Gaddafi plots retaliatory strikes if forced from leadership

The TelegraphHis regime has handed out thousands of weapons to ordinary civilians, saying they would turn Libya into a “living hell” if Nato ground forces invade.

He is also gathering a coterie of young members of his own tribe around him to make a last stand as his regular forces are depleted by defections and Nato bombing.

Anti-Gaddafi activists fear they could unleash a wave of killings and revenge attacks if Col Gaddafi is forced out whether by western military might or negotiations.

“The reason why people are given guns now is because Gaddafi wants it to be chaos whether he is in power or out of power,” said one activist living in a suburb of southern Tripoli.

The regime is playing up the spectre of a wave of vengeance similar to post-2003 Iraq rather than denying it. Moussa Ibrahim, the chief spokesman, said even if there were a negotiated solution opposition leaders like Mustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of the Benghazi-based Transitional National Council, would be targeted by loyalists.

“Jalil will never be safe in Libya,” he said. “He would be killed, such is the hatred we have for him. He would have to live with permanent security guards.”

Promotion of fanatical and violent Gaddafi loyalists within the armed forces is said to have been one trigger for the defection of five regular army generals who announced their switched loyalties in Rome on Monday.

They said they could no longer tolerate the revenge attacks in rebel towns that this younger generation of officers had overseen.

Col Gaddafi has enforced his rule in recent years by packing the security services with members of his own small tribe, the Gadadfa, and an allied tribe, the Megarha, to which the alleged Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Megrahi belongs.

They themselves have been taught to fear retribution from the rebel side if Col Gaddafi goes.

“There will be chaos here if the colonel goes,” said one loyalist policeman. “We will not let it happen.”

At the time the Nato no-fly zone was imposed, Col Gaddafi said he was issuing a million guns to people across the country. In the days afterwards, journalists were introduced to teenagers and young men proudly brandishing their new Kalashnikov assault rifles.

But the Tripoli activist said that the purpose of the distribution had since become clear. Families applying for weapons had to prove their pro-regime credentials.

Those with identity cards showing they were from areas where there had been anti-Gaddafi demonstrations were automatically refused.

“It is another trick by the regime. They only give weapons to supporters,” he said. “This is what worries us now.”

Fighting has already broken out in some parts of the city, according to several residents, as the once ever-present plain-clothes police have drained away.

A protest in the east Tripoli suburb of Souq al-Juma’a filmed and posted on Youtube on Monday was said by one local dissident to have begun at the funeral of two men killed in a shoot-out at a checkpoint.

Some may be simple criminal activity. A shop-keeper in the old city said many shops, particularly gold and jewellery stores, were shut because they feared robbery.

“There are fights in the street at night,” he said. “The dealers are afraid.”

The air of tension is added to by state television footage repeating claims, some apparently true, of revenge attacks on Gaddafi loyalists, particularly black fighters accused of being mercenaries, captured in eastern Libya.

“If the rebels win they will kill us,” said Joy Badmos, 37, a Nigerian who has lived in Tripoli for 15 years running a family fashion design business. “We have seen on state TV how the rebels are killing Africans”.

What is not clear is whether there is any co-ordinated planning for resistance should Col Gaddafi be forced to leave. But Khaled Kaim, the usually conciliatory deputy foreign minister, gave an indication of a change of mood at the weekend with a fierce attack on the rebels, saying that opposition leaders were “traitors”.

“Those who sided with NATO in attacking their own people, it will be impossible for them,” he said.

Source: The Telegraph

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28 Responses to Gaddafi plots retaliatory strikes if forced from leadership

  1. ankhwashitaw says:

    fu-ck him……..everybody des……………

  2. Mr. Gross says:

    I don’t think they know that Libya will be united enough to stop them.

  3. Jack says:

    What a fool Gaddafi is, to promote iraq-style terrorism, and to arm a bunch of crazed fanatics. By doing that, not only is he strongly fueling opposition against him and his regime, but he is also ensuring that his enemies will give him no shred of mercy, but will waterboard him and those who guard him continuously for the rest of their lives. Arming the pro-Gaddafi fanatics and having them fight against freedom will only serve to give the rebels a reason to kill them, and to arm the rest of the population. It is clear that genes of evil fanatical character are prevalent among the Gadadfa tribe and the Megarha tribe; all of the people of those tribes must be sterilized. Three generations of evil fanatics are enough.

    • David says:

      Sorry, did not rebels arm 3000 criminal prisoners to kill Libyan soldiers and rape women and children?
      “Before February 17, there were no guns in the city but since then even children can own them,” said Jamal Benur, a former civil cases judge and district attorney.

      The prisons of Libya’s second city were emptied in the upheaval of the uprising and many former detainees have dashed to the frontline capitalizing on their newfound freedom to join the fight to overthrow Gaddafi.

      “There were 3,000 prisoners in Benghazi before the uprising — petty criminals, murderers — but they were released,” said Benur, adding that only 102 people are currently behind bars.

