Translated: Comprehensive update from the city of Az Zawiya

Almanara Media has posted a comprehensive update from Az Zawiya. We have translated it for you and hope that it will illustrate what the city has been going through over the past period since its recapture by Gaddafi’s forces


May Peace, Blessings and Mercy Be upon you

In a call I had with some of the freedom fighters in the city of Az Zawiya, they told me what they have from information regarding the latest events in the city. The city has been overrun with troops from Gaddafi’s battalions, most of them are foreign mercenaries and some Libyans also. In every street there are tens of them, some above buildings and roofs of houses which have become empty from their residents.

The northern area of the city is near empty of residents. The majority of them fled southwards after their houses were shelled by Gaddafi’s tanks and rocket launchers. Houses are deserted and have been broken into, looted and robbed by Gaddafi’s mercenaries. Many of the stores and shops have been burned and looted also.

Anyone who goes outside from the youth is either killed or kidnapped to an unknown location. The number of people kidnapped has exceeded 3000 and the martyrs 500 so far. Killings, rapes and transgression, I swear the situation does not require any exaggeration.

The city of Az Zawiya has been destroyed and its residents live in a state of fear, horror, murder and kidnappings. Basic food supplies are near non-existant, children’s milk is not available at all. The youth and elderly are being kidnapped and even women have not been spared from this. The number of kidnapped and missing women has reached 88 so far. I swear by God that the martyrs are being buried in people’s back gardens/yards.

There are many many reports which illustrate Az Zawiya’s painful and terrible situation. No food supplies are permitted to enter the city and checkpoints are extremely thorough. Gaddafi wants to cleanse Az Zawiya from its free and liberated citizens, and despite all this, the revolution is still ongoing in the city. There are nightly attack by the freedom fighters even though their ammunition is limited and mercenaries are present on mass. The freedom fighters have not stopped struggling and defending their city, even if it means their operations are small.

We are awaiting for the Transitional National council to put pressure on NATO so that it can perform air strikes on Gaddafi’s forces in Az Zawiya so that the revolutionaries can control it once more. The revolutionaries are in a ready state and only ask for Gaddafi’s forces to be bombed.

The council needs to make it clear to the media and press what the city of Az Zawiya is going through. What has been mentioned is only some of what is happening in the city, and may Libya live free forever. Freedom is coming soon by the will of God.

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  1. Abdullah Munawar says:

    May Allah forgive those how lost their lives in this terrible war and make the land a place of peace and prosperity. Our heartfelt prayers are with you all the time and we are making every effort to do everything that we can. May Allah protect you and provide for you from the richness of HIS sources.

  2. Mike says:

    In my heart the people of Az Zaywiya have a special place since the begin of their fight. It’s unbelievable to hear that there is still resistance not only in mind but also in action. As I said yet to other before: the people of Az Zwaiyah are the bravest I ever heard of. May your dream come true.

  3. J. Shriner says:

    Dire situation in Az Zaywiya and coalition intervention needed now. 1700 Gaddafi mercenaries coming into Libya from the south. God help you all.

  4. Chris Floyd says:

    Sorry to be the sobering voice, but with so many Libyan’s in western countries, watching western media the level of naivety about what NATO is capable of doing is fanciful.
    In the east NATO is highly sensitive to miss hits of any kind, the Freedom Fighter column that took an air strike by mistake, the mercenary column that was hit, but who’s exploding munitions killed nearby civilians & there are still NATO members like Turkey & Germany that oppose air strikes all together. CIA agents have been on the front spotting targets for air strike, but not within cities & are not going to be sent into the Gaddafi held western regions.
    Western nations including America don’t want to supply weapons to a group who’s dominant factions are unknown for fear those weapons could be used against them at a later time & place. For the same reason they don’t want to send Military Trainers in if ensuring their safety means sending an army & they definitely will not send foreign armies. Foreign politicians & analysts continually discuss various scenarios for there being an expedient end to the crisis even if that results in a slightly less authoritarian Libya instead of a free & democratic one.
    I’m not saying it is useless to hope, pray, petition & agitate for greater military assistance, but every body needs to accept that the politics is every bit as brutal as the fighting & solutions may be as hard to find as food in a place called Az Zawiya.

    • Nube says:

      You are wrong, France, UK, and the USA will never accept a “less authoritarian Libya instead of a free & democratic one” only “for there being an expedient end to the crisis”. They have made their decisions long time ago, there will be never ever a Libya with Gaddafi again.

      You are wrong in saying that “they don’t want to send Military Trainers”. They are already there a have trained the opposition soldiers since weeks, together with Trainers from the Egyptian army. Read the news pleas before shouting out such groundless assumptions.

      You are wrong in saying that “Western nations including America don’t want to supply weapons to a group who’s dominant factions are unknown”. France will deliver them weapons, maybe they have already done so, some journalists reported that since yesterday they saw the soldiers with much more professionel stuff that before. Further, the Western countries are getting more and more aware of who are the rebels: students, doctors, lawyers, workers, just the Libyan people. That’s why it’s only a matter of days that they will deliver them (officialy) with weapons.

      • Chris Floyd says:

        What’s the weather like on Pluto?

        • ben major says:

          I think I get where you are coming from, ChrisFloyd. You pride yourself, Floyd, in saying the truth. You take pride in speaking truth, even if it hurts others to hear it. You deliver the truth coldly and straight, not hampered by niceties or respect, humanity and soul. I commend you for your commitment to cold hard truth…The only problems I see with that is 1) Truth is relative, even in war. 2) As surprising as it may seem to you, some of the assumptions and facts you dump at our feet are not correct. You are using some reasonable generalizations and trends as if they were written in stone. They aren’t. Thank god, for that. 3) You have no inside information about what’s going on, and seemingly insu humility to recognize that fact. 4) The fighters of the revolution are doing better than anyone could have hoped. They are brave beyond measure and sincere in their pursuit of freedom. It is more appropriate to be encouraging and pray for them, then to lecture us.

          This is a special place to share information and to respectfully discuss it. This website, by the nature of its content and the historic quest unfolding before us, is made holy by the sacrifices, martyrdom and blood of a brave and decent people ion a historic quest for freedom. They never bet everything on foreign aid, and they know their odds. Yet they pray, plead, fight and bleed, if only to help prevent yet another child having her head blown-open or a woman being raped, beaten and thrown into a small hole in the ground with a grate on top.

    • Libya says:

      We don’t follow western media, where the news is a week old if it’s even reported at all.
      There are a good number of credible Libyan media outlets as well as regular people talking to family inside the country; thats where we get the news.

  5. Jim Dunckley says:

    I think you’re talking from Uranus Mr. Floyd. And CIA agents? Really?

    My prayers and thoughts are with the Feb 17 revolutionaries. Gaddaffi is a scumbag – a very clever scumbag – but still a scumbag.

  6. bob says:

    I think UN should declared that Gaddafi is war criminal, and then all actions to take him to Int. Court will be legitimized.. It will become “hunt for Kaddafi” and hopefully the civil war could finished earlier than later..

  7. In 1971, Gaddafi offered to merge Libya with Sudan, but Sudanese President Gaafar Nimeiry turned down that offer.[40] Nimeiry said of Gaddafi: “He has a split personality—both parts evil.”[41]

  8. The project is owned by the Great Man-Made River Project Authority and funded by the Libyan government. Brown & Root and Price Brothers were responsible for the original design,

    Well I’ll be, Halliburton is in country…..Thhese generals and moneymakers better get rid of Gaddafi quickly, efore I really teach those young men where and how to dig in……..

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