Video: Misrata update May 8th

Here is Misrata’s update for the 8th of May, thanks to Wefaq Libya and FreedomgroupTV. Thanks to LibyaInMe for the translation!


“The freedom fighters were successful in many areas where Gaddafi forces are staying. Freedom fighters attacked Gaddafi forces stationed in Aburwayah and after fierce battles the freedom fighters freed and took control of both Aburwayah & Ziriq. Freedom fighters reached Dafniya area but weren’t able to completely clear and secure it.”

“Eastern Misrata, along the coastal road, NATO struck a building full of snipers. The freedom fighters’ “Halbous” battalion also attacked killing many but Gaddafi forces still remain in that area and didn’t not pull out its troops.”

“NATO also struck Gaddafi’s forces coming from East (Ar-Ar of Misrata) and freedom fighters attacked remaining force that escaped NATO’s strike. Battles are still taking place in Gerar, Misrata airport and the Air force college. Freedom fighters blocked the end of the road to the airport. Specifically they blocked road at Azabati round about, using trailors full of sand, to prevent reinforcements coming from the south.”

“Gaddafi forces attacked area of Zaruq at around 4:00 pm targeting schools and occupied civilian homes. Gaddafi forces also attacked the port using GRAD missiles. The port remains closed for all. Right now, most of city still lacks electricity, water and all communication. It also lacks gas canisters used for cooking.”

“With the increase in the number of injuries due to random shelling, the city still lacks medicine and medical equipment. The number of martyrs today is 6 most of whom were from Aburwayah battles. Citizens of Misrata are beginning to return to normal life despite random shelling of civilians that happens at any moment.”

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3 Responses to Video: Misrata update May 8th

  1. Fredy says:

    The freedom fighters and Nato are working in harmony and this is translating in more Daffi’s soldier’s killed and less rebel casualties. The freedom fighters are gaining ground and are using the sand blockades that have worked so well to block and displace the enemy on Tripoli St.

    Despite the people of Misrata lacking their basic needs to survive like water, electricity and medical supplies they are building a stronghold .

    The amount of Daffi’s forces in Misrata has not been reported but it seems to me he’s got hundreds of men well armed endangering access to the port with their shells.

    I think the Misratans are doing fantastic job considering all their setbacks and their and the fierce-less shelling of the port which is the source of vitality for all of them.

    Their morale must be very high because the odds are against them and they are gaining momentum. Daffi’s forces in Misrata still have not been completely undermined but is a peace of mind having Nato on their side working well today.

    • J. Shriner says:

      Agreed Fredy.

      • Cal Hultquist says:

        Many Americans, like myself support free Libyans. We stay informed and check videos and posts daily to see how your fight for freedom is progressing. We are very proud of you. We wish our government would help even more. We are praying for your victory and an end to your suffering. May God bless you and protect you.

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