Video: Tank destroyed by coalition jets in Misratah yesterday reduced to pieces

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7 Responses to Video: Tank destroyed by coalition jets in Misratah yesterday reduced to pieces

  1. gonzo says:

    i don t get it .. don t they know that tank-breaking weapons contain uranium ?! don t they wanna have a second irak ? then they should stay away from these fucked up tanks to save their lives and that of their potential children !!!

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    • SickNTired says:

      What are your suggested methods of “tank-breaking”?

      Oh I know…. Maybe the naughty neighborhood kids could put sugar in the gas tank or let the air out of the tank tires.

    • Benedict White says:

      Depleted uranium is a bit toxic, but not radio active, like lead or mercury. The reason for its use in armour piercing shells by the west (I don’t think Libya has any) is that it is a hard heavy metal so can bring a lot more energy to an impact.

      Comments by ting about there being issues with chemicals still stand, and that is definitely not a tank, but a self propelled gun.

    • Steve Larsen says:

      Khaddafi’s forces in Misurata must be running out of tanks if they’re using mobile artillery pieces for urban combat.

  2. ting says:

    If the gun and the vehicle belongs together, then it is a self propelled artillery piece.

    As for uranium. I think they use depleted uranium in cannon shells. This looks to have been done by a bomb. So no uranium. Of course the dust from an exploded tank probably contains a lot of chemicals, so one should be a bit careful.

  3. Richard G says:

    Don’t know if the US and French are using it but Cameron said a few days ago that the Royal Airforce was not using depleted uranium munitions near or in urban areas because of the toxicity of it. There are many weapons in the UK, French and US armoury that can take out a Soviet era tanks without the need for DU.

  4. Ukraine military says:

    Sorry ,but this is Palameria.Not a tank.

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