A note on comments and approval

We really appreciate everyone posting in the comments and we like seeing different perspectives that people have on the events.

Some of you may have noticed, though, that sometimes your comment is awaiting approval. This has to do with the spam filter, it automatically filters out very long posts or posts with many links in them. We try our best to catch these posts and approve them as quickly as possible.

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2 Responses to A note on comments and approval

  1. Nita Elmufti says:

    Difficult for anyone to assess progress. International media seems to focus on problems for NATO and gives less attention to atrocities committed in places like Misrata. Much of this conflict is fought in the sphere of psychology and communication. Do the rebels and NATO have different objectives – do their different contexts and strategies dovetail? They will need to.

  2. Richard from France says:

    Problem is not much long posts or many links, it is the irrelevance of some posts, by a small group who fill the forums with irrelevant discussions and disputes. Last fashion is to copy-paste 10 post as a time from previous forums…. Where to find the relevant posts?

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