Clearance of unexploded weapons has started

ICRCThe International Committee for the Red Cross has been working from its offices in Tripoli and Benghazi to help victims of the conflict in Libya in many different ways. One of these ways is clearing unexploded or abandoned explosive devices left behind after the fighting.

Libyan civilians are exposed to the dangers of unexploded or abandoned explosive devices in many places, such as Ajdabiya, Misrata and Benghazi, where intense fighting has taken place. Injuries, mainly to children, have been reported in the past few days.

In Ajdabiya, in addition to facing uncertainty about the evolution of the fighting, many people are not able to return to their homes because of the threat posed by unexploded munitions. Such devices include rockets, shells and mortars. They can be found anywhere in residential areas, even in gardens, or inside houses or public buildings.

“On 3 May we started clearing dangerous devices in parts of Ajdabiya,” said Herby Elmazi, the ICRC delegate in charge of the clearance operation. “This is the beginning of a sustained effort to reduce the weapon contamination hazard for the civilian population. The effort will hopefully be extended to conflict-torn Misrata in the near future.” ICRC experts mark the most affected areas before proceeding with the safe removal or deactivation of dangerous devices. “The ICRC is the only organization with a fully operational team currently able to clear these kinds of devices in Libya,” added Mr Elmazi.

The ICRC clearance team is working in close cooperation with Libyan Red Crescent volunteers, who are playing an essential role in determining which areas in Ajdabiya have been contaminated. They convey the information to the ICRC team so that it can proceed with the clearance operation.

The ICRC also launched a campaign to raise awareness among civilians of the risks posed by unexploded ordnance. In cooperation with the Libyan Red Crescent, it is organizing information sessions and distributing posters and leaflets to alert the population.

Read more about this and the other ways in which the ICRC helps civilians here.

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8 Responses to Clearance of unexploded weapons has started

  1. J. Shriner says:

    Well, bravo ICRC and Libyan Red Crescent…I hope.

  2. there is word from Anti-gaddaffi people in Al Zawiyah, but nothing from Ras or brega, or Bin Jawad…..All we hear about is the council extorting money from the international community……What exactly is the difference between them and Gaddaffi…………I don’t even believe you have the right to peaceful protest any longer………………

    • ctw ojib says:

      Extorting money? Give me a break…the money belongs to the Libyan people not the Gaddafi family. The country was in ruins before this all started as a result of them stealing money and putting it in foreign accts. I am sure as everything becomes more clear the “loans” will in fact not be loans, but funds returned to the people and the legitimate Government of Libya.
      There is a difference. The opposition which is most Libyans want the right to choose their own destiny.Not be dictated to by some despot. The propaganda machine which is Gadaffi and State TV isn’t able to pull the wool over the peoples eyes.If the people were with him he wouldn’t have to coerce and pay other nationals to fight against the people. Thank the Creator that this will all be rectified soon and then those who choose to side with him and his family will soon get what is coming to them!

    • Maya M says:

      Unfortunately, Qaddafi’s waging war on his own people forced those who freed themselves from his rule to ask the international community for help, both military and economic, while the international community is still recovering and whining after the 2008-09 financial crisis. The same act precluded the right to peaceful protest, at least I cannot imagine people amidst a civil war to allow their neighbours to express support for the enemy in public. That’s life.

  3. Fredy says:

    Gaddafi’s mother was jewish , right , no offense ?

  4. OldCynic says:


    Craw back into your cave John – nobody, but nobody, is interested in your racist drivel!

  5. hurriya says:

    The Third Voice of Libyan People and Students

    Dear All
    We are here in this very difficult time for all the Libyan people to raise our wisdom voice and to sayplease stop the war and let the Libyan parties sit round the negotiation table.
    The conflict is taking lives from both sides and the NATO’s air strikes are also killing civilian people as they are aiming to destroying the infrastructure of Libyan cities. The situation is very difficult for all people in all cities as there is shortage of food, medicine and fuel. The children and elderly are suffering most physically and mentally from the bombardment and are unable to sleep because of the shaking and bombing noise every day and night. The NATO air strikes have destroyed hospitals, schools, houses and other civilian buildings.
    The disaster in Libya is getting worse every day by the outside intervention and the trade embargo on Libya is preventing everything to reach the country as well as seizing the Libyan money which cannot be used to buy food, medicine and fuel.
    We were shocked and disappointed when the UK government became part of these ongoing air strikes and not allowing a peaceful solution or sending fact finding missions to at least learn the truth. We are here in UK studying, living and learning the tolerance and accepting of others views and also the democracy which took the UK about 800 years to build. Your help to have a peaceful solution and reach an agreement between all Libyan parties is very important and will save lives and the Libyan people’s future.
    We ask you to put pressure on your government to call for talks between Libyans especially after the tribes had their meetings on 5th/6th May 2011 when 2000 tribal leaders met and asked all Libyans to set some talks for peace and refuse any outside intervention and condemned the act of some parties in providing weapons to the opposition, which will not help the peaceful solution.
    So please, for the sake of all Libyan children, women the elderly and Libya, as well as UK ‘s reputation, stop the war and hands off Libya. We like and support a good and healthy relationship between the UK and Libya, better than ever, built on respect to the all Libyan people, not part of them only.
    So please help us find a solution to this conflict as soon as possible as every day goes by we lose Libyan lives and our country is further destroyed.
    We thank you all for every little help
    The Third Voice of Libyan People and Students. London 16.5.2011

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