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Video: Turkish rations feeding Gaddafi troops

Among the supplies at three different bases, Al Jazeera discovered military rations which – according to their labels – were manufactured in Turkey. Bread packets some of inside the rations were produced in March, according to their labels – meaning … Continue reading

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William Hague: ‘Libya war cheaper than aid effort’

The Foreign Secretary says the war in Libya is cheaper than dealing with a humanitarian crisis created by Gaddafi killing civilians. The Ministry of Defence will set out the most recent financial implications for taxpayers of the Nato-led mission in … Continue reading

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Turkish military rations found in Gaddafi bases

Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports on a discovery made that could reveal how Gaddafi is managing to feed his frontline troops. Turkish military rations were found in three bases used by Gaddafi forces in the Nafusa Mountains region. Some of … Continue reading

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Video: Fighting for Zliten under heavy fire

Revolutionaries are continuously expanding their control over the area. One major target is now to liberate the town of Zliten. The BBC’s Andrew Harding reports.

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Map: Misrata Strategic Situation June 22nd

This is the strategic situation in Misrata of June 22nd and the events of the previous day listed below, thanks to FunGuerillaz. Additional comments by FunGuerillaz: My map is not an exact representation of the true situation but a schematic … Continue reading

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A note on comments and approval

We really appreciate everyone posting in the comments and we like seeing different perspectives that people have on the events. Some of you may have noticed, though, that sometimes your comment is awaiting approval. This has to do with the … Continue reading

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June 23rd Updates

New York: London: Tripoli: 21:02 NATO On June 22nd, NATO aircraft flew 128 sorties, including 44 strike sorties. Some of the key targets included: In the vicinity of Tripoli: 1 Radar , 1 Command and Control Node . In the … Continue reading

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