Video: Misrata update April 30th

Here’s today’s update from Misrata, thanks to Wefaq Libya and FreedomgroupTV. Thanks as always to ChangeInLibya for the translation.


“This morning the freedom fighters started attacking Gaddafi forces at Alghiran.. and the main battle took place at Misrata’s airport and next to the bridge at Tripoli street. This battle continued till this evening and the revolutionaries managed to kill many of Gaddafi’s soldiers and injure others. The rest of the soldiers were forced to retreat to the “sikkak” area which is further away. ”

“We also heard that NATO managed to hit 2 of Gaddafi’s tanks as they retreated from the airport. Currently, the revolutionaries are checking the airport and making sure that there are no remaining soldiers or mercenaries. The revolutionaries are also checking the “ghiran” and making sure that Gaddafi forces can’t advance from there.”

“The “Halbous” freedom fighter brigade being led by the commander Ali Alhalbous managed to attack Gaddafi forces in Misrata’s eastern end and there was a big battle there next to the “shanteen” apartment blocks. Freedom fighters managed 2 push Gaddfi forces back and they are now further away from the city on the eastern coastal road. However, quite a few freedom fighters died there.”

“After the attack on Misrata’s airport, Gaddafi forces started bombarding the city indiscriminately once again and they hit many parts of the city especially the city centre with mortars, GRAD missiles and cluster bombs.”

“As for the western part of Misrata, there were no battles today and the situation is the same as yesterday. Revolutionaries are fortifying their positions there and preparing for any possible future attacks by Gaddafi forces. Revolutionaries therefore managed to push Gaddafi forces further back in most parts of the city and are making steady progress.”

“There was a rumour that Mutassim Gaddafi arrived in Zliten and he is preparing to recruit mercenaries there so they can attack Misrata dressed up as civilians, and due to these rumours, revolutionaries are starting to check people more often. Revolutionaries are also patrolling the city more often and making sure every possible attack point is well defended.”

“Misrata still lacks the most basic humanitarian needs (water, food, medicine, working sewage systems, phone networks). This morning however, the environmental protection agency finished cleaning buildings that were used to be occupied by Gaddafi and they incinerated some equipment that was left over by Gaddafi forces to prevent diseases from spreading.”

“We also noticed that cellular phone signals have been returning for 30mins – 1 hr fir the last couple of days, and this was not due to our ongoing repairs, but it was done deliberately by Gaddafi forces. They are probably relying on cell-phones to communicate with each other nowadays within Misrata and in the outskirts.”

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7 Responses to Video: Misrata update April 30th

  1. Mohammed says:

    Saif Al Arab Al Gaddafi killed in Nato bombing, along with his wife and 3 children. Gaddafi wasthere with his wife but according to Musa the liar Ibrahim spokesperson said brother dictator and his wife escaped!

    • Maj says:

      Yes I read that on Al Jazeera, I still do not believe that news report as it was reported on Daffy’s own TV channel. I pray that it is true and that all his progeny become extinct before his eyes, except the innocent ones of them. That last bit was hard for me to accept – I have to fight against my evil self.

      • Mohammed says:

        The grandsons were innocent. This evil crazy criminal should have kept the children away from the area.

        Musa the liar Ibrahim is talking about INTERNATIONAL LAW and MORALS!

        Nato should say we only carry out surgical strikes like your deputy foreign secretary Khalid Kaim said about surgical strikes using CLUSTER BOMBS and GRADS on MISRATA! If they have been killed we are sorry but they were not our intended targets bvut this is a war (as Musa Ibrahim likes to say about any civilian deaths).

        Did you see Musa Ibrahim SWEATING the dude must be thinking about leaving for Germany with his wife and kid.

        No wonder Musa and Khalid Kaim and other Gaddafi regime have moved in to the Rixos hotel where the journalists are staying! They feel this is the safest place in Libya from Nato strikes.

        I still don’t believe Gaddafi was with Saif Al Arab. I think Ibrahim is lying.

        • Mohammed says:

          Also do we really know if Saif Al Arab was actually killed?

          Since the regime officials have moved in to Rixos Hotel with their family because they feel safe with all the international journalistsand after Gaddafi’s building was destroyed they surely know that Gaddafi and his thugs (sons) are going to be targets, leaving the legality of the strike to one side!

          • Maj says:

            Given the evil thinking of Daffy and his history of wickedness – I have no doubt that Daffy might have built a proper palace beneath the Rixos Hotel. I think all thee journalists should move out and give NATO the green light to smash it.

  2. Mohammed says:

    Also look again at Gaddafi and his sick regimes attitude towards the Libyan people. Surely IF Saif al Arab was killed with three grandchildren then what about the domestic servants or don’t their deaths count like the poor Gaddafi supporter that fell off the side of Gaddafi’s moving car.

    Only this piece of rubbish, Gaddafi and his children are all that matters to these brainwashed members of the Gaddafi cult!

  3. J. Shriner says:

    Look at all the ‘press’ this claim has gotten! It’s as likely this ‘story’ is a subterfuge as the shelling of Misrata became even more hellish…to cover that action. Some have even suggested that G may have killed his own son and grandchildren! I honestly wouldn’t put it past him.

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