May 19th Updates

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RFI02:00 RFI reports that Senegal officially recognizes the NTC. A delegation made up of two representatives of the NTC visited Senegalese president Abdulaye Wade on Thursday.

NATO01:41 NATO Overnight, NATO precision air strikes hit eight Gaddafi vessels in the ports of Tripoli, Al Khums and Sirte. All the vessels were warships with no civilian utility, Rear Admiral harding said. “Given the escalating use of naval assets, NATO had no choice but to take decisive action to protect the civilian population of Libya and NATO forces at sea,” he further added.

Reuters00:03 Reuters A Maltese patrol boat rescued a group of 320 migrants from a boat in distress some 20 miles (32 km) south east of the island on Thursday. The migrants were on a wooden 20-foot fishing boat which suffered engine failure and started drifting. The group includes Bangladeshis, Libyan, Egyptians and some from Mali. Most are thought to have worked Libya and fled the civil war there, the spokesman said.

feb17voices00:02 Feb17voices A doctor from Misrata says the shelling by Gaddafi forces started early in the morning in Dafniya, Zreig and Abu Rwea. One opposition fighter was killed and 10 were injured today.

StateDept23:52 US State Department The U.S. has engaged the Libyan opposition and appointed an envoy to Benghazi who has met regularly with members of the Transitional National Council (TNC) and emerging civil society groups. Furthermore, President Obama directed up to $25 million in transfers of non-lethal items from U.S. Government stocks, and the transportation of these items. These items include medical equipment, protective vests, and binoculars. The first shipment, which included 10,000 cases of Halal Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), arrived in Benghazi on May 10. The United States has provided $53.5 million to date to meet humanitarian needs inside and on the borders of Libya, and continuously funds the WHO, the IOM, ICRC and the UNHCR.

twitter23:40 Various twitter sources Several large explosions rocked Tripoli. According to sources, the port was targeted. There were approximately 9 blasts.

PE22:40 Petroleum Economist NATO has arrested an oil tanker bound for Libya. The Jupiter sailed from Malta to a Gaddafi-held port in Libya carrying 12,750 tonnes of gasoline. Read more here.

twitter22:35 ChangeInLibya tweets: “Tripoli: Air strikes on some parts of the city and NATO jets flying low once again.”

SR21:29 Sverige Radio Sweden has deported two diplomats who worked with the Libyan embassy in Stockholm. “Their activity has been in conflict with the rules that apply to diplomats,” says foreign ministry press officer, Anders Jörle to TV4 News. The diplomats were reportedly working in cooperation with the Gaddafi regime. The foreign ministry has no diplomatic contact with Libya at present, since they believe that there is no government who can speak for the country, reports news agency TT.

Reuters17:36 Reuters The EU is considering blacklisting western Libyan ports to prevent imports of fuel. The source said European Union experts have reached an agreement over putting the Libyan ports of Tripoli, Zuara, Zawiyah, Al-Khoms, Ras Lanuf and Brega on the sanctions list and proposals could be submitted to the EU sanctions committee next week.

Al Jazeera17:28 Al Jazeera English The European Union is considering tightening sanctions on the government of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi by blacklisting ports to prevent exports of oil and imports of fuel. This as Gaddafi’s government is expected to receive fresh fuel supplies by buying a cargo that recently visited Turkish and Georgian ports, but both states denied involvement in the transaction.

twitter16:56 ChangeInLibya tweets: “Benghazi: A humanitarian flight chartered by the Sudanese government arrived in Benina today carrying doctors, aid and medicines. ”

Reuters15:55 Reuters The new television channel Libya for the Free/Libya al Ahrar, also known as Libya TV, is trying to reach as many people as possible. They are now broadcasting on Arabsat and Hotbird, but Nilesat is still preventing them from broadcasting.

“We had paid the full fees but when we inquired the company said the decision to suspend the broadcast was a political one. The phone calls and email we receive from fans prove that we have decent viewership inside Libya, but that could be expanded if we have access to Nilesat satellite,” Media Minister Mahmoud Shammam said.

Earlier this year, Nilesat also jammed the signal of the Qatar-based satellite channel Al Jazeera during mass protests that toppled former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Al Jazeera15:40 Al Jazeera English Libyans in the opposition-held town of Kabaw in the Western Mountains celebrate victory as opposition forces successfully repel Gaddafi attack on key Wazin-Dehiba border crossing on the Libyan-Tunisian frontier, according to RTV

15:33 Al Jazeera Arabic There is a lot of activity between Ajdabiya and Brega. New recruits and ammunition are arriving in large numbers.

NATO13:10 NATO On May 18th, NATO aircraft flew 159 sorties, including 53 strike sorties. Some of the key targets included: In the vicinity of Tripoli: 1 Military Training Facility. In the vicinity of Zuwarah: 3 Command &
Control Nodes. In the vicinity of Misrata: 2 Tanks, 1 Self-Propelled Artillery Piece. In the vicinity of Mizdah: 1 Ammunition Storage Facility.

twitter2:19 Mark Stone says that lots of gunfire could be heard in Tripoli, it didn’t sound celebratory. He adds that there are many unconfirmed reports of clashes in various areas. State TV reported that groups in Benghazi pledged their allegiance to Gaddafi, which was followed by celebratory gunfire in Tripoli. “Is what we at seeing and hearing a diversion? I dont know,” he wrote.

Reuters01:23 Reuters According to a Tunisian security source, Gaddafi’s wife and daughter crossed into Tunisia. The Tunisian Interior Ministry denied that any members of the Gaddafi family were in the country in remarks to Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya TV. Al Jazeera quoted a ministry spokesman as saying Tunisia would arrest any members of the Gaddafi family should they enter the country under a U.N.-imposed travel ban. A Libyan opposition source said the women were in Djerba to accompany Aisha’s husband, who he said had been injured in the Libyan conflict, and was seeking treatment in Tunisia

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    Libyan rebel TV channel trying to reach more people
    Thu May 19, 2011 1:42pm GMT Print | Single Page [-] Text [+]
    * Rebel channel hopes to counter Gaddafi-controlled media

    * Channel uses Qatari infrastructure

    DUBAI, May 19 (Reuters) – Rebels fighting to overthrow Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi have launched a television channel to promote their cause, but part of their broadcast is blocked by a regional satellite, a rebel media official said on Thursday.

    “Libya for the Free” was created in March to offer an alternative to state-controlled Libyan television, said Mahmoud Shammam, in charge of media and information affairs at the rebel Transitional National Council.

    “Our goal is to reach the largest number possible of people inside and outside Libya in order to counter Gaddafi’s channels which are engaged in psychological and media warfare against the rebels,” Shammam said on the sidelines of a media conference in the United Arab Emirates.

    He said the Qatar-based channel is now broadcasting through satellites including Hot Bird, operated by Eutelsat Communications SA (ETL.PA: Quote), and the Arab League’s Arabsat.

    But Egyptian-owned satellite company Nilesat has prevented them from broadcasting, he said. The company could not be immediately reached for comment.

    “We had paid the full fees but when we inquired the company said the decision to suspend the broadcast was a political one.”

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