      “Some of the released are fighting on the frontline and others have died in combat. They have been extremely brave so we will not put them back in prison,” he said.

      • Tripoli says:

        You made a mistake there. Those criminals were released upon the orders of Daffy in order to cause chaos and unrest and he wanted to use them to manufacture insecurity. Not all of them were as evil as Daffy. Some of them were not willing to follow evil orders from Daffy and accordingly they were welcomed back into the society because of their actions.

        He followed this policy in other cities. Those criminals are patrolling the streets of Tripoli and killing people at will.

      • patriot says:

        +1 to David.

  4. Richard from France says:

    This makes clear that if Daffy is left free once ousted, he will engage in terrorist/manipulation action, from the desert or from other countries.

    • David says:

      What are you talking about? Rebels are terrorists by definition they arbitrary execute civilians and use suicide bombers. You can not be more terrorist than terrorists.

      In reality what this indicates is motivation of Libyans to fight child rapists and traitors who will do anything just to get access to raping and looting.

      • Andy Mills says:

        Strange but when i look in the Oxford dictionary for rebel i get the following :-

        Rebel; noun, a person who refuses allegiance to, resists, or rises in arms against the government or ruler of his or her country.

        I do not see any mention of terrorist, perhaps in only appears in the handbook for the apologists of murderous dictators, or in the green book. I guess you would know which.

        • David says:

          Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or ideological goal, deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians), and are committed by non-government agencies.

          How is this different from what rebels do? When they execute anyone who does not agree with them or happened to be black or when they are shelling cities and visages with Grad missiles?

          • Tripoli says:

            That is what Daffy is doing – shelling cities and villages with Grad missiles., ordering his army slaves to rape women and destroy whole villages, poison water, kill the animals and cut the trees.

            Where are you from? are you from earth?

          • Mr. Gross says:

            David woke up from a cryogenics lab.

    • David says:

      Funniest about your post is that most of those rebels were themselves terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      The Libyan opposition may be weak but is not quite so naive or inexperienced as it sometimes appears. Its leaders are quick to play down eastern Libya’s tradition of militant Islam. In the town of Al Bayda, on the long road from the Egyptian frontier to Benghazi, I saw a large notice in French addressed to any passing foreigners, denying any link with al-Qa’ida. This is largely but not entirely true. One Libyan observer in Benghazi explained: “The only people in this part of the country who have any recent military experience are those who were fighting the Americans in Afghanistan, so of course we send them to the front.”

      • Andy Mills says:

        Utter crap, even the paranoid US found little or no evidence of al qa’ida infiltration of the rebels. Your latest posting is about as accurate as your definition of the noun rebel, i.e. total bullsh1t.

        • David says:

          Does anyone who goes to Afghanistan becomes AQ member, you believe there is no rebels who went to Afghanistan?

          Rebel prostitutes who support them on different blogs share 3 common traits: absence of knowledge, absence of logic, absence of arguments.

          absence of arguments is demonstrated in this argument which gives no evidence of the claim what so ever

          absence of knowledge is demonstrated by complete lack of knowledge about Libyan history which culminates by equation of AQ and terrorism, if no other terrorist group exist.

          “”I hate America,” the rebel fighter, Mohammed, 28, blurted out as he headed to the latest rebel front line.

          He hates America, even as he and his fellow rebel fighters depend on American jets to protect Libyan air space and keep them in the fight to end Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s regime.

          He hates America, even as the council that runs the rebel movement is asking the U.S. military for weapons to arm fighters such as Mohammed.

          Mohammed even traveled to Iraq to try to kill Americans, though in this city in eastern Libya, that apparently wasn’t a rarity.

          The U.S. has long known that Derna was a major source of Libyans fighting in Iraq, producing more fighters than any other Libyan city as a percentage of its population. In U.S. State Department cables made available to McClatchy by the WikiLeaks website, the role of Derna is a frequent topic, as is U.S. gratitude that Gadhafi eventually began working with Syria to stop Libyans from reaching Iraq.

          In 2007, U.S. forces in Iraq found a list of 440 foreign fighters; of those, 52 were from Derna, which has 100,000 residents. For comparison, 50 came from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which has a population of more than 4 million.”

          Absence of logic is demonstrated by advanced hypothesis that rebels for some reason do some kind of background check to avoid Islamists recruitment.

          • Tripoli says:

            Reading your posts are becoming boring.

            I will give you an example, to make you understand something. If you were an American or a European, and China decides that the governments of Poland is a threat to their interests and so on and so forth. china comes to Poland and wage a war against the people of this country. If, let us say, a British, or a Spanish person, decides to fight with the Polish against the Chinese invasion. Would that make this person a terrorist?

          • just one person in england says:

            Of course there were rebels who went to Afghanistan. There were English people who went there too. So what? There was a considerably larger number who did not, and never wanted to.

            Does hating America make a person an AQ member? In that case there are many more AQ members than I thought.

