Video: Misrata update May 1st

A little bit late today, but here’s yesterday’s update from Misrata, thanks to Wefaq Libya and FreedomgroupTV. All credit goes to ChangeInLibya for the translation!


“Misrata was heavily bombarded last night (from 12am to 4am) using mortars, LUNA-M missiles and heavy artillery. 6 civilians were killed due to this bombardment and many houses were destroyed, but it stopped as soon as NATO jets were heard.”

“This morning, freedom fighters led by commander Ali Alhalbous attacked Gaddafi forces in the area of Tamina and they managed to liberate a large part of it. As for Tripoli street, it’s still liberated and clashes are ongoing at the airport. Gaddafi forces are surrounded in the airport and revolutionaries are attacking them from Tripoli street and Ghiran.”

“As for the western part of Misrata, revolutionaries managed to repel an attack by Gaddafi and battles are still going on.”

“There were no NATO strikes in the city today, despite the fact that the city was heavily bombarded once again this afternoon. Gaddafi forces bombarded the port, Qasr Ahmed and the city centre using different kinds of missiles and huge plumes of smoke were seen rising especially from the vicinity of the port and the metal factory.”

“We heard that Gaddafi received reinforcements from Zliten, and they number roughly 3000 to 5000 soldiers armed with gas-masks. The fact that they had gas masks worried some of the residents but the freedom fighters are ready for any possibility.”

“The freedom fighters are imposed a curfew on the city from 8pm to 8am, to prevent civilians getting in harm’s way. The humanitarian situation is still terrible and we still lack water, medicines, medical equipment and other basic needs.”

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5 Responses to Video: Misrata update May 1st

  1. saturn55 says:

    SAd news, I feel it very very deep.

    But, guys, stop using 12:00am, it doesn’t exist, it’s 00:00am the correct format.

  2. Ach says:

    “Misrata was heavily bombarded last night (from 12am to 4am) using mortars, LUNA-M missiles and heavy artillery”

    LUNA-M huh so they’re using ballistic missiles against the city now

  3. J. Shriner says:

    Very sad and worrisome that Misrata has had even worse times since G. claimed his forces were pulling out there. But doesn’t that just figure in with his usual lies? Here’s a song/video that’s in Arabic but it’s nicely put together and is humbling because of the amazing FF’s. I just played it here.
    I’d like to say ‘be safe’ but that doesn’t seem a real possibility yet. I pray better days are coming. Inshallah.

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