Translated: Comprehensive audio update on today’s events in Misratah


May Peace Blessings and Mercy of God be upon you,

The latest updates for this day, Friday 1st April from the city of Misratah. The random bombardment continued as usual today from Gaddafi’s forces on the city of Misratah. The clashes concentrated around the Heavy Goods road, and it was there that the strongest battles happened. Gaddafi’s battalions attempted to enter via the heavy goods road and they attempted in various ways to reach the fuel tanks situated on the same road. They also attempted to reach to the port in with the aim of controlling it.

The bombardment started from the beginning of the heavy goods road with tanks and heavy artillery. The majority of shells were “Haun/Hawn” shells. The bombardment was very random which resulted in the striking of AsSafaa School which currently houses around families from the Qasr Ahmed area. Thankfully, no injuries occurred due to this. The houses in the area were also hit as well as the Aswaak area.

The battalions, after their random bombardment, managed to reach the crossroads near the Abu Shousha family checkpoint where there revolutionaries were stationed. There, the revolutionaries attacked them and managed to destroy one of their trucks. Then the battalions retreated to AlSadawi petrol/gas station on the same heavy good roads.

The coalition fighter jets performed air strikes on that area which resulted in the destruction of 2 tanks. After this happened, the mercenaries fled leaving 2 armoured personnel carriers as a spoil for the revolutionaries.

As for the eastern entrance to the city of Misratah near the Medical Technology College, all the mercenaries near the college have been eliminated. Currently, any remaining mercenaries are cornered inside the college after they were locked in and their supply lines were cut. In this region. One tank and 2 armoured personnel carriers were spotted in this area.

As for Zraig area, Gaddafi’s forces are still present in the Chinese company, Al-Amaan holiday beach and the Air Defense Base. We do not know if any clashes happened in these locations today.

In the area of Gzeer, the revolutionaries are still surrounding the snipers and Gaddafi troops there. The snipers are still on top of the high buildings in Tripoli street and on top of the Insurance building specifically.

The city still suffers from a cut in the electricity supply in most areas. The issue of water supply has been resolved in most areas, and today, basic household and food supplies (coming from abroad) were available in noticeably higher levels in stores and shops.

The city still suffers from a lack of medicine and medical equipment.

Coalition fighter jets flew over the city for the entire day, beginning from last night till this point. They also performed air strikes on Gaddafi’s forces which raised the morale of residents and revolutionaries immensely.

These are the latest updates from Misratah today.

Thank you and may Peace be upon you

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  2. Perucho says:

    May the Lord God protect all the Freedom Fighters and the People of Misratah! Libya Lives

  3. RichardC says:

    Too little of this news reaching mainstream news but heartening that jets are now offering real support and that Misrata is receiving supplies despite the limitations. Heard that boats are coming in from Malta now and that 6 of Gaddafi boats have been destroyed. So the port now seems key to hold.

  4. BelethS says:

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