May 2nd Updates

New York: London: Tripoli:

Reuters21:30 Reuters Gaddafi forces launched an attack on Zintan on Monday evening, at least 10 rockets landed on the town.

Al Manara20:45 Al Manara Media reports that two groups of Gaddafi forces have surrendered to the Tunisian army after they split from the battalion. The first group surrendered at 11:00 this morning in the Umm al Alfaar area and the second group surrendered at the Wazin border crossing at about 15:00 this afternoon.

Reuters20:33 Reuters The Swiss government has frozen 360 million Swiss Francs ($417 million) in assets linked to Gaddafi.

MSF20:18 Medecins Sans Frontieres A 12-person MSF team is working in Misrata and more staff are on their way, the organization has said.

NATO19:51 NATO 2 of the 3 sea mines that were laid by Gaddafi forces in the port of Misrata have been destroyed. NATO minesweepers are still searching for a third drifting mine that is preventing aid supplies to the city. The mines were small and hard to detect but capable of doing serious damage to shipping.

Reuters18:26 Reuters Residents say the besieged town of Yefren say there is a dire need for food, drinking water and medical supplies. Young children are especially vulnerable and if help doesn’t arrive soon, there will be a large number of casualties in the next few weeks, a refugee said.

Reuters17:03 Reuters Gaddafi forces halted their bombardment of Misrata after NATO conducted air strikes, but the port is still closed. “There were strikes by NATO on the outskirts of the city today at around midday (1000 GMT),” a spokesman, called Reda, told Reuters by telephone. “The port is still closed. Gaddafi’s forces bombarded it earlier today. The bombardment has now stopped.”

NATO14:46 NATO On May 1st, NATO aircraft conducted 165 sorties, 60 of which were strike sorties. Some of the targets included near Tripoli: 1 ammunition storage. Near Mizdah: 3 Ammunitian storages. Near Zintan: 2 ammunition storages, 1 Armoured Personnel Carrier, 3 Armoured Fighting Vehicles and 1 military truck. Near Sirte: 6 ammunition storages. Near Dahra: 1 communications facility. And finally near Brega 1 tank and 1 anti-aircraft gun.

Reuters11:36 Reuters Misrata is under continuous attack from rocket fire. A spokesman told Reuters that the shelling had not stopped for 36 hours.

Al Jazeera10:16 Al Jazeera English At least 6 people were killed and several dozen were wounded in attacks on Misrata this morning as tanks were trying to enter the city from al-Ghiran, a southwestern suburb near the airport.

Reuters00:20 Reuters Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim has said on Sunday that the Libyan government regretted the attacks on several embassies in Tripoli. He said police forces were overpowered by crowds angered by the NATO air strike that allegedly killed Saif al-Arab. The Deputy Foreign Minister said Libya would survey the damages to foreign missions and repair them.

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22 Responses to May 2nd Updates

  1. lol says:

    wow….I hope the rest of his children will be wiped out as soon as possible together with their father the bustard…..

  2. J. Shriner says:

    Another lie. People in Tripoli have no choice as to what they ‘attack’, do they? Nope.

  3. Mr. Gross says:

    Overpowered by crowds? Really? And they took care of the pro-democracy better then this. What a lie. Most likely it was Gaddafi military forces laughing and smiling while in the process of destroying embassies.

  4. s says:

    I don’t doubt that Gaddafi has a small core of fanatical civilian followers. Don’t underestimate the tendency of people with a pathologically fanatical character to focus their fanaticism on behalf of a socialist god-man like Gaddafi or Chavez, just as such people can focus their fanaticism on behalf of radical islam. Clearly if there was any attempt by the police to block these fanatics, it was half-assed. -And understandably so; it would be expecting far too much from the Gaddafi regime to protect the embassies of their enemies. Regardless, the sooner the entire Gaddafi family is dead, the better off the people of Libya.

  5. Mr. Gross says:

    China denounces the attack, but does not denounce Gaddafi attacks on civilians.

    • saturn55 says:

      Yeah, It’s what are doing too:
      – Russia
      – Mr. Chavez
      – Blind dreamer pacifists
      and all those preferring get a simply preformatted idea, than looking for information and shape their own ideas on the facts.

  6. Jan says:

    As usual, the Ghadaffi’s don’t show us anything. Maybe his son is dead, maybe not. But if he’s dead, the body would have shown to the whole world. Nevertheless, if it happened ‘as they say’, remember the thousands of killed, injured and maimed for life (and a lot of children). He didn’t expect the hatred against his regime and loves himself too much to accept this. He has to go, he still can choose, alive or dead. The free Lybian people are the most brave I’ve ever seen. But beware, psychotics like him are capable to everything. And I mean everything; look a the reports of the gas-masks for ‘his’ forces. I fear for the worst, and NATO should asap not only arm the people, but give them all the protective gear they have. He is, as said capable of everything, against his own people. He’s a narcissistic psychopath, who can’t imagine pain in others, has no remorse or guilt and will stop at nothing. As was said, no boots on the ground (UN1973), but special forces may be needed to stop this patient.

  7. saturn55 says:

    Ok, NATO yesterday worked gratly, but …WHAT ABOUT TODAY ?!?!
    I’d really interested in …. why they left Misurata alone once again ?

  8. prince prophet says:


  9. prince prophet says:

    you should never wish the death of anyone, if you do sooner or later it will hapen to you.

  10. J. Shriner says:

    Nato has attacked outside of Misrata today. Yesterday they had been taking out G. forces elsewhere. I worry too and hope for better days. As to the supposed death of G’s son, we’ll never know the truth there or at least not until after Libya’s free. Inshallah.

  11. prince prophet says:

    I have never seen so many simple minded people in my life wishing the death of people who has on done good for manking and blood thursty rich people killing poor and innocent children, with boom and without any feeling/

  12. prince prophet says:

    This war is not about libya it about the freedom of all man kind and especially and especially Africa.


  13. prince prophet says:

    I have never seen so many simple minded people whishing the death of African leaders since colonial days, when colonial power in their quest to conquer Afica used the curse of Norah to enslave Black around the world . This mind set is alive and kick to day it all about the money.

  14. prince prophet says:

    libya is as free as it is going to be now and if the colonial power have it way the will do the same thing they did with the Panama Canal, kill the leaders and put them in Jail and keep steeling the money and letting the drug through.

  15. prince prophet says:

    Lybia is as free as it is going to be. If the colonial powers have their way they will do the same thing to Lybia they did to the People in the Panama Canal, Killing the leaders and putting them in jain and stealing their money and letting the drugs through inorder to keep the banker and rich.

  16. prince prophet says:

    Ghyadaff is not the problem, it poor people have money, Lybia is as free as it is going to be. If the colonial powers have their way they will do the same thing to Lybia they did to the People in the Panama Canal, Killing the leaders and putting them in jain and stealing their money and letting the drugs through inorder to keep the banker and rich.

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