots on the ground) from Benghazi to Misuratah, along with a supply of those fabled new anti-tank guns!!

  21. JJ says:

    Hitler was a Jew.

    Before the war, German scientists discovered the nerve gases Tabun (1936) and Sarin (1938). To manufacture Tabun, a large industrial complex was built at Dyhernfurth an der Oder, with some 30,000 tons of Tabun eventually being produced. It was weaponized and stored at various locations in Germany and Poland, with a major storage area at Krappitz, some 80 kilometers from Auschwitz. (Of course, the Nazis never used the nerve gas, Tabun, to mass-murder Jews at Auschwitz, simply because the Nazis never mass-murdered any group at Auschwitz.)

    Even though the use of these thousands of tons of weaponized nerve gas would have won the war for Germany, the Jew Hitler refused to give the order to use it, and it remained in its storage areas until captured by the Allies.

    Because Gaddafi is also a Jew, and the NATO command has many Jews in it, you must understand how Jews work.

    To understand how Jews work, you have to understand Hitler and the second world war.

    You need to know that Hitler, Stalin and Churchill were all Jews.

    Most of the worlds leaders today are Jews. Different times, but the same game.

    Most Arab leaders are covert Jews. For example, Mahmoud Abbas and Hosni Mubarak are Jews.

    • Stan says:

      If Hitler was a Jew and hated himself secretly and so took it out on six million other Jews, then no doubt JJ is also a secret Jew who hates himself and so would love to kill all other Jews. JJ I have a solution for you. It’s an easy one. Just kill one person — yourself.

  22. GSP says:

    To all the people of Misuratah and entire Libya.. Our prayers and thoughts are always with you. To my friend Abdlmonem Al Bayoudi in Misuratah, I know you are there currently fighting for freedom. May Allah give you and your family protection and guide you. We shall see you again my dear friend. Keep fighting and never surrender.

  23. To Robert says:

    “President Obama is Jewish because Michelle Obama has a Jewish cousin.”

    Robert. Yes, it is true that Michelle Obama’s cousin is the Rabbi Capers Funnye.

    But, Barack Obama is shown to be a Jew by his words and his actions.

    Besides, almost all American Presidents have been Jews.

    Here is a photo of Barack Obama presiding over a passover seder (a Jewish religious ceremony) at the White House (in his personal quarters).

    “Next thing John will be telling you that King Abdullah of Jordan is Jewish.”

    Yes, that is true (and his father before him).

    “Hitler and the Nazis systematically murdered over 6,000,000 Jews in the Holocaust of World War II.”

    Robert. I went to Auschwitz in 1987 and read on the memorial stones (in many different languages) that the Nazis had killed 4,000,000 there.

    Today, these Auschwitz memorial stones say that the Nazis killed 1,500,000.

    Tell me,… is it 4,000,000 or is it 1,500,000?

    Why did you Jews change the number killed from 4,000,000 to 1,500,000?

  24. Greg says:

    What the rebels need in Misrata is snipers, they would be highly effective against Gaddafi’s incursions into the city. A couple of well hidden snipers in an area could stop an assault by Gaddafi’s men in it’s tracks.

  25. Stan says:

    Yeah they could use a couple crates of 50mm long-range sniper rifles, and shoulder-held anti-tank missiles, the French ones.

  26. David USA says:

    I like this video of Misratah
    I do not understand the words written or spoken, but none the less my prayers go out for Misrata.

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