May 13th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli:

Reuters19:37 Reuters NATO is working on speeding up shipping procedures for merchant ships in order to make it easier for aid cargoes to reach Libya. While they are working to implement this as quickly as possible, it will only be when they’re assured it will not allow through any embargo breakers.

17:20 Al Jazeera Arabic Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini says there is a possibility that Gaddafi may be injured and that he is no longer in Tripoli. No further information or confirmation is available at this point and it appears to be coming from a Bishop in Tripoli. Two days ago, Gaddafi made a visit to the Rixos hotel.

SMH15:24 Sydney Morning Herald International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said on Friday he would seek arrest warrants on May 16 for three people considered most responsible for crimes against humanity in Libya. The judges may accept the application, reject it, or ask for further information. More than 1,200 documents have been reviewed including videos and pictures and more than 50 interviews have been recorded or individuals screened to be interviewed. The evidence has been collected through 30 missions in 11 states.

Reuters14:50 Reuters Migrants have a 1 in 10 chance of dying while crossing the Mediterranean sea in overcrowded, unseaworthy boats. Over 1,200 migrants are still missing, presumed dead.

NATO11:54 NATO On May 12th, NATO aircraft flew 145 sorties, 52 of which were intended as strike sorties. Some of the targets included: In the vicinity of Tripoli: 2 Surface-To-Air Missile Launchers, 3 Buildings inside a military camp. In the vicinity of Misratah: 1 Surface-To-Air Missile Launcher, 2 Buildings, 1 Truck-Mounted Gun, 1 AntiAircraft Gun. In the vicinity of Al Qaryat: 10 Ammo storages. In the vicinity of Sirte: 5 Ammo Storages, 1 Command & Control Node. In the vicinity of Brega: 1 Rocket Launcher, 1 Tank.

NATO08:00 NATO At approximately 2 am on Thursday the 12th of May, NATO warships participated in a coordinated defence against a number of small boats threatening the port city of Misrata. The boats were forced to abandon their attack and regime forces ashore covered their retreat with artillery and anti-aircraft canon fire directed towards the allied warships. HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN responded with a short burst machinegun fire and HMS LIVERPOOL also returned fire. Neither warship sustained any damage or injury during this engagement. This is the second action by pro-Qadhafi forces at sea and follows the mining of the approaches to Misrata harbour two weeks ago.

Reuters07:30 Reuters A Frenchman has died from a gunshot wound after he and four other French nationals were stopped at a police checkpoint in Benghazi. A ministry spokesman said France’s representative hoped to get details on Friday about the circumstances of the man’s death. He had no explanation as to who the French citizens were or why they were in Benghazi.

Reuters07:00 Reuters Trading house Vitol has lifted a a cargo of naphtha from the rebel-held port of Tobruk in east Libya, traders said on Thursday, providing the opposition with much needed funds to fight government forces. The cargo was loaded at Tobruk aboard a 60,000 tonne carrier at the end of April and sailed for delivery to an undisclosed buyer in the East. Many companies are wary of trading with the Libyan opposition because of the possible legal complications.

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  1. J. Shriner says:

    If supplies are getting to the besieged areas and pressure is kept up, victory and rebuilding will come soon. Inshallah.

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