May 8th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli:

CNN20:57 CNN NATO secretary general Rasmussen said “We have stopped Gaddafi in his track. His time is running out. He’s more and more isolated.”

20:32 Al Jazeera Arabic Opposition fighters are now in control of the town of Al Kufra.

Reuters18:15 Reuters Heavy fighting has been reported near the airport in Misrata.

Reuters18:07 Reuters NATO air strike hits an area in the east of Misrata, an opposition spokesman said.

CNN17:48 CNN reports that Iman al Obeidi has fled Libya to Tunisia with the help of a defecting military officer and his family. Along the road to Tunisia, the car she was in was stopped several times at check points, al-Obeidy said. The military officer would show his permit and they would be allowed to continue, she said. Read more here.

NATO17:42 NATO Aircraft flew 153 sorties on May 7th, 58 of which were intended as strike sorties. Some of the targets included: In the vicinity of Zintan: 4 Ammunition Storages, 1 Anti-Aircraft Gun. In the vicinity of Ajdabiyah: 2
Tanks. In the vicinity of Misurata: 3 Tanks, 1 Military Vehicle. In the vicinity of Hun (south of Sirte): 12 Ammunition Storages, 20 Vehicle Storages, 8 Headquarters Compound Buildings. In the vicinity of Brega:
8 Military Vehicles.

Reuters15:01 Reuters NATO air strikes hit government weapons depots near Zintan, southwest of the Libyan capital, an opposition spokesman in the town told Reuters on Sunday. “NATO struck weapons depots five minutes ago in an area which lies about 30 km (20 miles) south-east of Zintan. We heard a loud explosion … I think the strike hit some of them (the depots),” the spokesman, called Abdulrahman, said by telephone.

13:33 Al Jazeera Egypt bans Libyans from entering the country without a prior visa.

twitter02:12 ChangeInLibya tweets that the port in Misrata has come under renewed attack by Gaddafi’s forces.

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3 Responses to May 8th Updates

  1. Saurabh KumarGupta says:

    East Europe needs to be more responsible, as former Soviet states are continuously supply ammunitions to Gaddafi’s depleting reserves. But these nations must know, they cannt match NATO in Financial or Military Power…even Russia-China union will be way behind NATO (that inclused most of North America, West & central Europe) ….Transnational Council must allow NATO soldiers on Libyan Soil atleast for 30 days…you will see 1 after another Libyan towns getting freedom from Gaddafi’s brutality.Presently, Gaddafi has big military edge over Benghazi based Libya Govt..

  2. J. Shriner says:

    Russia and China continue to ‘protest’ the UN resolutions in Libya that let to NATO involvement but they did *not* veto the Security Council vote. They want ‘plausible deniability’ for whatever reason. They don’t belong in this fight anyway…their sympathies are not missed. As to UN or NATO ‘boots’, I think it would be a mistake as then the war would be prolonged. It would harden the hearts of those who are now simply on the fence about G. staying or going and whatever supporters he has in Libya would redouble their efforts. There is supposed to be an arms embargo against G. and any docking ships are searched. I’m actually encouraged by the last day or so even though it’s tragic what’s happening in several places, pray that G.’s running out of fighters and the means to kill. Inshallah.

  3. conrad777 says:

    Why all the attacks in Hun?

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