Video: aftermath of NATO fighter jet raid on revolutionaries

At least 12 people are reported to have been killed when a coalition plane enforcing the no-fly zone fired on a rebel convoy between Brega and Ajdabiya late on Friday night. Doctors at a hospital in Ajdabiya told the BBC that three medical students were among the dead.

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38 Responses to Video: aftermath of NATO fighter jet raid on revolutionaries

  1. Christine says:

    Oh sh** this is not good, there really must be a way that they can identify who is who to avoid mistaken identity 🙁 This is very unfornate indeed but yet not so suprising due to the lack of training – I hope they may be able to find a way to rectify this problem soon to avoid this situation happening once again.

    • trow cottrell says:

      The uniform of the Freedom Fighters must change. In the really old days, Marines had a coil of rope on top of their covers (hats), I have a friend who manufactures material camoflauge (sp?) for US uniforms. I’ll ask him what he thinks or if he could supply.

      • trow cottrell says:

        The uniform of the Freedom Fighters must change. In the really old days, Marines had a coil of rope on top of their covers (hats), I have a friend who manufactures material camoflauge (sp?) for US uniforms. I’ll ask him what he thinks or if he could supply

        I knew there was going to be a problem with misidentification when this started.. Aside, I think they need a lot of comm gear too,…AND GUYS, PLEASE STOP WASTING AMMO FIRING IN CELEBRATION WHEN SOMETHING GOOD HAPPENS. TOO MUCH WASTE………AND COULD GET YOU MISTAKEN FOR THE ENEMY!

        • Christine says:

          Yes I agree about those celebratory ammo firing, best to keep things discreet as much as possible for now and I just wonder where those bullets land after they have fired up in the air?
          Anyway I hope that they can use your advice on this.

  2. Benedict White says:

    This is unfortunate, however, hopefully the rebels will learn not to fire in the air, and also apparently it was an A10 Thunderbolt that did that, if they are about they can deal with Qaddi’s people fairly effectively.

    • CanadaPhil says:

      we must have been typing at the same time. 🙂

    • Christine says:

      Just wondering if the ‘rebels’ made a hasty decision thinking that the jet may have been Gadaffi’s when they fired? Then realised they’re mistake but by that time it was too late? 🙁 Goodness me, this is proving to be a really fragile operation. Absolutely tragic.

  3. CanadaPhil says:

    Road pockmarked with small holes and vehicles riddled with holes….

    These are not bomb strikes, and I highly doubt a NATO fighter would have risked a low level old style strafing run.

    Obviously appears to be 30mm fire from A10 or 25mm from AC130 Gunship. But more likely an A10. This was probably one of last US missions before “standing down” on Saturday, and fully handing ground strike missions to NATO.

    The moral of the story…. Amateurs can be too stupid for their own good.

  4. Marwouan-Tounsi says:

    It s not a big surprise when we know American terrorist forces kill at least 200 civilians in afghanistan Pakistan every month..

    • CanadaPhil says:

      Go to freaking hell you two faced hypocrite.

      Have you noticed why “supporting” comments from Westerners have practically died right off on this website in the past few days??

      Its because many of them have now really seen what BOTH sides have been doing and we no longer want any part of this.

      You think Obama is stupid?? That is why the US has been quietly standing down. The thought that our people and taxpayers have been supporting supposed “freedom” fighters who brutally slowly decapitate so-called “mercenaries” without trial in the streets of Benghazi while cheering people film it, and summarily execute captured Gaddafi soldiers while their hands are bound are ALSO making the rounds everywhere.

      Again, going back to being “too stupid for their own good”, with every idiot with a cellphone filming all types of atrocities, do you honestly think that when all is said and done, the “rebels” are going to hold the moral high ground?????

      No wonder your so called council is now trying to negotiate with the dictator when they claimed they never would. You wont see “freedom”. You will see one regime led by ONE crazy old lunatic out of touch with young people, replaced by a new regime headed by MANY old men out of touch with young people.

      • admin says:


        I’ve been following your comments over the past few days as well. And I’ve noticed how your initial support has dwindled to confusion, then frustration then outright anger.

        It’s a shame to see you exaggerate the unfortunate acts filmed in a handful of videos and smear with them this entire revolution.

        I was extremely surprised when you said there were “HUNDREDS” of these videos floating around liveleak and the internet. That is simply untrue, and if there are “many”, then I myself have seen videos that have been pitifully stitched together in the hope of giving this revolution a bad face.

