Video: Misrata update May 4th

Here is today’s update from Misrata, thanks to Wefaq Libya and FreedomgroupTV. Thanks ever so much to ChangeInLibya for the translation!


“Gaddafi forces are still bombarding the city, but we noticed a decrease today, due to many factors such as the fact that revolutionaries now control most of the outskirts, which decreases Gaddafi’s ability to bombard the centre of the city. Revolutionaries making steady gains and forcing Gaddafi launchers to retreat further back each and every day.”

“However, the port is still being heavily bombarded and even though they did not manage to get a direct hit, many of the civilian neighbourliness and homes next to the port were damaged and/or destroyed by the random bombardment.”

“As for the western end of Misrata (Aburwayya and Zawiyat Almahgoub), the clashes between freedom fighters and Gaddafi haven’t stopped, and revolutionaries managed to kill a large group of mercenaries today. Gaddafi forces retaliated with GRAD missiles and mortar fire, and this led to some civilian deaths, as well as the destruction of the main cemetery.”

“Battles are also taking place at the airport, to the south of the city, and freedom fighters killed some Gaddafi forces there. As for the Eastern part of the city, Alhalbous brigade (Freedom Fighters) ambushed a group of Gaddafi soldiers and managed to destroy 7 jeeps (4×4) armed with anti-aircraft cannons and missile launchers, and the soldiers in them were killed. Revolutionaries also took control of a large part of Tamina district (to the east) and they are searching it now.”

“The port is still closed, for the 2nd day in a row, due to the fact that some mines could still be present in the waters. None of the ships currently waiting in international waters could come in, and a Turkish ship still can’t unload supplies. The morale of the citizens is still high despite the fact that they have no electricity, water or medicine.”

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  1. J. Shriner says:

    Thanks for this report. Much appreciated.

  2. David USA says:

    Special thanks for the translation to english,
    Thanks to ChangeInLibya!

  3. (Reuters) – In Tripoli’s Green Square, volunteers hand out the green flag, symbol of Libya since Muammar Gaddafi’s 1969 coup, and a giant picture of the “brother leader” looks down on the palm-lined streets.

    But in other neighbourhoods, dissidents come out in the dead of night and leave the red, green and black rebel flag unfurled in the streets, residents and opposition activists say.

    Opposition graffiti appears overnight, they say, only to be painted over in the morning or replaced with the pro-government slogan “God, Muammar, Libya and that’s all.”

    Any system based on decei or for is owdomdt failure..You need terms for gadaffi soldiers. Are you discussing a suitable time of imprisonment or forced labor. Blanket amnesty so longer acceptable………If not there yet, one question. Have you killed your Gadaffii Soldier today………….

  4. Like anti-Gaddafi groups in other parts of Libya, rebels in the Western Mountains want more help from Western warplanes. Asked if NATO air strikes on pro-Gaddafi forces around Zintan had been effective, Abdulrahman said:
    “No. They are better than no strikes at all but they could do much better. The targets are clear. If rebel fighters can see them, surely NATO aircraft are able to spot and destroy them.”
    Further east, a rebel spokesman in the besieged coastal city of Misrata said fighting took place on Monday near the city’s airport, which remains under the control of Gaddafi forces.
    NATO minesweepers searched the approaches of Misrata harbour on Monday for a drifting mine blocking aid supplies.
    The mines were put there to slow the flow of refugees to Europe, (black refugees)….Racism is expensive…..When you practice any type of inhumanity, that opens the door for people to practice it on you.

  5. 9:55 AFP International forces are seeking to weaken but not kill Gaddafi, France’s foreign minister Alain Juppe said. “Our aim is not to kill Gaddafi,” Juppe said on news channel France 24, describing as “collateral damage” the death of one of the ruler’s sons in a recent NATO air strike.

    “We are targeting military sites in Tripoli” in an attempt to weaken Gaddafi’s regime, which is in a fierce fight against rebels who are recognised by France.

    7:48 Al Jazeera English The chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court says 327,000 people have been displaced by the conflict in Libya.

    Kill that muthabucka, and lets get on with our lives…………..What’s left of them…….


    Looking at the situation with the refugees, or migrants……..It will be found that the way you treat he people in those camps, will define how the word treats you…..If you don’t feed them,you will have rioting and you will have black market bullshyyttttt…That’s the type of confusion that those orgs thrive on, and it will prolong this even further….Get the water tunnels…………………………Have you killed your gaddaffi soldier today……….You have to build some pressure…..

  7. J. Shriner says:

    Wow ankh….you’re in the groove today! Good onya! If I could get my hands on a G. Soldier, I’d give him one chance to surrender but hopefully I’d have him at gunpoint. Nato air support is going to drop some supplies today…hopefully were the FF can get to them quickly. The port at Misrata is (at this moment) not fatally destroyed though the bombing and mines make it problematic and some refugees have lost their lives waiting for sea rescue which is still well offshore and waiting. Some patients have lost their lives too waiting for aid by sea. Nato reiterated last night that they wouldn’t stop and would continue ‘as long as it takes’. I know morale isn’t a problem among the FF but the civilians that are seeking shelter in Tunisia and those migrant workers need safe passage. Many towns are getting hit hard. Hopefully some cash will hit the Council’s account soon, for a lot of urgent needs. Inshallah.

  8. blaze says:

    NATO should be encouraged and directed to pin point targets, but they should not be critized. They are doing a fantastic job. We must understand that they are not the U.S AIRFORCE.

  9. blaze says:

    About money for the Freedom Economy. There are numerous Wealthy Libyans around the world. Do they have a fund set up so that Libyans could send money to support the Freedom Fighters?

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