May 3rd Updates

New York: London: Tripoli:

AFP00:49 AFP 3 loud explosions were heard in Tripoli, and NATO jets could still be heard flying over the city.

twitter00:22 IbnOmar2005 tweets: “Someone i know just escaped #tripoli. said all the youth in the city are being rounded up to do military service to fight revols.”

Reuters23:30 Reuters Gaddafi forces bombarded the town of Zintan in the Nafusa mountains with over 40 Grad rockets late on Tuesday, according to an opposition spokesman. The rockets were fired in two salvoes, the spokesman said by phone. NATO aircraft were heard flying overhead right after the second salvo landed.

Al JazeeraAl Jazeera English The number of Libyans that have fled to Tunisia has now risen to almost 40,000. Most of the refugees are women and children, according to the UNHCR.

Reuters22:16 Reuters A car exploded in the city of Benghazi on Tuesday, residents said. The explosion took place near the courthouse, an important place of congregation for the opposition movement. Reuters reporters at the scene saw the wreckage, but had no further details.

AP16:07 AP The UN refugee agency says some 8,000 Berbers fled Libya over the weekend. Most are women and children.

Reuters15:52 Reuters NATO air strikes hit the city of Misrata, an opposition spokesman said.

Al Manara15:25 Al Manara Media report via Nalut Media Centre that Gaddafi forces are trying to enter the city of Nalut from the southern area of Dar Abu Labu with 20 4×4 vehicles.

AP14:53 AP Turkish prime minister Erdogan said “Gadhafi must take a historic step and withdraw, for the future of Libya, its peace and prosperity,” according to AP.

Reuters11:53 Reuters The Transitional National Council is seeking some $2-3 billion in loans. Ali Tarhouni, head of the council’s finance committee, says he hopes to get the full amount, secured against frozen Libyan state assets. He said he expects France, Italy and the United States to extend the lines of credit and the money should arrive within a week to ten days.

Reuters11:26 Reuters The International Organization for Migration has urged NATO and the Libyan regime to allow its rescue ship to dock in Misrata port to evacuate 1,000 stranded migrant workers and many badly wounded civilians. The ship, the Red Star One, has been waiting offshore since Saturday.

NATO11:18 NATO On May 2nd, NATO airplanes flew 158 sorties, 56 of which were intended as strike sorties. Key targets included in the vicinity of Misrata: 12 ammunition storages, 3 self-propelled artillery pieces. In the vicinity of Sirt: 2 armoured personnel carriers. In the vicinity of Ras Lanuf: 1 multiple rocket launcher. In the vicinity of Brega: 1 truck-mounted gun, 3 multiple rocket launchers. In the vicinity of Zintan: 1 ammunition storage. Key engagements are not intended to give a complete account of all targets which were engaged.

twitter00:27 CJ Chivers Shelling resumed in his neighbourhood in Misrata. It stopped briefly when a NATO plane flew over, but then resumed shortly after that.

twitter00:21 Mark Stone Jets were heard flying over Tripoli, but there was no sound of explosions.

Reuters00:08 Reuters The Transitional National Council is in loan talks with the UAE and Qatar to make ends meet. The financial situation of the council is “critical”. Spokesman Abdul Hafiz Ghoha said that without a fresh injection of funds, they would struggle to cover salaries for public workers.

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  1. Mr. Gross says:

    Any mention of the air drones?

  2. Timmy Jones says:

    No news from libya yet……….?

  3. Mr. Gross says:

    Car explosion? From who?

  4. Emil says:

    Hope for this ship to finally dock :S Casulaties need it, everybody there needs it…

  5. canuck says:

    i vote for the elimination (killing) of Gadaffi and his close followers. to allow this murderer and his close followers to live will cause many more innocent people to die.

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