Video: Reports of sleeper cells in Ajdabiya

Doctors in Ajdabiya suspect that Gaddafi loyalists are hiding among them in sleeper cells. This wouldn’t be the first time, and the doctor adds that the Gaddafi supporters cannot leave as they are trapped in the opposition-held city, so they lie in wait for an opportunity to come out and attack.

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  1. Fredy says:

    The freedom fighters are learning to deal with every little new challenge they face . They are united and determined to win. The latest developments show major progress on all fronts.

    Al Jazeera Arabic has reported that Libyan rebels said they have taken control of Wazin crossing on the border with Tunisia , after fierce battles that forced 13 Gaddafi soldiers including a general stationed there to flee and surrender to the Tunisian army.

    Reuters news agency has reported that Libyan authorities are arming civilians to confront any possible land attack by NATO forces, a government spokesman said on Thursday.

    Breaking News
    “Many cities have organised themselves into squads to fight any possible NATO invasion,” Mussa Ibrahim told reporters, saying the “whole population” was being given rifles and light weapons.

    The people of Misrata claim to have taken full control of Tripoli St. and Gaddaffi troops are crumbling .

    I think Mussa is bluffing. I don’t think that Gaga (slang for Bo shaf shoufa) can buy the villagers around Misrata.

    • MishMash says:

      He is full of bluster. Do you remember the “red line” he drew when he was dealing with the 6th fleet in 1986? Ended up in two Libyan jets shot down. But never under estimate this guy.

  2. …………………

    Common sense from x-governor and celebrity, Jesse Ventura. It behooves youe people to see this….He said absolutely nothing but the truth from what I can tell. Ourcommon causes are interrelatd. Your denial of the refineries has led to exceptionally high gas prices. My family was killed at a gas station a couple of days ago. It’s doubtful that someone knew we were related. I avoided having him saddled with the burden of my avowed atheism, and hadn’t let it be known thate were related. But if it was the case, I’m sure he would be just as proud to have served the higher cause as your martyrs. That cause is the same in both countries. Not only do we have to defeat the patented criminality of those who would exploit thir fellow man, we have to confound, and eventually confront, the igorance of those who are constantly confused by, and in fear of, their propaganda. I would daresay our community as the same rate of death and destruction during time of piece, as yours does in time of war. We arn’t all going to make it, but I don’t think a president should be any safer than the average citizen. That’s democracy.

    • MishMash says:

      Blabber blabber blabber. Yeah stick your head right in that shit bucket

      • I asked where the g-ay libyans were, and now I know.
        I got news for you. Whenwe say we want freedom, it’s freedom from people like you also. And ifyou think that being decisive and absolute makes me a mini tyrant, then you need to prepare to be terrorized. Try being constructive and watching the videos stupid. Forget the personal shyyttt, I didn’t know how to delete it. What do you have to say about the videos. Is he a leftist…You see how meaningless that is….

        • MishMash says:

          Its you who started the personal abuse moron, because you simply couldnt keep up. Stop copying my rejoinder when I say we want freedom from people like you. Prepare to be terrorised? Certainly not by mental midgets like you. How the heck are you being “decisive” or “absolute” (absolute?), or are you bolstering your sagging self esteem? And how is reading and watching about a crank calling for revolution in America ever being “constructive” or relevant even?? Yes I can see how meaningless he is and even more how meaningless YOU are. We are discussing the plight of Libyans here not some flaky crank talking about Karma and attraction to topple regimes.

  3. “Misrata is free, the rebels have won. Of Gaddafi’s forces, some are killed and others are running away,” rebel spokesman Gemal Salem told Reuters by telephone from the city.
    He added that while Gaddafi’s forces have retreated from the city, they are still outside and would be in a position to bombard it.”
    So why wouldn’t the drones go after them……And why would Gaddafi bombard a ittle village outside ajdabiya. That sounds like bullshyytttttt. That sounds like drones going after something specific; something tactical and specific……;./.