        The video of the mercenary hanging upside down in Benghazi is wrong and unfortunate, the video of the killed mercenaries on top of the car bonnet/hood is also wrong and unfortunate. Beyond these two videos and a couple more, you start struggling to find “hundreds” more as you put it.

        The fact is that you cannot expect every single Libyan to act in “the best way” when they have had family members killed, sisters raped and brothers kidnapped. Bad things happen and people react to shock and evil things in their live differently as well.

        It’s all too easy for us to look on from our comfortable homes and chairs and start pointing the finger and saying “bad this, bad that”. You speak about the disorganisation of the Libyan people as though they’ve been living in an organised system within a structured country like you have. The fact is, that is not the case. Libyans have been living in chaos for the past 42 years, there is no routine, there is no order, there is none of that as you might “expect”.

        So please, before you go on any of your rants any further, try to take a step back and realise the “reality” of these people. Many of your comments are based on assumptions that you have of Libyans which are simply not true.

        • CanadaPhil says:

          Yes… I like all Canadians have always strived to sacrifice in the name of freedom. And we have always strived to aid those less fortunate who have suffered during natural disasters.

          But we are not stupid.

          BTW, the LiveLeak site is ONLY one example. I used that one as it would be the most readily available so that anyone who didn’t know any better could instantly access a site to see WHAT ELSE is going on.

          The comments here are also indicative of another problem with PERCEPTION. I dont see anyone ever codemning the Anti-JEW and America is the biggest TERRORIST type garbage such as the comment just above mine earlier.

          This only serves to highlight all the other agendas at work in these kinds of situations.
          And when you allow that kind of vitriol to be spread on your site, together with everything else, you serve to do nothing but undermine your entire position.

          I support the aspirations of freedom seeking people everywhere, but now, the thought of my people being used as pawns, not for democracy but regime change… and one which turns a blind eye to atrocities troubles me greatly.

          And here is what you really should be asking yourselves… The people of the East have many, MANY, pieces of weaponry. I am not talking about machine guns on pickup trucks….
          Where are your tanks, your APC’s, your mortars??? I have seen dozens of T55’s, BMP’s, BTR’s in footage from Benghazi. Why is this weaponry NOT at the “front”??? Where have all your “colonels” and “generals” been in the last month?? Where the hell are their “men”.

          Following the French attack outside Benghazi, from many network feeds (this is very having many international sat feed helps) I could see that there were AT LEAST 2 fully operational 155mm Self propelled howitzers on their flat bed transport trucks, along with 2 untouched T62 tanks. Ther crews I assumed up and fled when they saw their other 70 vehicles go up in flames. On Aljazeera an RT feeds, I also saw a few fully intact BTR APCs that the opposition captured intact following the French raid. All of this equipment was driven back to Benghazi as “spoils” of war in what appeared to be “victory parades”… More operational abandoned tanks and APC’s were also taken when NATO raids once again allowed you back into Ajdabiya last week.

          Well… where the hell has this stuff gone… Why is it not at your “front”???…Are the so-called “generals” trying to amass their own private little army for the next “regime”.

          All the while, the only “soldiers” at the front are nothing more than guys in pickup trucks?? and your opposition is screaming to the media that they now need WEAPONS, when just a few weeks earlier they assured us that they could fight for themselves and only needed some air cover from us?? What is going on here? YOU, really need to be asking yourselves this question.

          Where has that “tin horn” general been all this time?

          • Benedict White says:

            The tanks you saw abandoned on the way to Benghazi were T72’s as far as I could make out, not 62’s and you are right there were 155MM self propelled howitzers there as well, which would be very handy.

            It is also true in my view that the revolutionaries have the weapons, they just need to use it correctly as well as get some discipline etc. Oh, and take some advice!

            On the atrocities front, yes there have been some, yes they were wrong and there are no valid excuses. However I think that a grip has now been got of the situation and don’t think it is happening now.

          • Harald says:

            Dear CanadaPhil,
            you touched some important points.
            You are right to critizise the murdering and torturing of captured mercenaries.
            This is a thing that should not happen.
            But i hope and are quite sure that as the provisional gouverment gains more control this incidents will not be allowed in the future.
            Leaving justice to legitimate courts, not lynching mobs.
            And punishing those who mutilate and murder, and pretending to do it in the name of the revolution.
            But there is no thing as clean revolution or civil war.
            There are many people who have suffered greatly losses of their loved ones because of the Ghaddaffi troops and assassins.
            Some are so traumatized that they lost their minds.
            And there will always be some criminal individuals who don’t match up with the high ideals fought for by the true revolutionaries.
            But if i were a citizen of Lybia i would greatly prefer living under the rule of a new gouverment, then living under the tyrants Ghaddaffis yoke.

