Update from Yefren and Al-Qalaa: Humanitarian Crisis

The following information was given in a telephone call on Al Jazeera, the caller was from the city of Al-Qalaa. Thanks again to ChangeInLibya for the translation.

“Very fierce battles taking place in the outskirts now, and the revolutionaries have Gaddafi forces surrounded. Battles started at 2pm today and revolutionaries are using machine guns while Gaddafi forces use heavy artillery, tanks and LMGs.

“Gaddafi forces retreated from Alkalaa (castle) after being in it for over 2 weeks and the revolutionaries are attacking them.”

“The humanitarian situation is very bad, the people are under siege in Yefren.. we have no food, electricity.. basic needs. Revolutionaries are simply bleeding out in Yefren.. there’s no way to treat them.. and bombardment doesn’t stop.”

“Today they bombarded Yefren and the surrounding areas for over 4 hours, and killed all our livestock. People are losing hope…WE RECEIVED NO AID AT ALL.. we don’t get anything from the outside world. The fact revolutionaries now have control of the Dhayba border is extremely good news but Yefren is still in dire need of help. We are under siege.. we need your help.. Dhayba is our only artery (supply route) and we hope to start receiving aid soon”

“No one in Yefren and Qalaa can get in or get out.. everyone that moves gets bombarded by Gaddafi’s tanks. We have been reduced to taking shelter in CAVES and eating the most basic things.. there is a lack of water too..”

“The youth will fight to the last person. They are organizing themselves and we are going to be victorious god willing. We have our own free army now and many ex-gaddafi soldiers joined us.. and art training our free army, to break this siege.”

It’s amazing how no matter how bad the situation is, the Yefren caller’s last words were “We will fight to the last man, for our freedom”

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6 Responses to Update from Yefren and Al-Qalaa: Humanitarian Crisis

  1. J. Shriner says:

    Gaga’s ‘tribes’/henchmen continue the slaughter. Come NATO, please.

  2. Vienna Supporter says:

    The revolutionaries Gouvernement can help the People in the western Mountains. Now, the border to tunesia is open and they can buy food there and let it bring it to the Poeple.
    What they waiting for ? Waiting that any Aid-Organisations anytime do little things ?
    Zintan-Yefren is a strategic importantly point.

    Some Guys look only to Misrata and the East.
    This is a so importantly, but dont forget the western Mountains.

  3. WEB says:

    Where are these two cities? I looked them up on Google images but could not find them?

  4. J. Shriner says:

    God help the people in the western mountains. Inshallah. Ameen.

  5. UKResident says:

    Now the Italian Air Force has changed its position I’d hope we’ll now have more aircraft available to help better protect civilians in western areas of Libya as well.
    If the Italian Air Force is able to adjust its position, in light of circumstances on the ground, I’d hope this may persuade other NATO members to make a more ‘solid’ contribution!

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