  4. AntiBenghazi says:
    • UKResident says:

      @ AntiBenghazi

      Congratulations, well done! I’ve been following situation on a number of websites and forums and from all that I’ve seen and read you win the prize, head and shoulders above all others, as the BIGGEST IDIOT

  5. Fredy says:

    Ankh and Mish Mash

    Remember the words of Leeve 7zee. Emotions distorts our way of thinking. I fall into that trap too.

    Come on buddies !

    • MishMash says:

      Right Fredy, but for some people, spreading their drivel around is not enough; they have to resort to abuse. I abhor idiots.

  6. Maya M says:

    AntiBenghazi, I have watched the last video linked by you – two wasted minutes of my life. Some people are talking in Arabic, big deal. Even an unbiased observer just landed from Mars would mention that anti-Qaddafi propaganda is well done while people doing the pro-Qaddafi propaganda are lazy and incompetent. They do not set up nice sites like this one. (Probably they don’t think their cause is worth some EUR 40-50 per year for the domain name and the hosting.) They do not translate to English. All they have is one or two lousy YouTube profiles loaded with videos in Arabic. Are they hoping to win the minds and hearts of the world this way? At least, recruit some English speaker to translate!

  7. CanadianLibyan says:

    I see we have a devil-worshipper here in the form of AntiBenghazi. Qaddafi’s day are numbered and so are yours.
    Below is the bio/info posted on one the Youtube channel of one of AntiBenghazi’s videos, showing AntiBenghazi’s true colours.
    Defeat is coming very soon to the devil and all his worshipers!
    “Broadcasting the truth about the war in Libya. The conspiracy that’s going on against Libya.
    Libyans are free people and their leader Moammar Al Gaddafi is a person that benefits to the state and brought to Libya prosperity.

    The truth about everything that is going on in Libya is showed in the videos I upload. Read the descriptions and listen carefully. Please refrain from bad comments if you are not interested in the topic. Do not be a troll.

    These inhumane individuals and terrorists will be brought down and the hand of justice will reach them for destroying this beautiful state and killing its children and people!

    Death to zionism and death to everybody that wants to steal and destroy other peoples states!

    God, Muammar & Libya only !!!

    اللة معمر ليبيا و بس
    About Me:

    Showing the truth to the whole World.
    Occupation:Broadcasting the truth
    Interests:Cars, Music,  Mac OSX, MacBook Pro, IT, News, Law, Politics.
    Movies:What’s your favorite scary movie?
    Music:DnB, Techno, House, Dance, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae…
    Books:What are these “books” you speak of?”

    • MishMash says:

      Well done CL for uncovering the rat. I saw a report on France 24 Channel today in which 2 Sub Saharan Africans calling Libya the “Mother of all Africa” and that they will defend Gaddafi “till the death”… they were being interviewed in Tripoli. Tripolitanians are also getting mass text messages today asking them to report the slightest hint of any action against the state. You can imagine the terror that is being harvested in people’s hearts, but the quest for freedom from tyranny will win in the end.

    • Maya M says:

      Thank you for the translation!
      I think these people are pathetic. Terry Pratchett would say that they need a map to find their own asses.

  8. Fredy says:

    Well MishMash and CanadianLibyan is Anti Benghazi a radical jew ?

    I don’t believe it ?

    You know, life is full of surprises.

    No offense Anti Semitic I mean Anti Benghazi. Anti Benghazi did Benghazi mess you up ?

    • Maya M says:

      Why do you think that AntiBenghazi may be a radical Jew?

    • MishMash says:

      No I dont think he’s a radical Jew or anything that committed. Like those poor young guys fighting for Col Gaga you see arrested in handcuffs on the back of pickup trucks in Misrata, he’s just a misguided person. they actually believe blindly in this mad man. Its not impossible to make them see the light once the source of darkness is removed from Libya and they can be rehabilitated to be resourceful, productive citizens.

      • Maya M says:

        Actually, do they really believe in him, or are draft soldiers recruited by force? I do not know how military service is arranged in the Jamahiriya, but our former dictatorship never relied on young men willing to safeguard its rule. It simply summoned them to the Army as soon as they finished high school or turned 18.

    • CanadianLibyan says:

      What does Judaism have to do with this? Scum is scum, it doesn’t have any particular religion or nationality:-)

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