Video: Misrata update May 13 and 14

Here is the update from Misrata for the 13th and 14th of May thanks to Wefaq Libya and FreedomgroupTV. Thanks as always to ChangeInLibya for the translation!


“After clearing the airport and Air academy and their liberation, most freedom fighters went west to Aburwaya. Freedom fighters are adamant on liberating the western area completely and battles started in the early morning. By the early afternoon, all Gaddafi soldiers started to retreat after most of them were killed or injured. Freedom fighters completely liberated the western area up to Zliten’s outskirts, and they fortified their positions.”

“In Friday’s battles, 13 freedom fighters were killed but we managed to seize large amts of ammo and weapons. The city was also bombarded by Gaddafi just before Friday prayers, and 2 children were killed & 1 girl lost her leg.”

“As for the Saturday the 14th of May… After liberating the west, freedom fighters moved south where they found some Gaddafi forces in Sikit. These were the forces that fled from the Air Academy and freedom fighters surrounded them completely. Gaddafi forces started shelling the city with tanks and GRAD missiles but they were defeated.”

“After fierce battles, freedom fighters liberated Sikit too and seized an APC and multiple 4×4 vehicles. Many hostages were also freed and these families were evacuated to safer areas in Misrata. However, the families said that there are many more that are still being held hostage by Gaddafi in Bani Walid.”

“In these battles, 2 freedom fighters were killed and we are still checking the area thoroughly for any Gaddafi soldiers.”

“As for the eastern part of Misrata (karareem), freedom fighters managed to push back Gaddafi forces to Tawergha. Freedom fighters tried to advance to Tawergha however Gaddafi soldiers used families as human shields. Most of these human shields are Misrata residents that were kidnapped and therefore freedom fighters did not attack.”

“Misrata still lacks many of the basic necessities such as gas canisters for cooking, medicines, food, fuel.. The city is still shelled from time to time however the shelling decreased and families are returning to their homes.”

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7 Responses to Video: Misrata update May 13 and 14

  1. Fredy says:

    These men are heroes to me.

    They are saving their city and their families at all cost and they have the enemy running scared. I’m glad they did justice against the soldiers that were shelling Misrata from the airport academy.

    I am concerned for the remaining kidnapped families from Misrata being used as human shields.

  2. ankhwashitaw says:

    15:30 Guma el Gamaty, UK based coordinator for the NTC tweets: “A trend now in tripoli hundreds of junior 2 middle ranking army officers deserting and hiding ready 2 take active role in G downfall finale.”

    Th shill a-ss council has given certain young men a list to do vigilantie work in Benghazi in order to eliminate people who might testify against them, not gaddaffi…The are also welcoming senior leadership which has shown itself to be extremely maniacal and inhumane back into the fold much too easily….This has become almost totally farcical, and stinks of the maintenance of what was already found to be an abhorrent social order prerevolution. It wears Obama’s lack of virtue like a bad suit, and will have to be revisited ad nauseum…Dig in, Mentally!

    Syria…Israel is staying out of it all for the most part, at least on the surface. The UN is moving much to slow on full denouncement and fiscal action against Assad’s goverment. What happens when Assad’s actions create a refugee crisis on either the Iraqi or Israeli borders…

  3. ankhwashitaw says:

    The Sunday Telegraph, General Richards said he wanted the rules of engagement changed so that direct attacks can be launched against the infrastructure propping up Gaddafi’s regime. Otherwise he fears the Libyan dictator will survive in power.
    I been said that…..And survive in power is ominous. Makes it seem as if he expects Gaddaffi to survive. We all know d-amned well the west can’t afford that, unless Gaddaffi maintains power….

  4. ankhwashitaw says:

    Specifically, Glencore was reported to have been named by the CIA to have paid $3,222,780 in illegal kickbacks to obtain oil in the course of the UN oil-for-food programme for Iraq. The company denied these charges, according to the CIA report quoted by ABC.[5][

    Oil for food, oil for weapons…..Oil for fu-cking tents, sound familiar………
    from Al Jezeera…..Make the council say they won’t try to run the country after Gaddaffui’s gone….They’ve already taken too much campaign cash………….

  5. Fredy says:

    I agree Ankh , Libyan people should watch closely how the money is handled by the TNC.

    I think the question is if the U.S. will be pressured to act against it’s friends engaging in anti- human aggression if put under pressure in the Middle East ?

    If their interests are at stake they will. Otherwise, they will undermine the abuses.

  6. Raul says:

    If you really want to see the Real Thing, please check out this blog done by a Spanish lady that lived in Libya and has friends there:

    Click the following link to vote & sign for the end of the war in Libya:

  7. Fredy says:

    The news on your link Raul seem to be a translation to Spanish from the Libyan State Television. Why would a group of rebels turn in their arms ? Why would refugees flee from Benghazi to Tripoli ? That’s suicide.

    Please confirm your sources.

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