            Regarding to your question why so little heavy equipment is used by the Rebels, even as some tanks and artillery pieces are available to the rebels.

            It takes some time to train competent tank and artillery crews.
            Without proper training of the crew the tank or artillery piece is in the best case quite useless.
            In the worst case it squanders the limited ammunition and hits the own troops.
            Or is destroyed by the opposition who knows to shoot and hit with a tank gun or artillery piece.
            So the rebel command has done the right thing to keep this valuable, but limited tanks and artillery pieces behind the front until crews with proper training can man them.

            Regarding to the “tin horn general” he has been busy to rebuild a loose formation of undisciplined civil volunteers with ragtag equipment into a force with at least some combat worth.
            And commanding the desperate defense of Ajdabiya, then reorganizing the defeated rebel force to put up fierce resistance against the Ghaddaffi armoured collums in the streets of Benghazi.
            Then he had to talk with the international press like The Spiegel to bolster foreign support for the revolution.
            And in the darkest hour he had to hold together the panicking civilian supporters of the revolution, putting up effective resistance to the advancing enemy troops.
            He has quite a workload to cover, and i am quite impressed by his achievements so far.

            “All the while, the only “soldiers” at the front are nothing more than guys in pickup trucks?? and your opposition is screaming to the media that they now need WEAPONS, when just a few weeks earlier they assured us that they could fight for themselves and only needed some air cover from us??”

            Yes the revolutionary forces underestimated the strenght of Ghaddaffis army, militias and security forces.
            But their initial thought was right, that it would be better if the lybian people could free themselves from Ghaddaffi without outside help, to avoid outside influence on the lybian revolution.
            Only later the real strenght of Ghaddaffis power emerged.
            And then it is the better thing to accept broader outside help than to face the wrath of a victorious Ghaddaffi.
            So i think the transistorial gouverment and the rebel military command have acted quite rational until now.

          • Barbara says:

            Phil, I don’t know how much you have studied the US civil war, but both sides did incredibly brutal things to one another. I wouldn’t be too shocked if some of the Libyan resistance were treating the captured Gaddafi troops less than decently. War is a pretty nasty business.

            That doesn’t negate the fact that all things being equal, the cause of the Libyan freedom fighters is superior to that of Gaddafi.

        • John says:

          No excuse for this, it’s pure savagery. There is very small chance there were any “sisters raped” here except in your imagination.

          And the beheading one is obviously the work of some of your homegrown islamists, is it not. Too bad the cheering crowd happened to be so large.

          • admin says:

            I completely agree that it was wrong and should not have been done. But I go back and affirm that it is all to easy for us who are merely onlookers and not in their predicament to say “no excuse” when we are not there and when it’s not our families who are being killed.

    • *** you Marwoun, just mind your own business.

    • Barbara says:

      i’m an American, but I think that my government should pull out of Afghanistan & stop bombing Pakistan.

      I’m for US limited involvement in Libya, however, because the Libyan resistance asked for our help. No one in Pakistan asked us to be involved.

      • SickNTired says:

        “They are for our help”???

        as opposed to Afghanistan where merciless thugs who had taken over a failed state were preaching world domination via Islamic extremism and deliberately attacked you… killing over 3,000 people, & causing hundreds of billions of dollars in damages in Manhattan with another goal of attempting to collapse your financial system???

        Wow!…. Please tell me you dont actually vote.

  5. stacey bashford says:


    could you possibly post links to Revolutionaries killing prisoners ? Sorry not found any myself .

    If this is Happing I hope They are treated the same as gaddafi’s men and go on war crime trials. Though if they killed some of Gaddafi’s Hired troops i don’t think they deserve the same treatment as they are just scum .

    • CanadaPhil says:

      Stacey, if you think you can stomach it, cycle back thought the OLDER PAGES posts for just 2 of the more very disturbing examples…

      Topics is (not exact title) Brave guy with the Torn Jaw.

    • John says:

      beheading corps
      bodies on top of car
      desecrating corps

      it’s on youtube

      • CanadaPhil says:

        Its everywhere. Especially sites not fequented by Westerners.

      • admin says:

        Can I say that I by means condone what they did. I completely condemn what these events. But I stress that these individual and few cases by no means falsify this revolutionary movement

        Both John and CanadaPhil are affirming my first response to this thread and that is that the number of videos showing revolutionaries parading/mutilating the bodies of mercenaries are handful and are by no means representative of how the revolutionaries have dealt with the captured mercenaries.

