Video: Foreign medics face siege in Nalut

Al Jazeera reports from a hospital in Nalut. Despite many Libyans fleeing to nearby Tunisia, the hospital’s foreign staff have stayed on to help those that have stayed behind.

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6 Responses to Video: Foreign medics face siege in Nalut

  1. canuck says:

    the UN should have “blue” boots on the ground protecting those brave people. they put their own lives on hold and work in great danger to help others, the least the outside world could do is provide them protection.

  2. Libya Under Fire says:

    The Tv representative in this video shall be one of the responsible people for the Libyan blood and the conflect in the region. She is one of those been paid by the Israeli, American, british, Franch and Italinan governemnt to colonize Libya and kill as many Libyan as possible. The people who have fleed the region because of the action they have done to the local people. The local people have asked the Libyan army to protect them from the killing done by the Rebels who are supported by the Israeli, American, British, French and Italian government. The lady in this video is just one of those who like people to be killed just like what the west have done with iraq and Afganstan, elc. She work for a dirty TV news channel owned by israel and used as a tool to do what they want to do in the Islamic and Arabic lands. We Libyan wish to this lady the same thing happing to the Libyan people and any thing has been caused as a cause of her lies. May god accept our prayers so she will never does any such an evil act to someone else.

  3. Fredy says:

    Ghazi. I think Mussa Ibrahim has got so much shit in his head to have time to come to this website.

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