Video: Demonstrations in Souq Al Jumua May 30, long version

Here is a longer video of the demonstrations in the Souq al Jumua area in Tripoli yesterday.

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5 Responses to Video: Demonstrations in Souq Al Jumua May 30, long version

  1. Fredy says:

    Can somebody from Tripoli confirm this demonstration took place there ?

    I”m impressed by the solidarity to the death of one Libyan .

    It’s uplifting to see the rebel flag among the crowd. It caught my attention the men were not armed and there were no Maddafi security robots.

    • Tripoli says:

      Yes it was in Tripoli. Souq Al Jumua is a suburb to the east of Tripoli and it is one of the areas where the original people from Tripoli live. The other areas are Tajoura, Fashloum, Addahra. But the majority of people in Tripoli are from the rest of Libya. I believe the end of Daffy in tripoli will come from those areas I mentioned. I pray for their success and victory over this disgusting tyrant.

  2. GargIrish says:

    For the benefit of those of us who follow your great liberation struggle very closely, could you possibly translate the main chants of mourners or demonstrators? What people have found the courage to say, at great risk to themselves, seems to me especially important.

  3. Yara says:

    At the end when the flag is waved they sing the original Libyan national anthem, the chants are about the martyrs being loved by God, that their blood was not spilt in vain, and against Gaddafi

    • GargIrish says:

      Thanks, Yara, I’m obliged to you for the explanation. The Libyan people are paying a terrible price for the kind of democratic freedoms that are their birthright. The despot’s days are numbered – it is plain for all to see!

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