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Images: Cars burning after bomb exploded at Tebesti Hotel in Benghazi

Here are two pictures taken by Cal Perry right after the car bomb exploded in front of the Tebesti Hotel in Benghazi.

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Video: Ben Wedeman reports from Dafniya field hospital

CNN’s Ben Wedeman retreats to a rebel field hospital in Dafniya where doctors try to help the wounded. Most of the images, he says, were too shocking to be shown on television.

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Video: Live ammunition used against protesters

More footage of the demonstrations in Souq al Jumua on May 30th was put online. This video shows live ammunition used against protesters. While the video wasn’t taken by the Free Generation Movement itself, they do say it’s consistent with … Continue reading

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Gaddafi plots retaliatory strikes if forced from leadership

His regime has handed out thousands of weapons to ordinary civilians, saying they would turn Libya into a “living hell” if Nato ground forces invade. He is also gathering a coterie of young members of his own tribe around him … Continue reading

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Misrata update and comments May 30th

Here are the latest updates from Misrata, thanks to FunGuerillaz.

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June 1st Updates

New York: London: Tripoli: 20:48 Cal Perry, Al Jazeera correspondent, tweets: “All of our staff is ok. Bomb blew up our fixers car. Threw it a few meters. Few hotel rooms were trashed pretty good. Bomb impact was from the … Continue reading

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