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Video: NATO chief urges wider Libya participation

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The story of Zawiya, as told by witnesses who left Libya on May 27th

With thanks to Thanku4theAnger. Original

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Libya rebels frustrated by Nato’s safety-first strategy

Tension between Libyan rebels and Nato commanders is growing over the military tactics being used to put pressure on Colonel Gaddafi’s forces. Rebel leaders in Misrata say they are being urged not to launch further pushes against regime troops to … Continue reading

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Misrata updates and comments for June 4th and 5th

Here are the events of Misrata of Sunday, June 4th and Monday, June 5th, thanks to FunGuerillaz.

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Video: Gaddafi vows to fight till the end

Gaddafi gave another speech yesterday. Al Jazeera reports.

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June 8th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli: 23:45 Neal Mann tweets: “Rattle of anti aircraft fire over Tripoli…” 23:05 Al Jazeera Arabic The town of Nalut is currently under heavy attack. 22:00 Neal Mann Explosions were heard in Tripoli and jets were flying … Continue reading

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