Video: Tripoli whistling, cheering for the NATO air strikes

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9 Responses to Video: Tripoli whistling, cheering for the NATO air strikes

  1. patriot says:

    There is no whistling nor cheering.
    Another lie. You make your living by lying.

    • Given, this video could be somewhere else then Tripoli, but I did hear at least whistling. Whistling from a distance and nearby which is not easy to replicate.

      If he is lying, then what is he gaining we must ask. Not financial money, who would pay for this? Surely he isn’t gaining notoriety. If Gaddafi found out who posted this, he would be arrested. Maybe, just maybe, there is a possibility this may be true. It would make sense that they would have to whistle in Tripoli to cheer on NATO strikes since any real cheering would result in arrest and possible torture. Whistling is hard to pinpoint and thus allows for safety.

    • WEB says:

      The lies are told by you, as usual. Whistling and cheering was heard in the background, as was stated in the title of the blog post.

      Your comment is written much like a Moussa Ibrahim press conference or a Gaddafi interview: “all my people, they love me!” As well as denials of bombing of Misrata which the world saw with its own eyes.

  2. thomas Brown says:

    Change the people in the boat, Put gaddafi forces in, and they will be arrest, boat taken from them, and BIG HEADLINE for all news pappers across teh world!! WOW!! What hipocracy!

    • H. says:

      Tell me who started to protest peacefully. Who is trying to overcome a deadly siege, and who is shelling people with GRAD rockets. I do not have seen any reports of rebels killing civilians, only G loyalists with weapons. The hipocracy would be just as big when you would not allow this transport, and meanwhile throw bombs at the same forces the people from that boat are trying to fight.
      You may be right when you look at the words of UN resolution 1970 and 1973. But there is no proof these weapons are use against civilians, and for now it is more likely they are used to protect them instead. So letting this ship go can also be in the line of resolution 1973.
      Still difficult to judge…

    • just one person in england says:

      Hypocrisy is when you say one thing, but actually believe something else.

      I think NATO has made it quite clear that it wants Gadaffy to leave power, the understanding being that a large part of the population will clearly remain subject to threats of violent repression for as long as his regime remains capable of it.

      NATO’s behaviour may not be even-handed, and you may not agree with that, but that isn’t the same as hypocritical. As I see it, NATO powers actually have acted very much according to their stated aims. But then, I agree with those aims, because my sympathies are with the ordinary people who who have very bravely stood up to the rocket-launching dictator.

      There is obviously effort and sacrifice ahead, but I look forward to a Libya that is an engaged and outward-looking participant in human affairs, instead of being stagnant and institutionally paranoid, as it seems to have become under the dictator.

      • patriot says:

        Changes would have come from within Libya.

        Even England and France were a monarchies at one time. No country bombed these countries in order for them to establish the governments they have right now.

  3. Fredy says:

    That’s right JOP in England.

    Is just a tip Patriot. Not to be taken as an absolute truth my friend. Is Just a tip. Later on we shall see if the news confirm the Nato whistling and cheering.

    The news on Al-Jazeera said there was a lot of shouting outside the Rixos hotel when Nato was bombing Tripoli.

    You don’t have to believe it . That’s stupid . Question it as wisely as you can.

    • patriot says:

      Again I repeat no whistling as you would wish.

      “The news on Al-Jazeera said there was a lot of shouting outside the Rixos hotel when Nato was bombing Tripoli.”

      Shouting to the reporters maybe who keep writting to help their masters.

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