May 7th Updates

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twitter23:36 Andy Carvin reports via a source that there are two battles going on: one to the east around Zintan/Yefren, and other to the west at the Tunisian border. The area between Zintan and Yefren is being secured, but Yefren is still under siege. At least 11 have been killed on the opposition’s side. Not much aid is coming in through the border now, and the situation in Yefren, Kikla and Qala is very bad. Power and water have been cut in all three towns. There has been very little NATO action in the area, the source says.

twitter22:59 Karl Stagno-Navarra 600 migrants are feared dead as one of two boats split in half as the migrants attempted to reach Malta. 700 have been rescued by Italy, while 300 headed for Malta.

Reuters22:58 Reuters An opposition spokesman said Gaddafi forces have been attacking the eastern oil town of Jalu on Saturday, but it remained in the hands of the opposition. “From time to time, he has attacked using armoured vehicles and today he repeated the same thing and attacked Jalu,” the rebel National Council spokesman Abdel Hafiz Ghoga told a news conference. “But he can never keep forces there because these oases are liberated…Jalu remains defiant.”

twitter22:22 CJ Chivers One firefighter was wounded today trying to fight the fuel terminal fire in Misrata. The terminal director says the fire could burn for days.

AFP20:54 AFP Fierce clashes near the western Libyan town of Zintan killed at least nine opposition fighters and wounded 50 others on Saturday, an AFP correspondent and medics said.

20:42 Al Jazeera Arabic Regarding the earlier news that the NTC reportedly said Italy would be arming the opposition fighters, Mahmoud Shammam (NTC) said that they don’t disclose the sources of their weapons and that the story could be misinformation by Gaddafi’s regime.

Reuters20:17 Reuters Close to 100 shells or mortar rounds fell on and around the Tunisian town of Dhehiba on Saturday. No one was injured but one house was damaged. Tunisia said that it considered the shelling “extremely dangerous” and that it would take all necessary measures to protect its sovereignty.

Reuters19:53 Reuters Italy denies reaching an agreement with the Libyan opposition to supply them with weapons. He responded to a claim made by an opposition spokesman. The Italian foreign ministry said it would strictly be supplying the opposition with “equipment for self defense”.

NATO18:57 NATO Aircraft flew 149 sorties on May 6th, 56 of which were intended as strike sorties. Some of the targets included: In the vicinity of Zintan: 3 Tanks. In the vicinity of Tripoli: 8 Ammunition Storages. In the vicinity of
Mizdah: 4 Ammunition Storages. In the vicinity of Misurata: 1 Self-Propelled Artillery Piece, 1 Heavy
Equipment Transport, 8 Military Trucks, 1 Building hosting snipers. In the vicinity of Sirte: 8 Ammunition
Storages, 1 Command & Control Facility. In the vicinity of Ras Lanuf: 1 Command & Control Facility. In the
vicinity of Brega: 4 Tanks, 5 Rocket Launchers.

Reuters13:10 Reuters Libyan government forces dropped bombs on four large oil storage tanks in the contested western city of Misrata, destroying the tanks and sparking a fire that spread to four more, an opposition spokesman said on Saturday. Government forces used small planes normally used to spray pesticides for the overnight attack in Qasr Ahmed close to the port, said rebel spokesman Ahmed Hassan. They notified NATO about the planes before the attack but there was no response, he said.

Reuters11:22 Reuters Artillery rounds fired by Gaddafi forces fell on Tunisian soil on Saturday after renewed fighting broke out at the Wazin border crossing. Schools were evacuated and residents scurried for safety in the Tunisian frontier town of Dehiba, which has been hit repeatedly by stray shells in recent weeks as the Libyan rivals fight for control of a nearby border crossing

twitter01:54 ChangeInLibya tweets that Gaddafi forces targeted a large fuel tank near the port, and fires were raging as Red Cross members evacuated refugees and firemen attempted to prevent more explosions.

Al Jazeera01:00 Al JazeeraMustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of the NTC said that arming opposition fighters is a must and that more weapons are necessary to match Gaddafi’s power, but also said they welcome any political agreement that guarantees Gaddafi and his family step down and leave the country.

twitter0:00 CJ Chivers tells on twitter of a new type of weapon used by Gaddafi. They gathered remains and shrapnel of Grad missiles that scatter landmines.

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  1. DOMINIQUE says:

    Hey, ask for more help in Misrata from NATO , because its unbelievable that government forces use of plane for bombing petrol tanks… NATO said Misrata is priority, but its far from beeing that.
    Otherwise, if Gaddafi is bombing gas tanks, it is the last fight, destroying everything for nothing … Be strong, hopefull, and call NATO for more, I want to pay my taxes from France for your freedom …

  2. J. Shriner says:

    G. forces are now desparate enough to destroy even their *own* chance of using that petrol. Keep the faith and bon jour DD from AZ, US.

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