        CanadaPhil, I’m still waiting for the “hundreds” of video clips that you’ve been watching

        • CanadaPhil says:

          Wow.. Is this conversation of denial still going on?

          You want another two? OK

          Here is a very slow and brutal hanging to the cheers on a jeering crowd.

          And, how about 10 or so soldiers bound with hands behind back and shot in the back of the head after “interrogation”.

          Do you really want me to come back every other day and give a couple new examples every time?

          I think your time would be better spent making contact with your council seeking democracy and have them put on a statement on such attrocities and what their feelings on such matters are.

          • admin says:


            I completely raise my hand and say you’re right about the first video. I condemn the disrespect shown and wish it never happened.

            But I cannot believe that you bought the second video. Two completely separate videos that have been stitched together. Then a pitiful attempt to match the dead bloodied bodies lying face flat with a picture of those interrogated. Did they give them a change of clothes before shooting them? The first guy with the moustache was wearing a green top during the interrogation but when dead his top was blue….

            If such a shoddy video that has clearly and so obviously been poorly stitched in an attempt to smear the revolution has fooled you, then it makes me wonder about a statement you made earlier. I do not think that Canadians are stupid, but there are exceptions and you are clearly one of them.

          • John says:


            Yeah, the admin is right, this one is a fabrication. The dead bodies at the end come from another video. And the big black guy… I think this interrogation footage was shown on libyan tv at some point. Libyan tv does this a lot.

        • CanadaPhil says:

          OK, I tried to respond with more examples to that but received “YOUR COMMENT IS AWAITING MODERATION”

          Looks like you wont be be seeing me much anymore folks.

          • CanadaPhil says:


          • Lente says:

            Sometimes when you post a comment that has many links in it for example, it automatically requires moderation (this is a kind of protection). This is not malice from our part, we usually try to spot the comments as quickly as we can and approve them.

  6. 4tops says:

    If you know something about wars in Africa then you know hat these mercenaries are capable of, they came to attack civilians, it was not the civilians who went out to fight in Chad or other countries. But i think the rebels recovered nicely and it seems that most of the time they treat prisoners correctly. America attacked 2 countries after 1 terrorist attack (and tortured many prisoners) so i think Libyans are emotionally quite stable in comparison as far as revenge is concerned.

    Accidents will happen, friendly fire has occured before also among western nations and considering there are few troops on the ground to communicate the risk is higher. The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are diffirent, Gadaffi has clearly not much support from the population and therefore he is bound to loose sooner or later. If it wherent for bringing in support from outside it would have been probably finished already despite his brutal tactics.

  7. These rebels were way ahead of the resistance and possibly very close to Gaddafi’s battalions where the can easily be confused by the allies as enemy combatants. This tells the Temporary counsel to remove all rebel forces from the theater and open enrollment to qualified rebels to enlist into the resistance army.

    • Benedict White says:

      Yes it certainly does. It also shows that they need good command and control. That said they seem to be getting better.

  8. Maya M says:

    I am supporting the Libyan rebels, though I know they are not perfect and most of them have values different from mine. I think CanadaPhil is not right to demand from them to be perfect.
    By the way, although some social changes are called “revolutions”, societies can advance by evolution only. Which means that after a revolution the situation can be – at best – only slightly better than before.
    To Marwouan-Tounsi and 4tops: Is the cause of Libyans dear to you? Then, for God’s sake, please do not spit anti-Western hatred and bigotry until everything is over and the Q-man is in the dustbin of history! It is hard enough to convince Western statesmen and citizens-voters-taxpayers to support another intervention, after Kosovo and the aforementioned Afghanistan and Iraq. Everybody says, “See what happened when we did this before.” So please, do not make things more difficult than they already are.

    • SickNTired says:

      “To Marwouan-Tounsi and 4tops: Is the cause of Libyans dear to you? Then, for God’s sake, please do not spit anti-Western hatred and bigotry until everything is over and the Q-man is in the dustbin of history!”

      Could you please kindly clarify that.?

      Maybe something is “lost in translation” but your comment seems to say that- Yeah, we all know that the truth is we really hate them, but please just pretend that is not so just for now so that we can fool them into helping us by thinking we are victims.

      Is that the case? Because most people think that is the game that is being played on them.

  9. John says:


    True, war is a nasty business. So why feel too sorry for the rebels in the videos where gaddhafi troops mistreat them? We don’t see no such lynching jobs in these videos. In the end Gaddhafi troops do not come out as so horrible anymore, compared to how nasty the rebels can and do get sometimes.

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