Strong proof of regime crimes against humanity, says ICC

ReutersBack in February, the UN Security Council voted unanimously to refer Gaddafi’s crackdown on demonstrators to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Now, ICC investigators say they have proof that Gaddafi’s forces have committed crimes against humanity. Its chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, said on Monday he would ask for up to five arrest warrants. The indictments should reach ICC judges within weeks.

Moreno-Ocampo“We have strong evidence on the beginning of the conflict, the shooting of civilians,” Moreno-Ocampo told Reuters, and noted that the killing of unarmed civilians qualifies as a crime against humanity. “Also, we have strong evidence of the crime of persecution,” he said. This includes “massive arrests and torture of people, and some forced disappearances … (for) talking to journalists or going to demonstrations.”

The ICC is also investigating the claim that Gaddafi’s troops were issued Viagra, and may have been instructed or encouraged to engage in rape. “We are trying to confirm this public announcement through evidence so it can stand in court,” Moreno-Ocampo said. “In some other conflicts you have had some battalions that are just devoted to rape.”

The ICC is also investigating allegations on the other side, where they are looking into claims that opposition members attacked black Africans in Libya whom they assumed to be Gaddafi’s mercenaries. The Libyan opposition has pledged full cooperation with the ICC, whereas Gaddafi regime has not responded to the ICC’s requests for information.

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12 Responses to Strong proof of regime crimes against humanity, says ICC

  1. Fredy says:

    I think the Hague wants to play the role of the big authority in Libya. A role that will be up to the people of Libya and their future new government.

    We don’t have to be the Hague to realize there have been crimes against humanity in Libya but they think they are the big shots.

    What are they going to do about it ?

  2. patriot says:

    The first arrest should be for NATO presidents for killing civilians in Tripoli. The proof to Gaddafi son killed in residential area is clear. What is this Ocampo waiting for?
    They need to answer for this. Why bomb residential area?

    Second arrest should be for US president for using drones to kill civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This country has continously entered other nations airspaces without any permission hence breaching International Treaties on the same. The same country operated illegal jails all over Europe and is responsible for numerous abductions that it has named as Rendititions. All of these are illegal.

    Ocampo another hyprocrite of the West.

    • J. Shriner says:

      My you are a naysayer here, aren’t you? Well, if you feel this way then I suppose you would have liked G. to flatten Benghazi instead of the coalition zooming in to try and save lives. If you can live with yourself with that point of view, I don’t envy you. As to the son of G. having been proven to be dead, it’s dubious at best. War is hell and since the prior administrations have interferred in Afghanistan and Iraq, it’s going to be ‘hell’ to get things somewhat normal there. Can’t change history but Libyan lives HAVE been saved. We cannot hope to save all but there’s a very determined bunch of FF on the ground that can’t be denied their chance at freedom. Do you love freedom? It has a price. It’s not for cowards. You seem to hate ‘the West’. What purpose does that serve? Do they get no points for good intentions even? OBL is with the fishes. Hooray!

    • Mr. Gross says:

      You are working with Russia, China, or Venezuela governments if you believe that.

    • MishMash says:

      I am wondering how you managed to do the correct addition on the spam protection to send this post. You certainly dont seem to have the intelligence to add anything up

    • Jocelyne El Namer says:

      Gadaffi is responsible for the Nato’s response regarding bombing of “Tripoli’s civilian areas”. Anyone who knows anything about Libya knows how he has purposely buily army barracks throughout the country in civilian areas. I say Boohoo!
      When he puts his family and others in the forefront as human shields he is responsible and will pay the consequences. I don’t believe for a minute that many people in Tripoli support him as he would like us to believe. The power he has obtained has been through fear and intimidation. He has accomplished this by using thugs who line their pockets and instilling fear to the point where brothers could not trust each other.You do not have to look to far to see the lies and propaganda that is shown all over on State tv. He isn’t even a good liar! Shame on those who support the tyrant.

  3. OldCynic says:

    So, where is all the NEWS today on what is happening in Libya?
    Can’t seem to find much at all, its as if the whole place has shut down, though I know it hasn’t.

    Nothing much on this site, Garbage from Al Jazera, Nothing on BBC, ITV or Sky here in UK, Nothing on RT…. So, what’s going on?

    • Mr. Gross says:

      All got caught up with Osama’s death.

    • US Supporter says:

      The International Media is, rightly so, celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden. His death is a turning point in history. Justice was served, the man can rot in the ocean, and now we in the US have no excuse to be in the Middle East anymore. Here’s hoping we pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq and use our troops to support people who actually want democracy and freedom. I’d rather spend another trillion dollars helping the Libyan rebels who are dying freedom than another million helping the people who burn my country’s flag in the street. (I’m more mad at my government for still being there than at the Afghan / Iraqi people – they asked us to leave awhile ago and yet we still are there)

      Don’t get me wrong, I understand my country is the world’s asshole and I’m no fan of our foreign policy. I wish we could actually spread the justice and freedom we shove down other people’s throats. But then again, this is a Christian run country and Christians do love to yell about love, peace and forgiveness while they beat you to death with a Bible.

  4. Grey says:

    “The ICC is also investigating allegations on the other side, where they are looking into claims that opposition members attacked black Africans in Libya whom they assumed to be Gaddafi’s mercenaries. The Libyan opposition has pledged full cooperation”

    Incidentally, the ICC only has a role when the local jurisidiction is unable to bring people to justice. So if the insurgents are genuinely interested in the issue, all they have to do is show the people responsible have been arrested and are in the process in being brought before a procedurally fair trial. Then the ICC has no authority. So the statement that the insurgents are “cooperating” is meaningless in the context of the ICC – the ICC only has a role when local justice has failed.

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