            You are of course free to select a preferred subset from the reports you have read and to draw your own conclusion from that subset, but to claim that anybody who chooses a different subset and comes to a different conclusion is “illogical”, is actually just rhetoric.

            If the Libyan people can come out of this horrible conflict as a free people at long last, and become able to determine their own destiny, then any opportunities there may be for AQ in Libya will hopefully decrease, because of lacking the fuel of frustrated desires that result from long oppression.

          • patriot says:

            You are wasting your time with paid propaganda people. US, NATO and their allies don’t care that the rebels consist of AQ as long as they are fighting their proxy war.

            The same happened in Afghanistan and later on they turned against them..

          • WEB says:

            David is a fraud. Anyone who can call the Libyan rebels “terrorists” and essentially make the argument that every rebel in world history is a terrorist, is a fraud.

            David hijacks popular arguments against terrorists and human rights violations and uses the skin of those arguments to drape over his sinister intentions. Whether those intentions be general conspiracy theories, Muslim radicalism, or the nationalism of some countries (i.e. Russia) we’ll never know.

            Likely the coward will never admit what country he comes from and what his ideology is, just like unpatriotic.

    • WEB says:

      This is a good argument. Don’t know if I agree with it, but it’s a good argument. I’ll give you that.

      The resources exist in the West to deal with this (namely weapons and training) but I guess we’ll just take this one step at a time.

      There are advantages and disadvantages to allowing Gaddafi free if he surrenders and relinquishes power from himself, his family and his loyalists. The advantage is saving lives and time. There could also be an advantage in creating a buffer in excesses by the rebels. The disadvantage is that the Gaddafi forces are clearly evil and they will probably be somewhat of a security risk, and probably corrupt on a political and economic level.

      Insisting that Gaddafi gets no amnesty means a fight to the end.

      • WEB says:

        I would also add that the longer Gaddafi delays a deal, the less incentive the rebels have to take a deal. If Gaddafi’s army REALLY starts to come apart and is knocked clear out of the East, then there’s really going to be no incentive to cut a deal with him and the rebels probably won’t. They will roll his ass up and take him down, just like those rebels did in Ivory Coast. They will track him down to some bunker or villa, storm it, and haul his ass out and probably put him, his family and his loyalists on national trial. It’ll probably be a lot of fun for the Libyans at that point.

  5. Fredy says:

    “There will be chaos here if the colonel goes,” said one loyalist policeman.
    “We will not let it happen.”

    Does this fucking cop means there was no chaos in Libya ? All crooks take the same language of fear.

  6. Fredy says:

    I meant . All crooks talk the same bullshit of fear.
    That’s how they rule.

  7. Tripoli says:

    In reply to Musa Ibraheem, I think he is only talking bullshit and try to cause fear. In reality he and his supporters are living in a state of fear right now. Those people are not willing to die for what they believe in – they believe in evil. And when you believe in evil, you are only willing to defend it and yourself from distance and behind closed doors. They are more cowards than that.

  8. Fredy says:

    David , go home. It’s dirty here. Join us or leave us. We americans don’t stand for any shit. We are not to blame for our fucking leader’s mistakes. Our smart agency the CIA is fucked up. They just trying. Their intentions are private. It’s not our business.

    I agree with you Jack. I would only add that Madafi is using Al-Qaeda tactics to attract and justify Nato ground forces on Libya. Thereby, destabilizing the whole country.

    That was a US concern from the beginning . The question was if there were any Al-Qaeda cells in Libya. The question was aimed at a terror group
    disregarding the terror tactics of the Maddafi regime. There is no difference.
    The purpose is the same, to bring terror to innocent people with the purpose of putting the people of the region against a foreign military force and justify the existence of the Maddafi regime.

    Madafi is no King Kong. And very far from being the Lion King.

    Right Donald Trump ?

    So David, we americans also hate many of things going on in the US. The fucked up government decisons is not for us a matter of pride.

    What does Boshafshoufa and Donald Trump have in common ?

    Their Net Worth ?

    They hate Barak Obama.

    • WEB says:

      “The fucked up government decisons is not for us a matter of pride.”

      Speak for yourself. You are just a senile old man.

  9. Fredy says:

    Hi Tripoli ,

    I have been wondering the purpose of the Maddafi regime letting reporters into Libya but limited to the Rixos Hotel.

    Do you think the Maddafi propaganda machine wanted to use western media as a vehicle to infect the world a good dose of stupid Libyan regime lies ?

    How smart ! They wanted to manipulate the media much like is done here in the US. Only there were no CocaCola or Marlboro commercials.

    Smoking is hazardous to your health.

    Right Jack Daniels and La Familia Cartel ?

    You are all full of shit.

    Right Cossa Nostra ?

    Right ETA ?

    Tickle me Elmo

  10. Fredy says:


    Who wrote your article ?

    News Broker.

    Tickle us Elmo

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