Translated: Comprehensive Update from the city of Misratah today


Hisham: We have the brother Marwouan Al Misratri, a revolutionary from 17th February Revolution from Misratah, official cameraman for Freedom Group and Wefaq Libya, he would like to speak to you about the morale amongst the revolutionaries in Misratah and what weaponry they gained from Gaddafi’s forces over the past few days. Go ahead brother Marouwan

Marouwan: Thank you brother Hisham, and in the beginning, may peace, blessings and mercy of God be upon you. With you is Marouwan Al Misrati, from the city of Misratah. One of the free revolutionaries. We shall speak about the clashes and battles that occurred between the revolutionaries and Gaddafi’s forces today. Today the revolutionaries captured 2 cars, Toyota Land Cruisers which contained some weapons and ammunition type 14.5mm anti-aircraft, some hand grenades and light weaponry.

Let’s speak about what happened in the city of Misratah in details. This morning coalition fighter jets performed air strikes on an area in the south called Abdul Raouf in which some heavy artillery and tanks that were coming to support Gaddafi’s forces from the south were destroyed.

As for the area of Souawa, which is close to the coastal highway and situated in the west of Misratah, in this area a tank was destroyed and 6 Gaddafi troops were killed.

As for news from the centre of the city, specifically Tripoli Street and the Insurance building, we call tell you the following: This morning, the mercenaries left the building after the heavy clashes that happened between them and the revolutionaries in the Mugawbah area where they were defeated. The snipers were unable to remain in the building and they fled. The primary reason for their fleeing was the presence of a large number of Gaddafi troop bodies in a room at the ground floor of the building that were expelling a seriously strong and bad odour. The snipers were unable to remain in the building anymore and had to relocate. While they were moving to another building, clashes broke out and 2 of the snipers were killed and the remaining 7 ran to the Courthouse buildings where they positioned themselves.

At the same time, we received news that the revolutionaries were surrounding the Courthouse buildings from 3 directions and that heavy clashes were happening between them and the snipers. At the same time, bombardment (random) is still ongoing in the city which has led to serious damage and losses in buildings. A number of houses and shops completely crumbled from damage.

As for news regarding Misratah Port, at precisely 3.30pm a Qatari ship loaded with humanitarian aid arrived at the city. A Turkish ship also arrived to transport the wounded, and it successfully took 400 people out of Misratah today.

To conclude, I want to pass a message to the youth of Misratah and the youth of Libya living outside Libya. I want to say: We the revolutionaries of 17th February will resist till the last drop of blood!

**Chant: God is greater! God is greater!**

And Gaddafi’s forces who have tried to enter and occupy the city for over 30 days and have not managed to enter it with tanks, rocket launchers and random bombardment, I want to tell you that we are still resisting in our places and in control of the situation. And Gaddafi’s forces have not managed to enter with tanks, rocket launchers and random bombardment. We will not be scared by a bunch of rats from ground troops and snipers who are climbing atop buildings and residential areas, taking people as human shields and making it lawful to kill innocent people in their places of residence.

I want to reassure all the free Libyan youth living abroad that we will be victorious God-willing, and this battle is only a matter of time till it is finished very soon God-willing.

And may peace, blessings and mercy of God be upon all of you

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7 Responses to Translated: Comprehensive Update from the city of Misratah today

  1. Fernando1958 says:

    awesome post.

  2. Corbly says:

    Blessed news. News at last!

  3. Perucho says:

    Freedom Fighters in Misratah, God is with you!
    I pray for you during the day, and during the night that God protects all of you, and that soon you will receive all the weapons and ammunitions you need to take you to Victory! (Ojala) Insha Allah

  4. Peter from Canada says:

    I have been following events in Misratah for more than two weeks. I hope this is the turning point for the revolutionaries and that they can kill the remaining Gaddafi snipers in Misratah. My best wishes for your safety and success.

  5. C. Isom says:

    We are with you, and by the grace of God you will prevail.

  6. Otto from Denmark says:

    I beg all the human created gods to help you. I pray to the humaneness. First of all I see your great bravery, you universal sympathy and burning freedom desire and you shall win! Strange to sit here several kilometers away with tears in ones eyes. But certainly, you will be victorious! Good luck and many loving thoughts from Denmark!

  7. CanadianLibyan says:

    Mashallah, awesome news alhamdulillah. May Allah keep the freedom fighters strong and give them victory very soon. What brave people, mashallah.

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