Video: Gaddafi forces accused of rape

In this video, Gaddafi soldiers are seen taking men out of their houses and taking them away in Ajdabiya. However, many women and girls left behind inside their homes are raped. Some women say they were taken to the desert in groups, others say they were raped in front of their families.

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13 Responses to Video: Gaddafi forces accused of rape

  1. US Supporter says:

    Here is what I don’t get. The UN / ICC is the self appointed “Police” / “Courts” of the world. If there are crimes being committed they step in and enforce international law, the Geneva Conventions, etc to stop genocide and punish war criminals. I get their entire stance on “We must collect evidence; innocent until proven guilty” – it is the same as our legal system here in the United States but there is a distinct difference. In the US if I was accused of murder I would first have evidence against me used to obtain a warrant, would then be apprehended by the police and finally put to trial. However, if I was murdering people in the street there is no need for a warrant. I would be shot in defense of the public by a police officer and, if still alive, apprehended without a warrant and held while one was issued by a judge in lieu of my actions.

    Why is the UN / ICC different? Why is it that when war crimes are apparent; when civilians are being murdered in the streets, cluster munitions rained down on residential neighborhoods, armed militias being supplied Viagra to rape women and children; all while the organizer of it all is screaming “I will crush them all like the cockroaches they are!” does the UN just sit back and wait on the ICC to issue a warrant? Why not follow the practices of the Police forces in pretty much every country and “shoot” the crazy murderer and then, if he is still alive, apprehend him and gather evidence while he is held in custody?

    To me it makes little sense. Why give the illusion that this is tolerable behavior? If the response to committing war crimes on a huge scale is a UN signed 2000 lb bunker buster to the face then I doubt as many people would commit them. Much like how people who commit mass shootings know that they have at most 15 minutes before the police appear to shoot them in the face. Accept the fact that you will have to kill some war criminals to enforce the law. Give them a chance to surrender, just like how the police in most countries order you to “drop the weapon” before they open fire. Call up the crazy tyrant and give him the “you have 24 hours to cease all hostilities that are considered war crimes and turn yourself in to face charges” spiel and if he doesn’t comply within 24 hours then send in the B2 Spirit with the bunker buster.

    Hey UN, US, EU, ICC if you are going to “Police” the world and enforce international law then don’t half ass it. Waiting weeks for a warrant to apprehend the war criminal dictator is like waiting hours for a warrant to stop the man walking room to room shooting children in a school. There shouldn’t be any difference in the response. Swift action to stop the crime followed by an fair and balanced trial. Why is it any different?

  2. Fredy says:

    It’s all about power. This tyrant is the leader, oil , people backing him up and an army and a bunch of money to do anything he wants.

    • lol says:

      At the end of the day. he is only one person. The problem is not only this man is evil and he has in his possession the means to carry out his evil plans. The problem is the people who still obey his orders and commit such evil acts.

      The question needs answering is: why the freedom fighters are not being supplied with the necessary arms to defend themselves? What is the agenda?

      • MishMash says:

        Freedom is a slow and painful process my friend, too slow for our liking. But come it surely will

  3. The rapes were ordered to keep the men loyal………What will be your answer………They know that they can not go back to Gaddaffi loyalty, so they must escape or work a deal…..Hammuraibai’ code…….When another man had anothers woman, he wass forced to py out of his personal accounts………
    You can offer them redemption for the crime of letting themselves be forced into such a heinous act, by offering them a prerequisite period of hard labor in rebuilding the country……..As it stands, they face death either way I presume. This will restore the honor of the woman and the husband………Or offer them permanent exile as an alternative……If the husband finds this unacceptable, many of us are faced with starting from scratch…..It’s just a matter of building a society in which the children will have the same opportunities, and won’t be penalized…….This is your key……Women who don’t want to face their demons, may fear losing their husbands to divorce, but their secrets will jeapordize whole families……This is just part of the extent of Gaddaffi’s selfish crimes…This is not just a Libyan problem. It is an international problem. It is used extensvely in the united states to keep gangs ongoing….I feel that you have had to bear all our burdens, and you will be the society that will teach us our to embrace, reform, and outgrow those ills….It is your committment to your truth that makes you great………..GET RID OF YOUNIS!

  4. Lumi says:

    Viagra? What kind of sick fucks?

  5. Lumi says:

    Also…representative of Trans National Council: You and others in your position should let husbands and fathers know that IT IS NOT OKAY to disown your daughters and wives for the painful and embarrassing experiences they had to endure. I am a Libyan woman begging on behalf of other Libyan women. Why victimize the victim AGAIN, especially when she is your loved one? She did not “dishonour” you, she was raped.

    • J. Shriner says:

      Agrees with Lumi that the ‘dishonor’ should *not* be upon the woman but entirely on the rapist, no matter what kind of tradition says otherwise.

  6. the video was in the town of benjwad it’s not ajdabia.. I have watched this video i have it full.. may Allah Punish this dictator ,ameen

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